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Gary Johnson’s Brain is Like the Bermuda Triangle: Information goes In (Maybe) and is never fo

The geffulement with Trump vis-a-vis Miss Universe continues to hang in the air. Frankly, Hillary picked the wrong item to dig into as her record of treating the mistresses of her husband is abysmal, basically hounding them into the ground. They were not to blame for her husband’s dalliances which people think are still going on to this day. Actually, Hillary went after some of those women like a rabid pit bull.

In some of the more unsavoury newspapers, it has come to light that Alicia Machado has quite the past – after she became Miss Universe and  ‘miss piggy’. There are, shall we delicately say, very graphic videos of her for all to see now floating around the internet.  If this is the kind of person Hillary is using to go after Trump, Hillary is pretty low herself.

This is a 20 year-old story which her people dug up. It seems that Machado only found out about her new notoriety during the debate when this was neatly planted by Hillary. While Madame Clinton may appear to be presidential, these low-life schemes drag her right into the pigsty with Trump.

Given this, here’s the other side of the story: Trump is an idiot for keeping this story going. He fell right into the trap and because his ego was bruised  (and the size of Trump Tower) he’s falling further and further into the quicksand with no one seemingly able to pull him out.

One thing we have not seen reported anywhere is that the first debate was important as early voting – whether by absentee ballot or in person – starts on Tuesday and it appears that there is going to be a heavy turnout. The debate will most likely push those on the fence one way or the other. As Trump did not win this debate, Hillary may have the edge here.

The last piece on all of this. It appears that nobody in the Trump house or camp can speak to him in a normal fashion. So that means that it is very possible he thinks, as he has said, that he did ‘great’ at the debate. Blanche – can we talk? For the first 20 or so minutes he was ok. After that he looked bad and sounded worse. Who’s he fooling? Oh, right. Himself.

Ever hear of Gary Johnson? He’s head of the Libertarian party, possibly the spoiler for either Trump or Clinton. Given that, this dude is really something special.

About a month ago he was asked what he thought of Aleppo. His response? What is Aleppo? (It’s the epicentre of the war in Syria). Yesterday he was asked who his favourite world leader was. Again he sat with a blank face. “I’m having an Aleppo moment. A brain freeze.” His running mate tried to save him by answering Angela Merkel. Still Johnson sat with a blank stare.

Now get this: he is polling at 8% or higher. Imagine? People are so grossed out by both Clinton and Trump that they would vote for an ignoramus like Johnson. Someone has to save Americans from themselves.

There was a horrific train crash today in Hoboken New Jersey. Nobody knows why, but a train heading into the station never slowed down and just plowed head on into a wall at the end of the station, killing a woman that was standing on the platform. At least 100 people were injured. Sounds like the conductor suffered a heart attack or some other catastrophic episode. It better be that and not texting.

Montreal’s new pit bull bylaw was done as everything else Coderre does – too fast and with little thought involved. While we are certainly no fan of pit bulls, the bylaw’s wording regarding the type of dog they are going after is impossibly vague.

According to the city bylaw, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and American pit bull terriers, any mixed breed dogs that have a part of those breeds, or any dog with similar physical characteristics are considered in the pit bull category.

Here’s the bigger question: Who exactly is enforcing this bylaw? Seems the city is hiring about 8 people to start with. An injunction was filed today by the SPCA and will be looked at next week. This ain’t over yet.

One person who is drawing rock-star crowds as she campaigns for Hillary is Michelle Obama. She’s articulate, charismatic, does not have the baggage of her husband and loves to talk in public. She’s also about 6 feet tall and carries herself very well (except of course when she goes sleeveless). We would not be surprised if, in a few years, she makes a run at the presidency. She will certainly be more liked than Hillary.

On a lighter note, if you’re planning to move anywhere, we can help you decide where to go. Here’s a list of the happiest states in the US. Topping the list is Utah, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii and Colorado.

Three out of those five have pretty nasty winters. Guess people like to hunker down and become hermits for a few months of the year. Hawaii is in a league of its own and Utah? Guess the mormons make it a happy place.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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