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We will admit we don't often watch the CTV nightly news anchored for many years by Lisa Laflamme. Given that, whenever we did watch, we were impressed by her. She's a consummate professional, far from a drama queen and never dressed like she was auditioning to be a lap dancer. She is simply a class act.

Last week Laflamme was unceremoniously dumped. Just like that. The reason given by Bell Media is that they want to 'change viewer habits'. So who is replacing Laflamme? Omar Sachedina. Who is he? The perfect combination for the woke culture. Not white and not to dark.

What does 'change viewer habits' exactly mean? Let's guess. Oh right. The same as changing magazine reader habits. White people are definitely the wrong color when it comes to almost every ad in all the magazines we read. If you are a person of any color everybody wants you. If you are white, as Laflamme, you're out. Eventually, the pendulum will swing back to the middle, but until then the Omar's of the world will be the beneficiary of the woke culture's disdain of whities.

That didn't take long. Eric Duhaime, leader of the Quebec conservative party did quite a bit of skating during an interview we heard.

We very much like his health care policies: he would promote competition between the private and public sectors and foreign private investment. He wants foreign investors to use their financial capital, their intelligent capital, to come here" and build private hospitals and clinics. Perfect.

His stance on emperor legault reneging money from Dawson college's program which would have trained nurses and other health care workers leaves much to be desired. If anyone wants this province's medical system to improve even by an inch, we need more doctors and other health care professionals and workers.

To spite his face the dictator/emperor nixed Dawson's programs that were going to train said people? And Duhaime doesn't think that was one of the bigger loser moves? At least wait until the election is over to say something so stupid.

What the heck are we going to do now? Who are we going to vote for?

It appears that Kamala Harris's sense of entitlement has extended to her husband. While in Brentwood California he went shopping at Whole Foods and then picked up his laundry. So far so good.

His sense of entitlement kicked in when he saw nothing wrong with his entourage of SUV's parking their very large vehicles diagonally across handicapped parking spaces of said stores.

Can we talk? If anyone else did this they would get the mother-of-all-tickets, which would be well deserved. Ah, but if you are Kamala's husband you have clearly inherited her sense of entitlement and self-absorption. Do you know who I am? Feh.

Why is everyone surprised that emperor legault held a presser today flanked by no less than his Health Minister Christian Dubé, Public Health Director Dr. Luc Boileau and Quebec immunization committee (CIQ) President Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh. Quite the crew.

Ostensibly it was about covid but seriously Blanche, he could have simply issued another edict to get your fourth or is it fifth or sixth shot saying we are in the eighth, nineth or is it the tenth wave of covid? We lost count.

No, that's not why he held a press conference. It was to get his punim - face - back into the news. He has to be suffering from withdrawal from the media. After all, during covid we heard from every single day. Now? He's just a regular pierre-poutine-politician with a massive ego about to call an election.

Regarding his calling of a presser about covid...If you are still one of those in panic mode about the virus here's the scoop: You can run away and hide wherever you want, but eventually, just like the flu, everybody's going to get it.

Blanche, you can stomp and have all the temper tantrums you want. Going after Trump the way the FBI did, raiding his house and taking his passports (which were summarily returned) looks like exactly what it is. A witch-hunt.

Until someone can explain why Hillary's house wasn't raided during the Benghazi fiasco, when everyone knew she had top-secret classified information in her house, we will believe that Trump was targeted for one reason only: The January 6 hearings did not succeed in making sure he doesn't run again. This is part two of the Democrats trying to do that.

The Quebec liberal party leader Dominique Anglade is offering families $100 per child toward school supplies if she gets elected. Can someone please tell this genius that school starts in September and the election is in October? That money was spent long ago.

How about just saying that you're giving a present of $100 for every child to every family because you want them to vote for you. Anyway, it's not going to help. Fech.

We'll talk...

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