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Blanche has been getting a bit of flack for going after Justin and his inability to deal with the pandemic in his position as head of our government and country. Sorry peeps,  he is the master of his own misfortune. 

One of Justin’s biggest problems is that he reacts to issues. He is simply unable to be proactive. Whether it’s because he can’t see the issues or he doesn’t want to see them or he’s too busy to see them – he missed the boat time after time.

His latest gaffe is dealing with people returning from vacations. Can we talk here? Is it a secret that people go away for the holidays in December? No. Did everyone know that people would look to escape from their homes after being cooped up for about nine months? No. So why is it that until the pressure became unbearable did his government announce that in order to return home people need to take a covid test. They couldn’t figure this out in October and set up a plan? Clearly not.

What if  you are in St. Lucia or Playa del Carma, where there are no covid tests available? What are people supposed to do? Stay there indefinitely? Was Justin planning that his peeps would fly tests over to those islands?

Nothing was thought out  because they were not prepared – yet again – for what was coming. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that people would be coming home in droves within the span of a week and rapid testing was needed. Do we have rapid testing? Nope.

Instead they are asking for people to use a test that takes 3 days to get results. And then what? If people test positive are they supposed to pay for another 2 weeks in a hotel?

We are pretty sure you can see how cloudy Justin’s response is to this, how they needed to react quickly and didn’t get their act together. Seems our Transport minister Marc Garneau will be giving more details today. Too little, too late.

Now let’s deal with the people in government who told everyone to stay home yet they went on vacations to such places as Barbados, St. Barts etc.

Are they bringing back the virus in their suitcase? No. Did they test themselves and their families before coming home? Most likely. So what’s the issue? Entitlement.

Don’t preach in a tsk tsk tone of voice that this year’s holiday will be different, that we have to stay home, hunker down, no guests, no visiting sick relatives – the list goes on and on. They were saying this while literally planning their vacations. According to these very holy people who were voted in, there rules for the plebs and rules for those who think they rule over the plebs.

Particularly egregious was the finance minister from Ontario who took a video of himself at home in front of his fireplace before leaving on vacation and had it shown while he was in St. Barts. That was not only stupid, it was seriously deceitful.

Don’t pander to us. If you want to go on vacation, then take a step back from the limelight, stop preaching and do what you want.

Seems that Trump was very popular with authors as well over 100 books were written about him over the past four years. That compares with about 50 written about Obama.

We are guessing that people could not wrap their heads around Trump. They couldn’t figure him out, were unable to even venture a guess at what his next moves would be and thought that they had cornered the market on their insider information.

None of those books was worth much as we read a few of them. Every book had the same message – he’s erratic, demands loyalty, can’t focus for more than five minutes and is a boor. Certainly not worth the $30 or $40 to read what we already knew.

To end the year, we thought we’d give you some good news stories. …Jerry, NYC’s famous humpback whale is back in town. This happened because of no water traffic and the waters around NY became pretty clean.

…Pandas in the Smithsonian Zoo had babies.

…The Barcelona Opera House Performed a Concert for 2,292 Plants

…A 99-Year-Old Veteran Walked to Raise Money for National Healthcare Workers in Great Britain

…A tiny owl was found in the Rockefeller Center giant xmas tree. Named Rockerfeller or Rocky for short, he was nursed back to health and brought back to the wilds where he came from

…Dolly Parton donated a generous $1 million that helped fund the Moderna coronavirus vaccine

…In March of this year, a herd of wild goats took over a Welsh town—climbing stone fences, chomping on hedges, and sauntering through streets empty of traffic. Over 100 adorable Kashmiri goats usually roam the Great Orme, a mountain in north Wales. In this case, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

And finally, when the monotony of the next few months gets to you remember who controls the world – the One Above. Go with the flow. This too shall pass – in some countries way before others such as ours.

Good Shabbos, Happy New Year We’ll talk…

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