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From the Dudes in Oregon: We’re in the mood fer some trouble. Who’s With Us?!!

Ever hear of Burns Oregon? Take note Blanche. It’s going to become a household name in the next few days. That’s because a few dozen yahoos have taken over the desolate headquarters of a federally owned wildlife refuge and said they weren’t going to leave until the government stops its “tyranny.” Weird is a kind description of these heavily armed people.

The group’s spokesman is Ammon Bundy, the son of anti-government Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. Now we’ve heard some strange names before, but these two take the cake. Certainly better than Billy-Bob and Gomer.

The father made national news when he led a huge standoff against the feds in 2014 in which he and his brother participated. The standoff took on racist shades when the elder Bundy wondered aloud to a New York Times reporter whether black people would be better off enslaved. Special.

The occupiers are survivalists and can stay in that building indefinitely. It also seems that no law enforcement agency is coming to get them out any time soon. Ah but they have other plans. Bundy is now off Twitter but for the moment still on Facebook. Very shortly they are going to turn off the electricity. Then they are going to turn off the water. Unless they plan on burning the building to keep warm, these dudes are in for a pretty nasty few weeks. Let’s face it, going to loo outside when it’s minus whatever is not very comfortable even if you can manage a fur seat. Blanche, fech. The taxi drivers in Montreal need a few lessons on public relations. They plan on blocking every bridge in Montreal some time in January. Oh, don’t worry, they will politely let you know when they will be holding you hostage.

Do they  think that by preventing people from getting to work or appointments they will get the public on their side? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the answer. They will infuriate everyone. That’s not to say Uber is much better. It seems that on New Year’s eve people were charged 9 or 10 times the regular fare to get home or wherever they were going. So if your fare should have been $35 it was $350. Special eh?

The government has to step in and stop the taxi drivers from what they are planning and get their act together to control Uber. This is turning out to be one big farce.

Donald Trump seems to still be in the lead in the polls, but… Blanche did some sleuthing on serious sites and found the following: Nationally, Trump is creaming everyone with 35%, Cruz way behind at 19, Rubio at 11 and Carson at 8.

Ah, but here’s something: In Iowa, Cruz has 31% with Trump at 27. In New Hampshire, Trump is again beating everyone at 26% with Cruz at 13%. More telling is California where Trump and Cruz are basically tied. Let’s see what happens when Trump starts on Bill as he has hit the road campaigning for his beloved – hehehehehehe.

If you think that corruption has ended in the city of Laval, think again. It appears that someone is being paid $3000 a day – yes, you read that correctly, for IT service. In English that’s technical support. When city officials were contacted, they said the contract is above board  and that the rate being paid out is consistent with the requirements of the job. Come on. Blanche is very happy she doesn’t live in Laval. Something stinks there big time.

No drama Obama actually showed a human side today. Didn’t take long, maybe seven years. He was speaking about gun control and when referring to the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 six-year olds being slaughtered, actually shed a tear.

Obama hopes to expand the number of sales subject to background checks. Under current law, only federally licensed gun dealers must conduct background checks on buyers. But at gun shows, websites and flea markets, sellers often skirt that requirement by declining to register as licensed dealers. At the heart of the issue, the big elephant in the room is mental illness. Most of those who commit mass shootings are either at the edge or over it.

The craziest thing however is that every time Obama opens his mouth about gun control the gun sales soar. Looks like no one in the United States wants to be caught gunless. Hiddey ho and away Silver!

Monday was the biggest losing day in the stock market since the 1930’s. While smaller players lost a lot of money – all of it on paper, there were some big boys who must have been gulping:

We’ll talk…

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