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We are not sure how many times we have said this, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Someone should find about 10,000 chairs, set them up a nice distance from the Big Owe and let people watch as it gets blown to smithereens. Of course there would have to be a lottery for tickets as it would generate a commotion the city has not seen for decades. Perhaps since it was built in 1967.

Instead, those who spend OPM – other people’s money – have decided that they are either taking the roof off and leaving the stadium open to the elements or renovating it to the tune of $220 million. That amount however does not include the cost of a new roof.

If they leave it open to the elements it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fix it after the winter.

Can we talk? Is there not one person with common sense in the entire government? We cannot figure out why in the world our tax dollars are continuously funding something that is hardly used, never was and never is going to work properly and is, to put it bluntly, an eyesore. Hey, wait a minute, we have an idea. Instead of the students marching and causing havoc over austerity which they can’t spell, let alone describe, let them protest over this colossal waste of money. We’re in and we’ll even wear the red square.

In case you missed it this morning, it was snowing. We ‘put the coat’ and left the house bundled up as though it were early March. In case you don’t get ‘put the coat’ it means put the coat on and goes with ‘comes a set’ which is when you buy two or more of something. Both of those terms are pretty well direct translation from Yiddish. Same with ‘put a plastic’ which means put a plastic bonnet on your head. Ya never know what you’ll be learning from Blanche.

There was a picture posted on one of the news feeds of Obama looking mighty thin. How thin you ask? So thin that his ears looked bigger if that is possible. But that’s not the real news. What we found unbelievable were the comments below the picture – close to 500 of them. We’ll give you one salient, juicy one: Enough with the speculation. Just let me know when the … checks out so I can break into my Happy Dance. Compared to some of the others, that was tame.

Just one week ago, Bernard Drainville, who was running for leadership of the separatist party in Quebec said this about the front runner PK Peladeau: What the PQ needs now is a battle-ready leader, not a political greenhorn who has the nasty habit of tripping up. Ouch.

He went on to say if people think some kind of saviour “will come down from the sky” and save the independence movement without reforming it they are wrong. “I think that’s a mirage.

Zut alors, yesterday Drainville dropped out of the race and said he was now backing PKP, which sent virtual shock waves throughout Quebec. This dude PKP is akin to an overripe tomato waiting to explode. He needs someone talking into his ear at all times to make sure he doesn’t say something that will cause his party to implode even further. All we have to do is sit back, watch the show and wait for him to keep spouting gems. Oh yes, his new hairdo is awful. Can someone please send him a brush.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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