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We are referring to the January 6 committee that came down yesterday saying it approves criminal referrals against Trump for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

This is a perfect example of the very rich Yiddish expression - a toytn bankes and one more useless effort to get rid of the Donald. This one, as all the other tries, will fail.

No one is going to prosecute regarding Trump regarding January 6 because there is not enough proof to do so. A Toytn bankes. Next.

The genius by the name of Michael Melling at Bell Media after firing Lisa Laflamme went on leave in August, with an internal memo saying at the time he wanted to “spend time with his family.” That is the statement of someone who could not take the heat generated by his idiotic move and ran away.

Further to his wanting to spend more time with his family, we did a lot of research, as did many other people and no one can find out much about his family. Seems he has a wife, but no one is sure if he has kids. So much for spending time with a phantom family.

Doesn't matter. His old job is gonzo. He was reassigned to VP Shared Services, and will not be returning to CTV’s news operations. And we sincerely hope that his reputation took a hit, which it seems it did.

It couldn't only be Bob Chapek ex-CEO of Disney who ran the company into the ground. There had to be other extremely well paid losers who also had a hand in the shoveling.

Bringing back Robert Iger as CEO who hired Mr. Chapek, was supposed to fix the problem. Not so. Seems the problem is way bigger than Mr. Iger.

Disney shares sank nearly 5% to their lowest level since March 2020 on Monday, after the blockbuster Avatar: The Way of Water sequel and one of the priciest movies in Hollywood history, fell well short of the hype in its opening weekend.

Blanche, we are far from being the CEO of any company but even we can figure out that if anyone is banking on their movie doing well in China, as those running Disney did, they need to take the needle out of their arm.

Does no one at Disney read the news? Or even check out Twitter? If they did, they would know that lockdowns in China are rampant as is covid, due to all the lockdowns. Now that's a vicious cycle if we ever saw one.

Disney thought that because part one of Avatar did well in China, part 2 would do even better. Beside being uber-woke and 'gender fluid', those who running Disney are also dense.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York is beginning to sweat big time. It is no secret that the very rich are leaving Manhattan in droves. Toodle-ooo. It appears that Adams knows that 50% of NY taxes are paid by 2% of the population. And when 1% of that 2% leaves - taking 50% of NY tax dollars with them, it can't be good.

However, unless the law of letting criminals out of jail five minutes after they have commited a crime - whether or not they can make bail is stopped, the drain of money leaving NY is also not going to stop. When it becomes an issue whether or not to take the subway for fear of getting thrown on the tracks by people with mental health issues, the city is in big trouble.

Kathy Hochul, the uber-democratic governor of NY is also starting to sweat watching the money flow out of NY. She's another woke genius who clearly doesn't take a subway anywhere.

Unless both Adams and Hochul perk up, starting with holding criminals in jail for commiting crimes, then they will be very much responsible for what is going to happen to Manhattan. And it's not going to be pretty.

While we cannot understand why in the world Harry would want to air his dirty laundry in public, we can less understand the following:

The dynamic duo is putting out another Netflix documentary, this time featuring very, uber, left wing peeps whom they 'admire'. One of them is none other than Greta Thunberg. All we can say to this is oy.

It appears that Harry has lined up with his wife Meghan hook, line and sinker. And she is fully invested in the very liberal hollywood scene. We are guessing that they are trying to amass a fortune as quickly as is humanly possible.

There is a reason that the president of the United States doesn't always have the final say in everything. Title 42 is one of those reasons.

What is title 42? It is a clause of the 1944 Public Health Services Law that allows the government to prevent the introduction of individuals during certain public health emergencies. In other words, during covid, Trump invoked Title 42 to stop hundreds of thousands of immigrants from entering the US with no covid testing or testing for any other illnesses.

Biden was going to unilaterally lift Title 42. Our guess is for two reasons: a) Because of his 'come on down' policy and b) because Trump instituted this law.

Well peeps, the Supreme Court blocked Biden from lifting Title 42. The tidal wave of immigrants is still ongoing, but at least there are a few restrictions and a few people with a brain to mitigate the amount of people entering with nowhere to go, no place to sleep and no means of earning any money. Never mind the drugs and nasty people also coming on down.

If you live in New York you must be apoplectic and if you're not, you will be after reading this.

Did you know that a bill introduced in Albany today would raise the salary of New York state lawmakers by 30%, from $110,000 to $142,000, making them the highest paid lawmakers in the nation? A special session is expected to happen on Thursday to take it up, and it would go into effect next month.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has pushed for the increase, claiming that lawmakers work full-time and deserve a larger salary. Gov. Hochul said last week that they deserve it.

What? They work full-time? And a doctor doesn't work full time? Or a teacher? Or a garbageman? Or a plumber? Or a nurse? Or a caregiver?

All these people work full time and all deserve a 30% increase in their salaries. The peeps who voted Hochul back in are now paying in spades for their choice. And re-read the third story of today with all the wealth leaving New York. Who exactly is paying the extra 30% for all these 'hard working, full time bureaucrats?

In the are-they-out-of-their-minds department, over 4 million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday to celebrate with Argentina’s players and the World Cup trophy.

Something was bound to happen and of course it did. Two yahoos decided to jump onto the player's bus from a bridge.

The first man who jumped successfully made it onto the bus, despite Argentina’s players clearly urging him to stay on the bridge, but the second yahoo jumped too late, hit the back of the bus and fell to the road.

We are getting hives just looking at this ocean of humanity. Seriously? Risking your life for a handshake or a hug from player? These people need to get a life.

We'll talk...

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