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This piece could fit in the do-you-know-who-I-am column or the I'm-only-human column. Both carry the same off the charts ranking in the bs meter.

We are referring to no less than - wait for it, it's a long title - Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility Genevieve Guilbault. When it comes to genius moves, this little chickadee takes the cake.

She was caught on different cameras numerous times driving her car and not wearing her seatbelt. Remember she's the transport minister who just instituted many new laws carrying heavy penalties. But we digress. Her excuse? Here ya go:

"We politicians are human beings like everyone else, we also make mistakes and I am very imperfect as a person.” Boohoohoo. Put a sock in it.

Can we talk? There are not many people we know who don't use a seatbelt. In fact, we don't know of anyone who doesn't buckle up before they start driving. Mercifully, it has become a good habit that probably 99.9% of the population lives by. Why? It saves your life.

Ah, but quebec's minister of transport and sustainable mobility - that's a mouthful, eh Blanche - clearly did not make putting her seatbelt a habit. How do we know that without being Agatha Christie?

Simple dearies. Once you can forget to put on your seatbelt. But many times? She fits perfectly into the czar legault's little world - do as I say not as I do because...I'm the boss and you are the little pleb.

Goes along with the massive shortage of teachers here in la belle province. The geniuses who run the government here will bite off their noses to spite their face and continue to disallow any teachers wearing hijabs or yarmulkas. Who cares if kids learn or not?

Keep those teachers out of the classrooms and let your own people drop out of school and spend the rest of the lives packing groceries in the local Metro in the Beauce.

Blanche, you just can't make this stuff up

It is very obvious to anyone who can read past a third grade level that what comes out of the White House and the mouth of Biden's press secretary - the perfect combo of black, female and gay - Karine Jean-Pierre - is very often a 100% crock of manure.

Case in point this time is the following: A week ago we wrote when Biden was vacationing in Delaware on the beach in his flip flops, he was asked about the fires in Maui. "Leave me alone. I'm on vacation." In other words, he didn't respond. It took him a long time to either a) realize there were fires in Maui or b) he never knew and someone had to tell him.

Now we are watching as the White House is making up their own little movie script about this. Ms. Jean-Pierre stood at the podium with a straight face no less and said (and we quote): " President Joe Biden reacted to the fires in Maui in “record time”.

We want to know who exactly do they think they are fooling?

Those who don't read the news don't even know there was a fire in Maui. Those who do read the news know that Biden didn't give a rats you-know-what about anybody in Maui until he was good and ready to do so. Obviously he can't think while in his bathing suit. At least we were spared the speedo. Blanche, close. your eyes quick.

If Justin thought the polls were bad for him last week, he must want to dig up his Indian costume, go back to India and spend some time with the guru he met there.

Data released yesterday shows the Liberals in a distant third place for 18-29 year olds with 15.97 per cent, compared to the Conservatives and the NDP with 39.21 per cent and 30.92 per cent respectively.

Got that Blanche? NDP is more popular with the young-uns than the wanna-be-young Justin.

Here's a tip for anyone who has access to Justin - tell him it's time to leave dude. Tell him that he's smelling like fish a that has been outta the water for way to long. It's over. He is way past his expiration date. Find something else to do.

One has to wonder what the very entitled people in Hollywood are thinking. There is both a writers and actors strike that has been going on for months with no sign of ending. Looking down from above, it appears that they all want to implode.

If that is not the case, then the time has long past to get their act together and solve the issues.

As always, our suggestion is to put the pertinent parties in a room with no bathroom, lock the door and they can't come out until they have settled the strike.

You would be very surprised how quickly a solution would magically appear. Just saying.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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