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Hillary’s Sourpuss Followers

Don’t worry Blanche, we’re not going to bore you with the best and worst stories of 2017.Vat vas, vas.

One of our more astute readers was pretty incensed over the ban on plastic bags. She brought up the following points: Stores package much of their produce in both plastic containers and styrofoam wrapped in plastic. And what’s about the plastic bags you take when you want to buy apples, bananas, tomatoes etc.

The biggest culprit by far however are those totally useless plastic water bottles. Whoever dreamed up that one is really a genius and now very rich. All of this to say that a lot more than just banning plastic bags at the checkout that has to change before we’re going to be saving the world, whales and trees.

Blanche, did you see that Vanity Fair spoof poking fun at Hillary Clinton? It was hysterical. Of course her adoring fans aka uber liberals have their shorts in a knot over this article.

How can a.n.y.o.n.e. made fun of their beloved icon aka possibly the worst democratic presidential candidate ever to run. While raising a glass of Champagne and offering cheers to the former first lady, they suggested the following:

That Clinton take more photos in the woods because, “How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers? or this one: Clinton should start working on a sequel to her book, “What Happened,” but with a new title, What the hell happened?

Our personal favourite: Knitting, volunteer work and improv comedy are suggested as new hobbies that will keep Clinton from running for president again in 2020.

You know what the biggest problem with liberals is when they get angry? They have temper tantrums like children. In the best of times they are sour-pusses with little sense of humour and when they get angry are unable to listen to anyone and can’t take a joke. Of course they tweeted to boycott Vanity Fair. Get a grip.

That Prince Harry interview with Barack Obama was also a winner. They are obviously good friends as their rapport was an easy back and forth.

Obama is a big shot now that he’s no longer president. He actually spoke in sentences without using uh or umm once. He also answered questions with real answers. Meaning he took a stand on things. Something he never did when he was president.

He also wants an invitation to Harry’s wedding, as he outright asked for one. Seriously no class.

We usually reserve the weather for the last item but it’s so ridiculously cold that it made one of the top stories in Drudge. So much for global warming. How about global cooling?

In National Falls Minnesota, aka the Nation’s Icebox it’s -37 Fahrenheit and waterfalls have frozen. Eerie Pennsylvania first got 60 inches of snow, now it’s -30. That’s very special. We suggest that if you are a keen ice-fisher, hold off till the temperature rises to a balmy 10 or so.

The best will be those idiots who stand outside in New York on New Year’s eve waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square at midnight. They will begin standing in the frigid cold at 11:00 am Sunday morning. Can we talk? Go into a hotel lobby and watch it drop on a television.

Blanche, did you know that you paid for a $5.6 million outdoor hockey rink in Ottawa? Problem is it’s too cold to use it as there is a high risk of ‘ice chipping’. Can we talk?

An outdoor hockey rink is put up and taken down every year. It consists of boards, ice, two nets and Bob’s your uncle – it’s done. That cost $5.6 million which can’t be used now? Let’s bet Trudeau won’t skate there. Not because it’s cold, but because one of the rules is no phones when on the ice. Ergo no selfies. What would be the point he couldn’t take a picture of himself?

Good Shabbos and Happy New Year. We’ll talk…

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