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We had the Fauci story first, but when we heard about this one, we had to put it on the top. One wonders exactly what world the pea-brain quebec bureaucrats live in. Read on.

Lower down in this blog you will read how truly incompetent the czar legault's government is. However, this story will show you how petty and and narrow-minded his idiot french language police are.

These dolts went into a Chinese restaurant and saw a wall with chinese writing. What was it? The menu in Chinese for Chinese people eating there. For older Chinese people.

So what did czar legault's moronic bureaucrats do? "Make sure that next time we come back the french is bigger than the Chinese writing."

This restaurant is run by a family who just wants to make a living. Instead of writing anything in french they simply erased the Chinese menu. Now the czar is happy? His nitwit henchmen harassed a small Chinese restaurant so that quebec will remain a french speaking province?

Wait. It gets better. One of the workers there speaks only chinese. The owner told him that if the morons from the office de la langue francais come back he should be pretend he's a mute - deaf and dumb and cannot speak.

We ask you - is sending in pure-laine french canadiens with the brain capacity of a stale egg roll to intimidate simple people who just want to make a living going to keep quebec french?

Anthony Fauci was head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the US when covid hit. As much as he tried to hide it, it came out that the United States was helping fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

At the beginning of the pandemic Fauci was swearing up and down - vehemently - many times - that the virus came from the wet market, from some animal. He would not listen to anyone who even hinted it came from the US funded lab. In fact, if you said it came from the Wuhan lab you were branded as someone who believed in conspiracy theories and blackballed.

So here is the elephant in the room: Was the population of the world manipulated all during covid? Was it necessary to close schools for 2 years? Was it necessary to have curfews? Was it necessary to keep people trapped in their homes for at least a year? Were masks necessary? Was it necessary for elderly people to die alone because someone like Fauci said so?

Eventually the truth will emerge. It's slowly starting. The question is how brainwashed are people and will they believe the truth now? People still wearing masks, still running to get vaccines number 4, 5 and 6 are very likely to say this is all a conspiracy. We believe otherwise.

We believe that there was indeed a bad virus but that it was blown completely out of all proportion. We believe that Fauci knew all along where that virus came from. We believe that the same reason always rears its ugly head - follow the money. In this case it could be follow the money and power.

Now for Justin:

His very vigorous attempts to block an inquiry into how the Chinese affected our last election is making him look as exactly what we have said for years - a condescending drama queen.

This time however, people - including his very good friend Gerry Butts (we still can't get over that name) and mr. prop-him-up-with-n0-reward Jagmeet Singh are telling him to allow an inquiry to take place. Not a commission which Justin can control. A real inquiry with an impartial judge who will get to the bottom of this.

The more Justin kicks and screams that he doesn't want an inquiry, the more guilty he looks. If it is true the CSIS told Justin about this long ago, why didn't he act on it?

Even if one riding was interfered with, there's a big issue here. It appears many more than that were fed fake information by the Chinese. Did he not think the public would eventually find out? Stay tuned to this one. The fat lady definitely did not sing yet.

On June 8, 2020 under the premise that capitalism, police brutality, and the “fascist regime” of Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan were upholding a social order that systematically oppressed African-Americans, the the self-declared Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was established in Seattle. It was called Chaz and covered six city blocks.

We will remind you that this happened during the black lives matter bs that was all the rage at that time. We know where that went.

The de-facto leader was a black man by the name of Raz Simone. Chaz was seen as a self-sustaining commune, police-free zone and a big “f*** you” to all of the 'racists and haters' in America. Initially, most protesters demanded that the police be abolished and the Seattle Mayor be fired. In fact, the police stayed far away from there at the time.

Well, it appears that not everybody was on board with Raz and his band of so-called robin hoods - especially those who owned stores and lived there. Last week, the city of Seattle agreed to settle a lawsuit with business owners and residents over the city's 2020 handling of the so-called autonomous zone.

Seattle announced the settlement totals $3.65 million, which includes $600,000 in penalties for the deletion of thousands of texts by city leaders, including former Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The entire affair was bs from start to finish. Over its 24-day history, the autonomous zone saw two gun homicides and four additional shooting victims. And what happened to Raz Simone, its illustrious 'leader'? In 2022, Simone was sued by five women alleging sexual abuse and assault.

Justin's drama queen acting lessons are coming in very handy these days. He went speak at a rally in support of Ukraine and it appears there was a heckler in the audience. Justin put him in his place and no one heard any um, um, um, um.

We have two theories on this: The first is that the guy was a plant and Justin rehearsed his lines until he got just the right inflection, amount of anger and was able to pull this off without one um.

The second is that his handlers were tipped off that this guy would be there and Justin rehearsed his lines until he got just the right inflection, amount of anger and was able to pull this off without one um. Either way, he got a standing O for his performance.

Sorry to say Prince Harry is really starting to look like someone adrift in the ocean with no life-jacket. A seriously lost soul.

On March 4, he is going to talk about his struggles as a member of the royal family with a “trauma expert” during a virtual live-streamed event after he and wife Meghan were mocked in a recent South Park episode.

Harry will sit down with Canadian doctor for what is being promoted as an “intimate conversation”. Ah, but to be part of that intimate conversation, you, as his loyal fan have to buy tickets for $33.99 and that peeps, will give you a chance to submit questions to him about his life. You have to pay to ask a question? All of this to promote his book Spare. Cha-ching.

When the czar legault brought his mother to, what it seems is one of the worst hospitals in quebec - the Lakeshore General, the administration whisked him around the decrepit and filthy emergency department to some kind of annex that is bigger, cleaner and looks like it functions. How clever incompetent people can be when they realize the jig could be up.

What we don't understand is this: the czar must be living in lala land to even take his mother there in the first place. Is he so out of touch with reality that he didn't know that place is a death trap? As premier of the province, he could have insisted she go to the JGH.

In the past few days there have been pages and pages in the papers and on social media about exactly how bad the Lakeshore general is. Imagine that it took the czar bringing his mother there to flush out what's really going on. It appears that from top to bottom, all the administration in that place needs to go. And they should shut down the emergency until they can get their act together.

Biden continues to stick his foot in his mouth. Either he has no clue what he's saying or he has no clue what he's saying. Either way, he has no clue what he's saying. Got it Blanche?

In 2019 he said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” while talking about education. Ouch.

This time he was speaking during a Black History Month event at the White House and was referencing a group of African-American sororities called the “Divine Nine". He then said “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid.” What? He is obviously having trouble thinking clearly and we are being nice.

Hey Justin, who stayed in the $6000 USD night penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel in London?

We'll talk...

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