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One has to shake their head in complete wonderment at the extraordinarily moronic behavior of czar legault. It is truly mind-boggling and if he thinks he is going to fool the public, he's the fool.

There was a letter posted by nurses today in Quebec in every newspaper and on social media in both English and French. It appears that czar legault does not want more nurses here, even though he swears up and down that he's fixing the healthcare system. In fact, he's doing everything in his power to make sure they leave.

It appears the nurse's salaries were downgraded by 20%. We are speaking of nurses graduating with university degrees. In real money, they lose $515.20 every two weeks.

During covid the czar and his minions realized they needed to keep nurses here or the entire system would collapse. While we are no longer in a covid pandemic, unless nurses remain here, the system will indeed collapse.

And so, because of this decrease in salary, those now graduating from nursing in quebec are either going into the private sector or leaving. This is how legault is fixing the healthcare system here? We have no words. It's in the same vein as killing the Dawson program aimed at starting a program to accelerate the number of nurses able to go to school here.

It is very clear that pure-laine quebecers do not have the brain capacity to fulfill this mandate. Read between the lines.

Bob Iger, who came out of retirement to run Disney again, better live forever. Or for the foreseeable future. He is shrinking, and reorganizing, the House of Mouse while watching corporate vultures are circling overhead.

Disney plans to lay off 7,000 people, 4 percent of its workforce, and cut $5.5 billion in costs. Just as significantly, Iger announced a corporate restructuring that would put content production and streaming under one roof. Note that is move undoes a reorganization led by Bob Chapek, Mr. Iger’s hand-picked, now ousted successor/predecessor.

Since Disney+ debuted in 2019, they lost nearly $10 billion. Blanche, that's not chump change. Never mind that their public profile took a major hit with all the woke culture bs. Don't worry, we're not crying for Disney.

One has to wonder, we mean really wonder, why Anthony Housefather stays in the liberal party.

Today he took to the papers to decry Justin's decision to ram through Bill C-13 which would give an in-your-face stamp of approval to quebec's invoking the notwithstanding clause to push through Bill 96.

Housefather said that amendments to C-13 are 'very worrisome'. Really? Here's an idea.

Stop talking and do something. You and the other two MP's who are fundamentally opposed to this bill cross the floor and go to the conservative party.

Exactly how much will they swallow from a leader who clearly doesn't represent them or their ideals?

We recently took a flight on Air Canada. It was a relatively short haul - 3 hours. Has anyone been to the terlit on one of those flights? Shreklach.

We have never, ever seen such a small terlit. Blanche, how small is that terlit? It's so small that your elbows - folded - can touch both sides of the wall. It's so small that trying to put your clothes back on after using the loo is nothing short of an exercise in acrobatics.

Is there no standard for this? Are airlines allowed to do whatever they want? We know they can hold you hostage for two hours while waiting for a gate. Or, in our case, for three hours waiting for a part to take from Montreal to Florida.

Let's just say if you are, shall we say, on the plump side, you will not fit in that terlit. And infuriatingly, the airlines get away with this. No accountability. No fines. Gross.

That big mouth AOC has the distinction of being one of the most blithering idiots around. Her latest?

"Racism lies behind this week’s push by Republicans to end voting rights for non-citizens in the capital of Washington, D.C." What? Non-citizens should have voting rights? What is she talking about?

If you snuck into the United States via the Texas border illegally, you are - get this - illegal. What part of that word doesn't she understand?

You have no rights. Immigrants who came to the USA after the war had to wait until they took a test, sang the national anthem and became a citizen to be given the privilege to vote.

AOC is representative of what is wrong with society. There are no boundaries, no morals, no right and wrong. All lines are completely blurred. You can see for yourself where this is getting the US. Into a massive pile of dog doodoo.

If you are planning to go to Barcelona for a holiday, change your plans. Yet another holier-than-thou genius who clearly does not have the faintest hint of a clue about the history of the Middle East, has opened their big mouth.

Ada Colau, the left-wing mayor of Barcelona, wrote to Netanyahu on Wednesday to announce the city would suspend relations until Israel ended the “systematic violation of the people of Palestine’s human rights”. What is she talking about?

Let's start with there is no such place as Palestine. It doesn't exist. People who live in Israel now, were living in a place called Palestine before it was named Israel in 1948. It's the same place. This woman is a dufus.

How about this: Is Madame Colau also upset when someone living in East Jerusalem murders seven people in cold blood coming out of their synagogue? That's not a violation of human rights? That people can't go anywhere without the threat of an arab knifing or shooting or trying to blow them up?

Exactly how many people did the 'poor palestinians' send to Turkey and Syria in the past week to help with the earthquake victims? We'll tell you. Zero.

And how many did Israel, the smallest county in the Middle East send? The second largest humanitarian aid delegation. More than 450 Israelis are helping save lives in Turkey.

The mayor of Barcelona is an ignoramus.

Blanche, you know that a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture of Justin Trudeau ostensibly shaking hands with that faker than fake smile with the premier of Alberta Danielle Smith says everything you want to know about him.

His smile is fake and his handshake makes him look like exactly what he is: a weak weasel. Ich.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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