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In case you missed it, there was a fantastic article in the National Post recently. The headline stated what every Jew in the world knows - in Israel it's still October 7. The truth is, the same applies for the diaspora if one is a thinking human being.

October 7 never ended. And in case you forget for a minute, the plight of the hostages and the horrors that they are enduring on a daily basis is enough to make one both sick and infuriated at the same time.

Think about this: Just last week the IDF announced it found the remains of Dolev Yehud, thought to have been taken hostage. 36-year-old Dolev from Kibbutz Nir Oz, was a paramedic who left his home on Oct 7 to try and save lives. He was murdered by terrorists and his body located in Kibbutz Nir Oz following a scientific identification.

Dolev was married with four children. His wife gave birth to their fourth child days after he was murdered (and until recently believed he was a hostage). His sister, Arbel, is still a hostage in Gaza.

For this family, October 7 is very much alive. Now read more about what many in the rest of the country are still enduring:

The kibbutzim that were attacked in the south remain as they were with idyllic foliage surroundin houses and gardens that witnessed unspeakable atrocities.

In the north, between October 2023 and April 2024, over 1400 rockets and drones were aimed at the north of Israel by hezbolla.

Then there's the Burnt Vehicles Compound, housing over 800 cars that were blocking the roads because their drivers and passengers were systematically gunned down. Those cars were left as a barrier for anyone else trying to escape.

Later, the cars were systematically scrubbed down, every body part was collected and buried. Israeli's have a special chemical that turns everything in the cars into ash, allowing them to find human remains. They pulled out over 300 large bags of human ash.

After reading the above and then reading about those morons camped out for the 'poor palestinians' you can toss your cookies, upchuck or just puke.

Converting to Islam? Let the women and girls take a good look at this picture. It's called sharia law and it means women cannot show their faces in public. That's what those fools want?

There are no words to adequately describe the kind of ignoramuses those so-called protesters are. They are 100% useful idiots for hamas.

Frankly, we are so incensed that if we had the means and would not wind up in jail, we would go to McGill ourselves with a power hose and not stop hosing those so called protesters down with ice cold water until every last one of them was gone.

They are despicable fools. Blights who contribute zero to the the world.

Guess who's back in the news? None other than Montreal's own Pascale Dery with the dubious misnomer of legault's higher education minister.

It has become abundantly clear that Dery will do whatever it takes to further her career and that includes throwing the entire english community of quebec, especially English universities, under the bus.

McGill and Concordia were both 'punished' because Legault's french language minister Roberge decided - on a whim and with no data to back up his claim - that too much English is being spoken on Montreal streets.

Pascale Dery, legault's little Jewish puppet accepted this lie with not an ounce of remorse, not taking the time to find out if this was true, nor what she would be doing to her own people. While practically sitting on legault's lap, she delivered the message that universities in Montreal and beyond with interntational English speaking students would have their enrollement fees doubled.

Did Dery stop for a nano second and ask herself - as every other person with a brain did - does it make a difference who speaks what language when walking on St. Catherine en route to Sephora to buy a new lipstick?

Dery was back in the news again last week defending her position. Remember her in the next election. She's another one who needs to get booted out. She's a traitor to her own people on many levels. We hope she is not only defeated but run out of town. Grossitating.

So who exactly is 61 year old Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico's first female and first Jewish president? For starters, she's no lightweight.

Before becoming a full-time politician, she was a researcher at the Institute of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where, after completing a doctorate in energy engineering, she dedicated herself to studying energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo was born to a secular Jewish family in Mexico City. Her paternal Ashkenazi grandparents emigrated from Lithuania to Mexico City in the 1920s, while her maternal Sephardic grandparents emigrated there from Sofia, Bulgaria, in the early 1940s to escape the Holocaust.

While she is a climate changer and all that goes with it, she also understands Mexico's terrible violence problem.

Regarding her being Jewish, for sure she doesn't go out of her way to publicize the fact. She likes to play both sides of the coin in terms of religion. Take from this what you want. The fact is, she is a Jew and in short time she will most likely have to deal with that issue.

The more we see and hear Justin Trudeau, the more we realize how truly unfit he is for the job he is doing.

Yesterday the IDF announced that four elderly men who were held hostage since October 7 died. It is unclear how they died but the fact is had they not been kidnapped, they would still be alive.

Has anyone heard a word from Justin about that? Nothing. Radio silence.

Instead he's busy with this: For every kid who can’t have a flag at their school — and every 2SLGBTQI+ person who’s been made to feel anything but pride in who you are: This flag flies for you.

And then he proceeded to fly the gay pride flag on parliament hill.

There's nothing wrong with showing support for all different kinds of people. But when that support translates to supporting the 'poor palestinians' when he has not the faintest clue of what is really going on, he shows his true colors. Someone in a position way over his head.

He literally makes our blood boil. He's a fake, someone who got where he is because he's a pretty boy. Well, when people elect pretty boys with manure for brains, we get exactly what is happening in our country right now.

We'll talk...

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