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Fighting Terrorism with Teddy Bears and Candles

We read an excellent article which sums up how Europe is still, to this minute, dealing with their very real terrorist problem: with teddy bears and candles.

…After every attack, Europe’s leaders recycle the same empty slogans: “Carry on”; “We are stronger”; “Business as usual”. The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tells his people that they must get used to daily carnage. He says he believes that the threat of terror attacks is “part and parcel of living in a big city”, and that major cities around the world “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things”.

Does he seriously mean that they are supposed to get used to the massacre of their own children, as in Manchester?

It appears that for Europe, Islamic terrorism is a momentary disruption of its routine. Here’s a reality check: Unless they band together and really do something to eradicate the cesspools in their cities, Europe as we know it will be gone in the not too distant future.

European cities have to stand up to islamic terrorism. They have to shut down mosques, deport radical imams, ban foreign funding of mosques and stop foreign fighters from returning home from the battlefront. Until they get the picture, we suggest that you find other places to vacation. Anyone who still thinks it’s still important to be politically correct needs to a strong dose of reality. Wait, they already had that. Blanche, they need to be saved from themselves.

Last Friday we were listening to Tommy Schnurmacher who had an idea that he put forward. Until we had thought the words he uttered, but once articulated, we realized that he was right. What did he say? Stop supporting the Liberals here in Quebec and take your chances with another party.

He’s right. What do we have to lose? Our medical system? We already lost that. English schools? Gone. Signs that should be bilingual but are not? Not happening. In case you think we’re kidding, take this into consideration – the patient’s committee of the MUHC has documented hundreds of examples of services being slashed and the outcomes. Here are a few to ponder:

Someone received a heart transplant 20 years ago. He needs quarterly checkups. Now he will get a checkup once every six months. Another patient was told to return to the hospital one week after surgery but could not get an appointment for three weeks.

Make no mistake. Couillard is at the forefront of these incidents and thousands of others due to his government’s insistence on stripping the hospitals of money and resources. Barrette works for Couillard.

Afraid of a referendum? Don’t be. It’s not happening and nobody wants to leave Canada save a small percentage of diehards. The youth here knows that the world is a small place, accessible in an instant on the internet.

May we suggest that you send Couillard a short email as to how you feel? Here’s the address: Believe me, they read our emails. Whether anything will happen is another story, but sitting back and complaining really doesn’t help.

How the mighty fall. Blanche, did you see that mug shot of Tiger Woods? Vey. He looks like any other run of the mill petty criminal, certainly not the great golfer that he once was. Pretty pathetic, to put it mildly. He can’t seem to get his act together, to put it mildly.

We hope you were not flying British Airways anytime this weekend or even today. It appears that they had a complete meltdown of their computer systems. This was not caused by hackers, rather, as some believe because in 2016 BA made hundreds of dedicated IT staff redundant (they were fired) and outsourced the work to India. Uh oh.

Blanche, did you ever get someone from India when you called a company for customer service? Did you understand one word they were saying? No? Really? Maybe because English is their fifth language. And maybe because many of them were working from their kitchen tables in their ‘interhoisen’, underwear.

This ‘glitch’ is going to cost BA about 100 million pounds and we’re guessing heads will be rolling out the door.

You may not like this next piece so we suggest you either get a barf bag or skip it. Wait, you’re curious eh? We warned you.

People are comparing the clothes being worn by Melania Trump to those worn by Michelle Obama. Can we talk? What comparison?

Melania is elegant, stunning and inately knows how to dress. Michelle’s claim to fame are her arms which she insisted on showing at every opportunity. Her arms are not that nice and her taste in clothes was, well, let’s just say very tacky American.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birthday of JFK. Who of our age (baby boomers) does not remember where they were when he was assassinated? Who doesn’t remember his young son saluting his father’s coffin? Who doesn’t remember LBJ being sworn in on the plane with Jackie looking on in her blood-stained pink suit? Awful time.

Sorry Quebecers, the construction strike seems to be ending in two days if the government passes its back to work legislation later today. It’s been nice driving around the past few days without the orange cones blocking streets and men standing in the middle of the road waving flags to stop one while trucks enter or exit a site.

And finally, Maxime Bernier lost the leadership race of the conservative party to thirty-eight year old Andrew Scheer. One of the reasons touted for quite the upset is the dairy board. Bernier threatened to disband it, Scheer was leaving it alone. The dairy board has a mighty strong and long arm and seems to have made sure to enlist many many voters who made certain our milk and cheese prices remain artificially high by signing up enough Scheer people to beat Bernier.

Scheer may be a nice guy but he should take a good look at the price of dairy products in Quebec. Something smells and it’s not blue cheese.

As the holiday of Shavuos begins Tuesday night and ends Thursday night, we are sending out Blanche this week on Monday and late Thursday night… G-d willing.

We’ll talk…

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