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Don’t Let The Door Hit Your A.. On the Way Out

Did you see the picture of princess pauline crying as she gave her final speech? Blanche, pass the extra large barf bag. Many people are softening and feeling sorry for her because she lost not only the election but her own seat.  We should have sympathy for her now that she’s down and out. Here’s a little bulletin for those people: No one should feel sorry for someone who’s sole ambition was to destroy a wonderful place for their own personal, distorted dream  and to be the president of the fiefdom that would result from that dream.

During the 18 months she was in office she had one goal in mind – get elected and call a referendum on the separation of Quebec.  Lying through her teeth saying she wouldn’t have a referendum until the ‘time was right’,  she went about achieving her goal like a bulldozer running over ants. That charter of values was beyond racist. Her absolute disdain for the public and media will go down in history. Now she’s crying? Pathetic.

The only reason she’s crying is because she will no longer be invited to the inner sanctum of those who still harbor their distorted desire.  She will now have to leave that to the lowlifes who led her on the wrong track, Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau. What will she be remembered for? Being a steely, beady-eyed, cold and divisive politician, giving women who aspire to be politicians a bad name in the process. Don’t let the door hit your a.. on the way out.

Yet another piece of concrete fell from an overpass, narrowly missing a car. Some genius from the transport ministry said – and we will quote verbatim: “We’re not talking about structural integrity here, we’re talking about concrete that was on the surface. So if there’s concrete that’s loose, we remove it.” Now don’t you feel much safer?

Mr. Couillard is inheriting much more than 18 months of the princess’s bungling. He’s getting generations of corruption, banana republic construction, kickbacks that boggle the mind and an infrastructure that is collapsing. We do not envy his job one iota.

Let’s say you didn’t like your job and you tried to think of the most idiotic thing you could to get yourself fired. That’s exactly what PKP (Pierre Karl Peladeau) did yesterday. He’s vacationing somewhere in Europe and wrote a column which was printed here in the French papers.  His topic? April 17 should be a day of mourning here because of the signing of the Constitution Act by all provinces except Quebec which took place on this date 32 years ago. The flags should fly at half mast and we should all be mourning.

Whadda ya think he doesn’t want to spend the next four years listening to Jean Guy and his wife Paulette from St.Jerome complain dat da trees in their yard need cutting?

It got even better when his good friend, the interim premier said there was nothing wrong with asking for a day of mourning. The rest of the missives ran as far as they could from PKP. Ya think they can’t stand him and know that every time he makes a statement the popularity of the almost defunct party drops like a stone in the polls? We really wish he would keep dropping these little pearls of wisdom. They are fantastic for us. Hillary Clinton is going to be a grandmother in the fall. The truth is, we thought that Chelsea wasn’t even married anymore. Guess we were wrong. In reading the story, we discovered that Chelsea and her husband Marc live in one of the nicest apartments in Manhattan. It cost them a cool $10.5 million and is one of the only apartments in New York to stretch for an entire block, from 26th to 27th street just below Madison. We saw pictures of it and yes, Blanche, it’s for fainting.

After all this time, we realized that Obama is just never going to behave like a president. He just doesn’t get it. He tweeted yet another selfie, this time with Joe Biden. Biden’s a buffoon and Obama is an oaf. What a combo they make. The dynamic duo. Not! Something very chilling is happening in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, very reminiscent of pre-war Germany . Jews have reportedly been told to ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces and to provide a list of property they own as well as being ordered to pay a fee or face the threat of deportation.

There are probably a few thousand Jews that live there, as well as a very large and thriving chabad house. In fact, there are 35 chabad houses scattered all over the Ukraine. What will happen to them is anyone’s guess. Truth is, what happened here in Quebec in a few short weeks is nothing short of a miracle. Blanche, you know that G-d does still perform miracles? Our election was supposed to be called for April 14 which would have made it the first night of Passover. As everyone knows, it was changed for the week before, for no ‘apparent’ reason. In the blink of an eye, G-d can make things happen.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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