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After all is said and done with the new omicron variant and in conjunction with Papa Legault’s press conference we present today’s numbers. They speak for themselves. We are not repeating Papa Legault’s edicts. That ship has sailed.

2,736 new cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 474,478; 5 new deaths, for a total of 11,627 deaths; 305 hospitalizations, for a decrease of 4 compared to the previous day; 34 new entries, 38 new discharges; 63 people in intensive care, for a decrease of 10 compared to the previous day; 1 new entry, 11 new discharges;

In case you thought life could not get more interesting, it did. On two fronts. The first is Justin’s bizarre announcement that Canada is under a travel advisory. “Now is not the time to travel”. He’s not banning you from traveling, but he’s telling you that it’s best to stay home. Oh really?

And what exactly are people supposed to do who have non-refundable tickets to, say Florida? Lose the money? Then there’s ‘You might get stranded somewhere’. What does that mean? Is that a threat? Are they planning to force people to quarantine when they arrive back home but only want to give one pill at a time?

So let’s see. You are a family of five, have airline tickets to fly to the Carribean, have already paid your hotel, half your bags are packed and… everyone is vaccinated. Now exactly why can’t I travel?

If you want to ban travel, then close the borders. This was a weasel move. but fits his modis operendi. Justin has no skin in the game so it’s easy to say anything.  If you are looking for a word to describe the above, it is confusion.

The second front is much more exciting. Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton’s name is being thrown around as a candidate to run for president on the democratic ticket if, for some reason – like he’s senile – Biden can’t run in 2024. The democratic list of who could possibly run shrank considerably in the past 18 months: …Kamala Harris’s likability poll has tanked ..Andrew Cuomo? A slimeball …Gavin Newsome? He had to fight off his own state to remain governor …Bernie Sanders? Nope. Elizabeth Warren? Feh. Pete Buttigege? He’s doing a poor job at transportation plus he has twins. …Chris Christie? He has more baggage than Louis Vuitton.

The biggest sign however, is her most bizarre reading of her losing acceptance speech last week. Clearly nothing is low enough for her to stoop to in her never-ending quest to redecorate the White House.

For someone writing a blog, if she ran again it would be an outright gift.

Then there’s the CDC’s prediction: 15,600 deaths per week. Wait a minute. Aren’t a about 200,000 people in the US vaccinated? So what was that done for if so many people are going to die from the omicron virus? This is exactly the same as our genius Theresa Tam saying last year, that 20,000 people a week would die from the coronavirus. It never happened and she was never held accountable.

Health organizations such as the CDC should have their sued off for saying such things. The last two parts of the article where this article came from are the following:

…In the UK, cases continue to grow, though deaths caused by the virus have actually decreased over the past two weeks.

…A recent South African study finds that Omicron spread faster than other virus variants, but is 20% less likely to cause hospitalization.

Here’s a headline: Nothing, absolutely nothing is gained from this kind of hysteria. And we reiterate: When nothing they say pans out no one should ever listen to them again.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to New York, the soon-to-be installed new mayor, Eric Adams is going to try to put everyone a plant-based diet.

Yup. He’s one of those who lost weight and now is promoting his smoothies and new way of eating as the best thing since chopped liver – perish the thought.

During a recent podcast focused on diet, the incoming mayor said he hopes to grow tomatoes year-round for public schools through vertical farming. He went on to say that meat, eggs and dairy increase a child’s risk of asthma, while antioxidants in fruits and vegetables limit that danger.

No less than the director of the Pediatric Allergy Program at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone said: “It’s oversimplifying a complex matter. It’s important for kids, especially from underprivileged populations, to get a healthy diet, but in terms of asthma we can’t say it can prevent or improve asthma.”

From experience we can tell you that eating bowlfuls of kale, even if they are in a smoothie (which the new mayor is telling people to do) is not for everyone. In fact, it can be dangerous to some people who cannot digest such large amounts of leafy vegetables. Without getting graphic, let’s just say one needs a loo nearby for quite a few hours.

Adams wants to start New Yorkers on meatless Mondays. Here’s our take: He is smitten – hook line and sinker by whoever is feeding him – pardon the pun – the recipes for ‘healthy’ eating.

Here’s the deal: Eat less and you will lose weight. Not everybody has to go on a plant-based diet, nor, can afford to. Especially since we keep hearing that in February the price of all vegetables are going to hit the roof.

Your Amazon deliveries might be coming in a different kind of packaging soon. It seems that they are leaving a huge plastic footprint in the ocean due to the massive uptick in people ordering online.

We can certainly attest to their over-usage of plastic. We sometimes get a small pencil bubble wrapped like it’s the starter for an explosive device. We get many other fragile items delivered from other companies that are packed in brown paper and are very well protected.

While we are far from the save-the-whales-turtles and frogs crowd, we must agree that Amazon could use a bit less plastic bubble and a bit more recycled brown paper. Blanche, do you think that Amazon is producing their own plastic bubble wrap somewhere in the world? Hmmm. Something to ponder.

Oh no. Quebec’s Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge revealed Thursday he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Blanche, do you think he will refuse, if needed, to be treated by a nurse with a hijab? Or, perish the thought, a visibly Jewish doctor with a kippah? Let’s see…No. He won’t because he knows exactly which side his bread is buttered on.

Good Shabbos We’ll Talk…

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