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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends (sing along!)

So whadda ya think? The PQ is punishing the Jewish General Hospital for standing up to them when they said they will not follow anything to do with the charter? That it basically won’t exist in their four cubits. Most likely.

One of the headlines in today’s paper was that the city’s cancer care budgets will be cut. The government has ordered the Jewish General and other Montreal hospitals to stop treating off-island cancer patients. The new rules are to take effect on April 1. Rejean Hébert, Quebec’s health minister claimed that the volume of cancer patients at the Jewish General has decreased, and therefore, its budget must be lowered to reflect this “reality.” People are told to go to their local hospital in Laval or the south shore. The health minister claims that they had just as good care as the Jewish.

The director of professional services at the Jewish General suggested that the opposite is true, saying JGH “is currently treating volumes of patients beyond our capacity, and (we) do not have the resources to continue in this manner.” Wonder who you believe, eh?

Despite this edict we can assure you that if Marois or any of her missives were diagnosed with cancer they would take a helicopter to the Jewish to avoid the traffic on the bridges or falling concrete from overpasses. They could not get there fast enough because they know that the Jewish has the absolute best care in the city. It kind of goes with the schooling of many of their children. For the ‘masses’ only French. For the ‘elite’, private American schools to get them ready to tackle the business world, whose language is English.

We have some advice for you. If you have anything but a 514 area code on Montreal you best change your number. Either that or don’t get sick.

Today there was snow in 49 of the 50 states down south. Not storms everywhere, but enough snow to count. Of course Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico have snow only in higher elevations, but still, it’s snow. Lest you think we are joking, 11 inches of snow piled up in parts of east Tennessee, even into parts of northwest Georgia. Huntsville, Ala. picked up from 4 to 7 inches of snow. No snowplows there, that’s for sure.

Blanche, remember when da infamous mayor Drapeau said “The sun will melt the snow”? Well, his wish finally came true la! Da sun will melt da snow down dere.

Did you know that Scotland is trying to become an independent country? They want to break away from Great Britain and are holding a referendum next September. Our own little princess pauline went to visit the First Minister of Scotland (that’s what he’s called there) because she is so enamored with his separation idea.

Well, today Scotland got a bit of a wake-up call. Here’s the quote: Britain warned Scotland on Thursday it would have to give up the pound if Scots voted to end the 307-year-old union with England, declaring the currency could not be divided up “as if it were a CD collection” after a messy divorce. It’s called a dose of reality. Go find a firm, tight seat belt. This could be coming to a theater near you.

No question that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is a party dude. He wants the bars to open at 6:00 am during the olympic hockey games so people can have fun while watching. Today he bet on the Norway Canada game. If Norway lost he would change his name to Fjiord. Good thing Canada won. Or, if Ford were cheering in Norwegian he would have said stor. (means great in English). There, ya learned something new today:)

An investigative program called Enquête has uncovered a money trail suggesting that almost $1.5 million in suspected kickbacks ended up in Swiss bank accounts of a former Federal Bridge Corporation boss, shortly after SNC-Lavalin was awarded a $127-million contract in 2000 to refurbish Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Let’s guess about other kickbacks say in refurbishing overpasses, underpasses, sidewalks, streets, tunnels, other bridges and anything else you can think of? The question is did these little envelopes stop changing hands or are people just finding other ways of doing business – getting by with a little help from their friends? We think the latter. It is very hard to change a culture that has been ingrained for decades with one inquiry.

Here’s something to ponder: How much money in kickbacks do you think will change hands when they build the new Champlain bridge? That project is a dream come true for lotsa people in the construction industry.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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