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Canada ranks second to last in the G7 for hospital beds per capita. In the G20 Canada’s medical system is almost dead last. The medical crisis in the hospitals – in Quebec at worst and the rest of Canada – is not caused by those not vaccinated, it is not caused by people eating in restaurants, it is not caused by places of worship, it is not caused by people going out after 10:00 pm. The hospital crisis was in place long before covid but all the politicians covered it up.

Socialized medicine is not working. Does anyone think that if 100% of the population were vaccinated the medical system would not be overrun? Dream on peeps.

So today’s very complicated edicts from emperor legault are confusing and will not help. All it does is mask the real problem.

Is Costco a big-box store? But half their store is food. Walmart already came out and told him to put his edict where the sun don’t shine. The emperor continues, as does Justin, to deflect from the real issue – the collapse of the medical system due to decades of jaw-dropping, breathtaking mismanagement.

That the numbers are down because of the curfew and having gyms and restaurants closed is a lie. The numbers went down everywhere in the world without those asinine  commands.  Yet, the restaurants, gyms and movie theatres remain closed here.

Here’s a headline: If the restaurant association takes this lying down they are bigger losers than the emperor.

There is a young woman with small children who cannot have a life-saving operation because the hospitals are full?  She has cervical cancer! The government should be paying for such people to have their operations done privately. Suck it up and pay for all the years that you botched the medical system.  There are no words to describe how disgusting these politicians are.

Did anyone hear about the pizza restaurant in Mile End who said they are opening on Friday no matter what the Emperor says. And he won’t ask for a vax passport. Anyone with half a brain should be running to support this guy. And the rest of the restaurant owners should find their kahoonas and open up.

There are two things that will alleviate much of what is happening in the hospitals in Canada, aside from taking the decisions away from politicians and giving them to medical people. One is the monoclonal antibody/infusion and the other is called molnupiravir – a pill taken at the beginning of covid which helps greatly to alleviate the symptoms.

Both of these remedies are being held up by Health Canada. For no reason other than they are a massive bureaucracy that must justify their jobs.

In case you think otherwise, know that right at the beginning of the pandemic, around April 2020, Canadians with American passports (remember the borders were closed and only Americans could cross), who tested positive for covid (no need for a pcr test then) went to the US as fast as they could get there, got the monoclonal infusion and were better very quickly.

Can someone please tell Justin that  instead of moaning and groaning and crying crocodile tears, it’s time to actually do something – other than holding another less than useless press conference telling us that you are ‘with us’.

In the gehakte-touris-big-trouble-department, Prince Andrew wins the prize this week. His lawyers said the case of a woman suing him of serious sexual allegations should be thrown out, citing a 2009 deal the woman signed with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. But a New York judge ruled that the case could be heard.

Now he has been stripped of his military titles and will not return to public duties. He also cannot be called His Royal Highness and has become a private citizen. Shoulda kept your pants on dude.

Remember we told you a few weeks ago that the Hillary-for-president balloon was being floated? Well, now there’s more than one balloon out there. With President Biden’s approval numbers tanking and the realization that Vice President Kamala Harris is not the second coming, who is out there to run for the Democrats? Why none other than Hillary Clinton.

Her beloved (husband Bill) told People’s magazine – not quite the most stellar publication – that not electing his wife in 2016 was ‘one of the most profound mistakes we (the country) ever made.”

Can we talk? Hillary had to learn one thing and one thing only over the past four years: that her’s stinks also. Never mind that people running her 2016 campaign were disastrous at their jobs, relying only data to determine which city or town would have the honor of a visit from her royal highness. Of course the kiss of death was calling all Trump supporters deplorables.

Unless she learned something from her mistakes she’s going to have a repeat performance of 2016. And if Trump runs again, which is still a strong possibility, well, let’s just say no one should be making predictions.

The saga over Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa is making that country look like they don’t know what they are doing. Make a decision – he’s playing or not. The longer they wait, the more foolish they look.

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