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Happy Trails to You…

Justin Trudeau seems to be the hottest leader of any country. How hot Blanche? So hot that he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Not bad except for the headline: Why Can’t He Be Our President? Uh oh.

Fox News got a hold of those few words and basically made minced meat out of Trudeau. One of their political pundits brought up Ottawa’s $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr, calling Trudeau “horrible” over his defence of the payout. She then called the statement the prime minister delivered earlier this month about the settlement money “embarrassing” and “stupid. Notice Blanche it was a she, not a he. Guess the hair and sculpted body didn’t get to her.

Unfortunately for Trudeau, his cover story was compared to two other, not very illustrious covers: Putting Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover in 2013 and the magazine’s botched and untrue campus rape story at the University of Virginia. We are guessing that Trudeau didn’t do to much thinking about whether to be put on the cover. In fact, he most likely thought that he looked very good and was happy with the cover – kind of like the ultimate selfie. Feh.

While Trump and company – Scaramucci and Priebus – fight it out in the White House for power, Iran and North Korea are slowly but surely getting closer to doing some major damage to the world.

Here’s what we hope is really going on and frankly, we better be right: While the soap opera in the White House is going on, in the background, there are those who are doing their job and trying to stop the nutball leaders of both of those countries.

If that’s not the case, we are in serious trouble and everyone best start hoarding water, long-lasting food and cash.

Anthony Scaramucci (Blanche, isn’t that a great Italian name?), is incensed with the leaks coming out of the White House and has threatened to fire everyone in the communications office unless the leaker is outed, confesses or stops leaking which doesn’t seem likely.

Seems last night there was a dinner party at the White House. Present were President Trump, the First Lady, Sean Hannity, and the former Fox News executive Bill Shine. Someone from inside called a reporter from the New Yorker and leaked this juicy tidbit of news.

Scaramucci is right. Imagine if everything you did in your office was leaked out to friends, colleagues and those who want to do you in. You would be crazed and want to find out exactly who the weasel was. Scaramucci will get to the bottom of the leaks or he will indeed fire everyone, including Reince Priebus, chief of staff who he thinks is the mole.

This is really juicy, eh Blanche?

If you are traveling anytime soon, we’re going to do two favours for you. First we’re listing the top five and bottom five airports in the world. Then we’re going to tell you which days are best to buy your airline tickets. No – it’s not Tuesday at midnight. That’s old news.

The five best airports are: Singapore Changi Airport, Munich International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, Helsinki: Vantaa Airport.

The five worst airports are: Kuwait Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, London Stanstead Airport. Uh oh – it looks like England is really in the doghouse with their airports.

Airlines are now updating their computers every night, based on more sophisticated traffic models. So what does this mean?

It means you have to have two best time approaches: One, about 45 days out from your desired departure date, and another window about ten days out—on a Sunday. That’s when the most unsold inventory surfaces.

And finally, you can’t do this online. You have to pick up a phone and call the airline.

Hold onto your hat Blanche, the e-race is this weekend. At least you don’t need earplugs. Seems the only thing you hear is the changing of the gears and the squealing of the tires.

Don’t bother taking your car anywhere near the east end of the city for the next while. It will be blocked up this weekend and two weeks after because that’s how long it will take the city to clear up the fences, cones, dirt etc.

Can we talk? You know the huge party every New Years’s eve in Times Square? The one with over a million people. Well, guess how long it takes them to clean up? Overnight. You know why? Because they have a plan and hire people to execute said plan.

They have garbage trucks leading rows and rows of people picking up garbage. We wonder what plan Coderre formulated to get rid of the debris and all things needed for the race. Let’s see – no plan.

Now ask the most important question: Why is this race in Montreal at all? Well,Coderre convinced those in charge that Montreal wants to promote its status as a hub for transport electrification.

Who exactly is he kidding? Transport electrification? How about putting air conditioning in the subway? Coderre has one thing going for him: he can sell anyone anything and he does. Problem is, everyone else pays for his extravaganzas. That everyone else is you and me.

One more traveling tip: The news TSA screening for electronic devices has started. That means removing tablets, e-readers and any other larger-format electronics from bags you plan to carry on to flights. All this equipment now has to go through the x-ray machine in their own bins. We also heard that large plugs and extension cords qualify for special attention.

Only those pre-approved by the TSA with a Nexus card will not have to do this. We can imagine that the lines are going to be seriously long and interminable.

Happy trails to you…

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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