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Blanche, don't you wonder exactly which planet Montreal's illustrious mayor Valerie Plante lives on.

Obviously the one where people use their bicycles to carry their laundry, take their children to school while balancing 4 bags of groceries and taking their mother-in-law on the back seat of their bike to her doctor's appointment. Or doing all of the above parking their car in a lot, walking three blocks to a metro then taking 3 buses. Must be Madame Plante lives on Mars because what she is asking of people is beyond out of touch with reality.

Yesterday she said that closing the main north-south artery from Montreal to the South Shore- the LH tunnel is a good way to get used to taking public transportation as Montreal is planning to partially shut down the metropolitan, the main east west artery in the city. What an arrogant, smug entitled woman.

Can we talk? Clearly Madame Plante has not the faintest hint of a clue what it means to be one of the 'little peeps' who actually need to get to work. We must say here that the choice in the last election - her or Cordere - was a choice between who was the most arrogant, pretentious and self-absorbed person. But we digress.

Imagine you are a truck driver, you have to get your load from the port and then truck it into Montreal. Clearly public transportation is out of the question. Your route is that tunnel and now it's down to one lane. Instead of taking an hour to get to your destination, it takes 2 or more hours. Plus you are - perish the thought - polluting the air with carbon emissions (not the cow-fart kind) while your diesel-truck idles for hours.

Don't you wish you could sit in Madame Plante's ivory tower? She is so far removed from reality that she could actually live on Mars.

Then there's czar legault. He sent out his happy, healthy health minister Christian Dube to drop another load of bs regarding our healthcare system by suggesting another level of bureaucracy. This time it is setting up special clinics for nurse practitioners. Can we talk?

Did no one tell him that we already have clinics? They are called CLSC's. Why can't they just put a nurse practitioner into every CLSC - or the bigger ones - and bob's your uncle. It would take a load off the precious few doctors there.

Alas, why would the czar do that when he can do what he does best - create more pure-laine bureaucrats and allow the quebec government to continue to be the biggest employer in all of quebec.

Remember that when these 'leaders' get sick, the first place they run is the Jewish General Hospital. They do not go anywhere near a CLSC, or hospitals in the 'regions' (the base that voted them in) or, perish the thought, a hospital on the south shore of Montreal (they would die in the ambulance before they got there) or Lasalle or Verdun. Nope. They go where they know the system works because they all know that those running the JGH have brains and actually use them.

Here's an idea: Why doesn't czar legault send his gnat-brained bureaucrats into the JGH to see how it's done instead of asking his own people, who couldn't run a casse-croute, to fix the healthcare system.

In the you-can't-make-this-up department, someone in Quebec's health department said something so off the charts today that the donkey starting bleating again.

Dr. Jean Longtin, a microbiologist and clinical expert in pandemic management at the health ministry held a presser stating that the Quebec health department is now using - get this - common sense.

He said if you have a fever or flu-like symptoms wear mask or better yet, stay home from work and school until your symptoms disappear. Your mother told you that when you were five-years old. He needed a press conference to tell people this news? Are the pure-laine followers of czar legault that dense?

It appears that President Biden may actually be aware enough for ten minutes to realize that he's in big trouble. On Tuesday the USA will be holding their mid-term elections. Yes, there are some serious nutballs running and they may actually win. But the issue is not, as he wants it to be, the end of democracy if the democrats don't win. That peeps, is a stretch and is clearly his fault.

In his speech he said the following: It's time to stand up against lies, violence and dangerous "ultra MAGA" election disruptors who are trying to "succeed where they failed" in subverting the 2020 elections.

Those are not the reasons that the democrats are in trouble because they had two years to fix a lot of those issues. Nope. He best buy a mirror because it is his own party that is the reason they are probably going to lose their shirt and pants on Tuesday.

Defund the police, allowing entire cities to become homeless tent-shelters, turning a blind eye when blm burned down huge sections of many downtown cities during covid when everyone else was locked down and saying nothing, allowing criminals back on the street with no bail to commit yet another crime, pretending that there is no inflation when people can't afford to buy food and hearing that black inner-city normal working people are afraid to go to work by bus for fear of getting shot. Those are the reasons his party will, with some luck, get shmeised out on Tuesday.

Does he really believe that because he said if people don't vote for the democrats their lives will become worse? Here's a headline: If their lives get any worse they may as well just stay home and never go out. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Two follow-ups from the last blog:

In the end, Bibi won 64 out of 120 seats. He has a month to create a coalition government and once that's done Israel will be governed by the most right-wing government possibly in its history.

Second thing is about the notwithstanding clause: As per one journalist who summed up Justin's inability to actually govern the country:

It has apparently become optional whether a province must respect constitutional guarantees of rights, accept the constitution’s division of powers, or govern according to the constitution that is rather than the one they write themselves. Touche.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk

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