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Obama interrupted his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to have a news conference today. Awfully nice of him, eh? He decided that there is way to much rioting going on in Ferguson Missouri where a black teenager was shot dead. It’s anyone’s guess what happened, although today ‘suddenly’ an eyewitness popped up.

The chief of police of Ferguson was, shall we say, not impressed that Obama was asking for peace and tranquility in between his golf games. Time to go back to work Mr. President. Oh wait, you’re taking your full two week vacation? Yes, of course it’s coming to you. Ok then, we’ll see you on Monday morning bright and early. Good luck to all those who voted him in. You have a parachute president. It seems that the state troopers are taking over from the police in Ferguson. Things could get much uglier than they have been up until now.

Tonight in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, 10,000 Israelis rallied, telling the government to ‘Finish the Job’. Left and right are totally united. “Finish the job! This is a universal principle. We want to live in peace.”

The protesters had been asked to wear red, symbolizing the Color Red slogan which is sounded as an alarm for incoming rocket fire. The protesters included residents of the south and Israelis from all over the country who identify with their plight. The residents of southern Israel, who have borne the brunt of Gaza’s terrorism for 14 years, and who recently discovered that they are also targeted by over 30 Hamas terror tunnels led the charge.

Just when you thought he was gone for the summer, poof! he’s back. We’re talking about that genius Bernard Drainville, the mastermind of the charter of values, which tried making the wearing of kippas amongst other visible religious articles against the law. All of his tactics were to get to one thing: the country of Quebec.

Well, Mr. Drainville (Can we talk? We still can’t get over his name. He should better open a plumbing shop with a name like that. But we digress.) had a epiphany a few weeks ago. He went to Scotland, where they are having a vote on September 18 to see if they will remain part of great Britain. He loved their question: Do you want Scotland to remain part of Great Britain or be its own country? Simple, eh?

We will remind Drainville that a few years ago others wanted the same kind of simple question here in Quebec when they were having a referendum. When a poll was taken it turned out that they would have lost by a landslide. So they used a convoluted and confusing question which no one understood. And they lost anyway. Can someone please tell drainville that it’s over? Please?

Ever take a ride on a Bixi bike here in Montreal? Those are the bikes that one can rent by the hour or day, of course without a helmet. In case you were not aware, Bixi is funded by you and me, the taxpayers who live in Montreal. And also in case you didn’t know, the Bixi corporation has refused to show anyone their books. Smells fishy, eh? Dats cause it is fishy Blanche.

What we finally found out today is that there are fewer riders than last year, ergo less money. So guess what? Yes, they want more of our money. “We have confidence that things will turn around.”

Let’s put it this way. If your business was not doing well and you had a money tree to go to, wouldn’t you say you had confidence that things would get better? Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here. High Oh Silver Away! And while you’re riding, make sure to sew up your pockets.

Sunday August 24 don’t go to the George Etienne monument on Parc Avenue. Seems it’s women’s topless day. Believe it or not, there are women here in Quebec who want equal rights with men to be able to go topless. What the heck is this world coming to? What woman who has any self-respect and dignity would want to go topless in public? Give us a break. People will literally do anything to garner five minutes of fame. What happened to it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood?  Get a life.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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