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Governor General Julie Payette Just Doesn’t Get It. Perhaps Justin Should have Done His Due Di

What was she thinking? We refer to our illustrious Governor General Julie Payette and her choice of outfits for the throne speech yesterday, which if you missed it, was a pure white pantsuit. White jacket, white pants, white camisole.

We are not even referring to the fact that once September 1 comes, one should put away one’s white outfits – especially as she  represents the Queen who holds by this. No, we are referring to the fact that her outfit was not appropriate for what she was about to do – read the throne speech.

She wasn’t going to a tea party or the opening of an art gallery which is where she looked like she was heading. And if, as we have heard, she was giving the middle finger to her detractors, well, that’s even worse than the first sentence.

Clearly she has no idea of the decorum needed for the position she holds – physically or mentally. Discretion and dignity are two words that come to mind. Neither were remotely in her vocabulary when it came to her choice of dress yesterday. She missed the boat…again.

And in case you were wondering, that verbose throne speech was no less than 7,000 words.

When one is in a very public position of authority or if one is a famous comedian, one must be aware that what they say is going to be ‘out there’. We refer to Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg and Sugar Sammy.

We will begin with Dr. Rosenberg. Here’s the deal dearies – if you have to go out, day after day after day and defend what you said, then you should not have uttered the orginal words. Saying that the coronavirus is no worse than the regular flu is, if nothing else, irresponsible.

To prevent the masses from getting this virus, we are being asked to wear masks, have no less than 6 people in our homes, stay home if possible etc. etc. He is the President and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal which includes the Jewish General Hospital which was designated as a covid center the last round.

To have uttered such a statement means that he is completely and utterly out of tune with what is happening around him. And to keep defending it? He’s just digging himself into a deeper hole.

Dr. Rosenberg needs to buy a mirror – a very large one – and take a good long hard look at himself.

As for Sugar Sammy – kudos to him. He tweeted out after the Quebec government announced they were giving the office de la langue francais $5 million “In Quebec when businesses will go bankrupt, we’ll make sure they do it in french.” He is making fun of the Quebec government and Mr. Legault who deserve every word of what Sammy said and then some. It appears that some people went after him for this comment. Our guess is that it is people from the olf and no one else because…no one else cares.

Justin Trudeau’s address to the nation was a complete waste of everyone’s time as there was nothing there. Zip. Zero. Zilch. His tone of voice was so syrupy sweet as to make one want to gag. His message was empty except to say no thanksgiving dinners this year. And for this he had to hijack prime time?

A final note on the virus: Why is it that it’s ok for the US and other countries to use the saliva test which takes between 5 and 15 minutes to get a result, but Health Canada cannot yet approve it?

We’ll tell you why. Because we are mired in bureaucrats who must justify their positions at all costs. And if the cost is that more people will get covid-19, so be it.

They will mull, think, look, ponder, have a coffee, sleep on it for weeks and then declare that yes, we can use the saliva test. Do they really think this makes them look smart and responsible? No. It makes them look as useless as they really are. When it stinks, it stinks from the head (Justin) down. And this stinks.

Ever think about what is going to happen to the travel industry when the dust finally settles? Here are a few predictions:

…hotel rooms will be cleaned for the most part by robots.

…traveling to big cities in Europe will diminish as people opt for the smaller cities like Lyon instead of Paris and Hamburg instead of Berlin

…your picture will be on your airline ticket. Biometric software installed in terminal video cameras will recognize and match your features to your flight while assessing your security and health risks, allowing most travelers go directly from check-in to gate.

…and our personal favorite: “Hygiene Class,” a premium cabin that comes with a higher standard of cleanliness.

The left/center website called fivethirtyeight has forecast that there is a 77% chance that Biden will win the election. Just to compare to the last election at this time they predicted that Hillary had a 71% chance of winning and Trump a 28% chance.  They are now giving Trump a 22% chance of winning.

The main thing at play here is that Hillary was an unlikeable person and candidate while Biden does not have that hanging over his head. So the polling results  then were such   because people either lied to the pollsters and did not say they were voting for Trump or lied and said they were voting for Hillary which they clearly didn’t do.

Which leads us to believe that the pollsters don’t know much and if they get it wrong this time they should hang up their polls on the closest clothesline.

Portland Oregon is quickly become the democrats worst nightmare six weeks before the US elections. No one can get a hold of that city. The democrats started off backing the protesters/rioters and black lives matter. Now they don’t know what to do as things are completely out of control and people cannot live their lives normally. Portland now represents the democrats worst case scenario and they have not the faintest hint of a clue how to fix things there.

They stoked the fire and now that fire is out of control with the fire department unable to stop it. And you can bet that Trump is going to make sure that everyone knows all of the above and rightly so.

Good Shabbos, easy fast. We’ll talk…

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