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How the Mighty Fall

Coderre has been defeated and Montreal now has its first woman mayor, Valerie Plante. Montreal joined Brexit, Trump and Macron in tossing out the establishment.

Montrealers spoke declaring they are sick and tired of the bullying, know-it-all Coderre. No doubt the $48 million lights on the Jacques Cartier bridge, $3.45 million tree stumps pretending to signify our 375th birthday, the almost $1 million gazebo for Mordechai Richler that took 5 years to build and the piece-de-resistance, the e-race that nobody wanted, nobody cared about and until five days ago, nobody knew the cost of.  It turned out that most of the tickets were given away for free and Coderre had to apologize.

The next one on the chopping block is Couillard. People are sick and tired of him and more importantly, sick and tired of his henchman, another bully,  Barrette. He best see the wall with the writing but usually, as in Coderre’s case, their egos get in the way.

One more thing. There’s no way Coderre will lower himself and his huge ego and stay on in the role of opposition leader. Our bet is that he will resign.

Westmount’s mayor is also a woman by the name of Christina Smith. It is not Beryl Wajsman who ran. Quel surprise.

Can we talk? In every single picture we ever saw of him during the election campaign he looked smug and condescending. We will hold ourselves back from being sleazy, slimy and gross. Blanche, you are really nasty.

We’ll talk…

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