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Of the reams of words the Federal Court ruled against Justin and his cohorts for invoking the Emergency Act, the best and simplest line was the following:

...The government "cannot invoke the Emergency Act because it is convenient, or because it may work better than the other tools at their disposal or available in other provinces."

Bingo. Finally a judge that gets it.

The Ottawa police were completely over their heads. The beginning of that was allowing the truckers into Ottawa in the first place. Had they stopped them before the city - and they knew very well they were coming - the whole affair would have never escalated to where it did.

Our 'genius' finance minister Chrystia Freeland was trotted out two days ago to immediately to refute her own government's allegations. No, they didn't need months and months to go over the ruling. It didn't go in their favor, they looked like amateurs and they had to respond.

The response was weak at best.

"The public safety of Canadians was under threat." No, the public safety of Canadians was not under threat. What was under threat was the fact that law and order could not be properly controlled because the Ottawa keystone cops were chasing their tails and had no plan of action whatsoever to deal with the truckers.

..."which includes our national economic security". Who exactly is she kidding? These truck yahoos had their kids with them, they had parties, people we know people brought them danish and coffee. Yes, they blocked bridges but that was only after they realized the keystone cops aka the federal government was completely unable to handle the situation and were not listening to one word they were saying.

And now why did the truckers create this country-long convoy? Because during covid, Justin and his minions were holding everybody hostage in their homes way, way past when many other countries had already opened up. Plus forcing vaccines on people by holding them hostage in their own country. The truckers had had enough and no one was listening.

Now who is Judge Richard Mosley who ruled against the do-you-know-who-I-am Justin? Believe it or not, he was appointed by a liberal prime minister- Paul Martin when he was leader between 2003 and 2006. So Justin can't even blame the conservatives for this. It's his own party that is turning on him.

As for freezing the bank accounts of the 'leaders' of the truck convoy? Justin acted like a five-year old having a massive temper tantrum. He could not control the truckers, they gave him the middle finger and he got really, really mad and said to himself - I'll show them who the boss is. And show them he did.

When this news item broke on Tuesday, select members of Justin's cabinet and entourage were huddled in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in what they called a 'retreat'. In fact, they were trying to figure out how to remake Justin and how to stop the freefall in the polls.

Here's a headline peeps: He was, is and always will be over his head as a prime minister. He simply does not have the brain capacity to run a country. It's over.

Anthony - all your cajoling to make him listen to you about the Jewish communities in Canada is whizzing in one ear and out the other because Justin is an airhead.

What is happening in Israel is above Justin's paygrade to understand. Anthony, if you choose to stay there you best buy yourself a life-jacket so when the ship goes down you can save yourself from politically drowning with the likes of Freeland and Joly.

If nothing else, Nikki Haley knows how to stick it to Donald Trump. No matter how much fun he makes of her, of how she dresses, of her heritage - she is now coming back with her own zingers and Trump doesn't like that.

He does not want to share the limelight with anyone, especially someone running against him. He is threatening that anyone who supports Haley will be punished and not allowed to wear a maga hat nor be allowed to be part of his fun. Come on dude, grow up.

Haley will leave the race when she's good and ready and not one minute before. No matter how many temper tantrums Trump has. And this is the part of him that we wish would disappear.

Instead of going after Haley because she won't take his bait, he should be going after Biden. Nope. Here's a headline for Trump: Nikki Haley is not Hillary Clinton. She is not obnoxious and doesn't act as though she wants to gouge your eyes out if you look at her the wrong way.

Haley is a polished, seasoned politician. She is very well well aware that Trump cannot run again and it's our guess she's setting herself up for the next presidential campaign.

Sorry to focus so much on Justin, but he's such a dufus one simply cannot believe how he is running this country.

Having annoyed China, India, the Five-Eyes, NATO, and denied Germany any gas, he and his minions just botched a trade deal with Great Britain. Seriously? With good old England?

We're guessing you know Canada has a deal with the dairy farmers which keeps eggs, cheese and milk prices way, way higher than anywhere else. Now read this:

In the aftermath of the renegotiation of the former North American Free Trade Agreement, which saw changes to supply-managed sectors, Justin promised dairy farmers that no more slices of Canada's domestic market would be served up to exporters in future negotiations. In other words, they could have their cake and eat it.

British negotiators walked away from trade talks with Canada today — a dramatic development puts that stops a bilateral trade deal between the two Commonwealth nations that has been years in the making.


After Brexit, an interim agreement kept tariff-free British cheese on Canadian shelves for three years. That agreement expired at the end of last year. Now, because of the deal with the dairy farmers, you will no longer have the luxury of almost anything else but Canadian cheeses. Including no more British cheeses.

There are a few weeks during the year that these tariffs are lifted and that is just before Passover. At that time of year, Canada allows cheeses from all over the world to flood the supermarkets. After that, the boom is lowered again.

The Brits have plenty of company as one of many countries Justin has managed to tick off. And while we're at it, Israel - the one and only democracy in the middle east - is another one he can add to his list. Seriously? This guy is such a loser.

We hope that you are not one of those frightened flyers. If so, we suggest you let someone else read this to you. What is the mystery of the four bolts?

Loose bolts were responsible for the door fell that fell off an Alaska Airline flight in midair.

A Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled moments before takeoff when an alarmed passenger spotted several screws missing from the plane’s wing.

The F train derailed in Brooklyn.

All these incidents had one common feature — four bolts were missing, no more, no less. What’s the deal here with these four fasteners?

The F train which derailed two weeks ago in Coney Island was discovered to have four high-strength Grade 8 bolts mysteriously missing.

That Friday, minutes after an Alaska Airlines flight departed Portland International Airport for Ontario, the plane’s left door plug, which serves as an additional emergency exit, blew open at 16,000 feet. Four bolts meant to keep the door plug from shifting up and blowing wide open were found missing. The National Transportation Safety Board said they had yet to find the bolts.

Last week, a New York-bound Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled just moments before takeoff from Britain when an alarmed passenger spotted four screws missing from the plane’s wing.

Footage showed an engineer climbing onto the plane’s wing and using a screwdriver to tinker with some of the fasteners.

We're guessing we can our own rapid train system which breaks down virtually daily either stranding passengers in the middle of nowhere or right near the station so they need to be rescued. Maybe it's the bolt issue here as well.

And finally, still radio silence from Justin about Israel. Tomorrow that kangaroo court in South Africa is going to present its decision. He will have to say something. If he doesn't, he should resign.

If he cannot see through this disgusting farce, he is truly an anti-Semitic fool who doesn't know his history. The Jewish people will survive these dark days, with or without Justin.

And without Anthony Housefather who spouts all the right words but his actions don't coincide. He cannot stay in that party with that leader and pretend that he's speaking for the Jews. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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