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Fairy Tale Eggplants

So the ‘refugees’ coming to Montreal are from Haiti, correct Blanche? Not quite my dear. Given the front page photo of today’s newspaper, as we said last week, word got out that to get into Canada all you have to do is walk across a small ditch and poof! you’re in.

The three dudes in today’s paper, from Turkey, did just that. One is seen on his phone, most likely calling all his relatives. What’s he telling them? Get yourself to the United States on a visitor visa and then take a bus to Plattsburgh or some small town closer to the border. Take your bags and cross the border into Canada. You’ll get free everything – shelter, medical attention, housing – you name it.

These Turkish dudes however, were not impressed with their accommodations at the Big O and left. To go where you ask? Why to live with friends. The problem with that is that they have not been vetted yet and could easily disappear somewhere in Canada.

Now what about those who are going through the system and waiting years for their family to get here? Our suggestion is that they give the same instructions as above and forget about the paperwork.

Where is Trudeau in all of this? Not to be found. He’s a bleeding heart liberal who believes that every person coming in here is nice and kind and wonderful. They thought the same thing in France, Great Britain, Brussels – shall we go on? Now look where they are.

We will be living with Trudeau’s pathetic legacy way after he’s gone. And you can bet your bippy that he won’t be living anywhere near the ‘refugees’.

Last night we decided to watch a CNN special entitled Why Trump Won. Everyone calm down. We don’t get our news from CNN. We did want to see what they were going to do with that title.

First of all, as a documentary, it was awful. Poorly done, choppy and openly anti-Trump. They made his hair look a sick blonde color and gave him very little credit for his win. Nor did they say that their candidate, Hillary, was the worst presidential candidate ever to run for the job.

Not only was she fighting scandals throughout her campaign, she came across as she truly is – phoney and dishonest. Hey, we didn’t dredge up this old news, CNN did that for everyone. It was a really shallow, low-class production and it’s no wonder they are doing poorly in the ratings. They best change their focus from trying every way possible to get Trump impeached, to actually reporting some news in the world.

Looks like Trump is playing hardball with Kim Jung Un and North Korea. He demanded North Korea not make any more threats to the U.S., saying the U.S. would respond “with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

We are thinking this could be the first time that the US has openly challenged that nutcase of a dictator. Certainly not that woose of a president Obama, who was afraid of his shadow (except on a golf course) and never confronted anyone.

We are guessing that Kim Jong will back down somehow while saving face, as the fury of the United States will most likely come with other countries joining in. Everyone has had about enough of that dude.

Guess who’s coming to Quebec? Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and the grandchildren. Yes Blanche, they are coming here for a vacation staying in Hovey Manor located in North Hatley which by the way is an English speaking enclave.

For the Clintons this hotel is a serious bargain as the cost is about $660 Canadian which is about $520 a night for them. Pocket change. We will not be going anywhere near North Hatley to secure an autograph. We’re not sure it would be of any value. Ouch.

On August 21 (that’s soon Blanche) there will be a solar eclipse, the first since 1918.

So what exactly is an eclipse?

It is the alignment of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Around every 18 months or so, the Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun on its orbit around our planet. It’s a relatively rare occurrence because the Moon doesn’t orbit in the same plane as the Earth and Sun. But when the three bodies line up just right, the Moon covers up the disc of the Sun, and those in the direct path of the Moon’s shadow — called the path of totality — will see the Sun go dark.

You may be saying wait a minute, the sun is bigger than the moon. True the Sun is roughly 400 times the size of the Moon, but the Moon is 400 times closer to Earth. So they appear about the same size in the sky.

So what’s the big deal? Not all eclipses are the same: sometimes the Sun is totally covered, called a total solar eclipse, and other times the Moon only partially covers the Sun, which is a partial eclipse. This month’s upcoming eclipse is a total solar eclipse, so the Sun will be completely covered.

As it is not going to be directly over our heads, looking at it is not that dangerous. People much closer (it’s cutting through the middle of the United States from the West to East coast) will be needing special solar filter sunglasses. Given that, it’s still not ideal to stare right at it. Given our summer however, it could very well be a cloudy day in which case we will have no issues.

Here’s something scary for baby-boomers. Dustin Hoffman is turning 80. Seriously? Where’s Mrs. Robinson when you need her?

Ever hear of Blue Apron? It’s one of the biggest online food ordering businesses. It works like this: You choose the meals you want and they send all the ingredients to you in a pretty box and you get to cook them at home. So you’re making a fresh meal but don’t have the hassle of going shopping.

The main pro of this deal is that one has enforced portion control. If you say you are ordering for two people, you will get enough to feed said two people. Of course you could always pay extra, say you are three and have bigger portions.

We checked out the menus. Here’s a sample of what you get in your little box for the Fairy Tale Eggplant and Mozzarella pizza: 1 lb Pizza Dough, ½ lb Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, 2 cloves Garlic, 1 Summer Squash, ½ lb Fairy Tale Eggplants, 1 bunch Basil, 2 Tbsps Red Wine Vinegar, 2 Tbsps Tomato Paste, 1½ Tbsps Dried Currants, 1 Tbsp Capers, 2 Tbsps Grated Parmesan Cheese, 6 oz Cherry Tomatoes all for $9.99 per person plus tax which brings the total to about $24.00. Interesting concept which has become insanely popular. Go know.

And one more thing. Who ever heard of fairy tale eggplants?

We’ll talk…

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