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Hillary’s Modus Operendi: Don’t Trust Me. Even Salt looks Like Sugar.

The point is not that Hillary has pneumonia, the point is she lied about it. On Friday her handlers said she was fine. On Sunday her doctors said they had diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday. The big white elephant in the room is this: What does she really have? Is it really pneumonia or does she have a serious underlying condition made her vulnerable to getting so sick? It is her dishonesty that is making her poll numbers go down.

Her darling husband Bill has not been very helpful, telling the media that she has passed out more than a few times. Here she’s trying to keep a secret and, like he can’t keep his pants on, he can’t keep his mouth closed. Blanche, you are seriously dizguzting. Never mind that Bill sounds like he’s 95 years old. Seems he became a vegan. Can someone bring the man a hamburger and fries? He looks like he’s about to keel over beside his wife.

Remember the idiot who is severely – deathly – allergic to fish and went to a restaurant that serves both fish and meat, left his epipen in his car (or dropped it somewhere), ordered meat tartare in a dark restaurant and when accidentally served fish tartare almost died? Well he pressed charges against the waiter which were mercifully dropped today. No kidding.

The onus of responsibility lies 100% on the person with this allergy. If he dies if he eats fish guess what? Don’t go to a restaurant that has any fish at all on the menu. Or if you do, at least go to one with bright lights. Even if he hadn’t been served the fish, there is such a thing as cross-contamination. This dude needs to be counselled.

Edward Snowden, holed up in Moscow, is making a case for Obama to pardon him before leaving office in January. Here’s a bulletin to Snowden: You embarrassed Obama and made him look like a dufus. Take the needle out of your arm, start enjoying the borsht and hunker down in Russia. You will not be anywhere near the pardon list.

The gazebo honouring Mordechai Richler, which cost about $750,000 and took years and years to build, is finally completed. So did the city cut the ribbon to finally open it? Not on your life. They would have looked like the morons they are. Instead they quietly cleaned up the mess they made (physically and figuratively) and walked away. Welcome to the world of Mayor Coderre. If he won’t look good somewhere, he ain’t goin there Blanche. It’s the ostrich syndrome. Bury your head and you think no one is looking.

Today was the 10th anniversary of the Dawson shootings where a young, beautiful innocent young woman was shot dead. Anastasia de Sousa would have been 28 years old today, probably married with her own children. Her parents were robbed of her life by a senseless killing. There are just no words. During the day, on any newscast one listened to, the gunman’s name was never mentioned. Kudos to everyone for that.

If anyone thinks the new iPhone 7, sans the little plug for earbuds isn’t selling well think again. Sprint reported that pre-orders of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are up more than 375 percent in the first three days over last year.

At T-Mobile pre-orders have already shattered sales records in the first four days – up nearly 4x over the smash-hit iPhone 6. And last Friday set a single day sales record for any smartphone ever in T-Mobile US history. Go know.

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