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I Would Like to Apologize to Anyone I Have Not Yet Offended. Be Patient and We’ll Get to You S

The dust has settled on the recent debates both here in Canada and in the US. The winner in Canada seems to be Justin because he didn’t sound like an adolescent and gave Mulcair the winner line of the night… at the right time. Justin knew his stuff well enough to wait until the absolute opportune moment to give Mulcair a major zinger.

Harper came across as a bit too stiff and, dare we use the word, haughty. He has to come down a notch or two for the next debate. He doesn’t have to act like ‘one of the boys’ but he does have to seem like he cares about the ‘little people from on high.’

The debate in the US was in fact not a debate rather a question and answer period centered around Trump. Many of the pundits in Canada have stated that we are much more tame. While they may be correct watching the US debate was much more fun. In fact, over 24 million people also thought so, the highest rating ever for any non-sports event. Enough said about this till the next one.

A final word about Trump. While he may be running a three ring circus, his message is what people are looking to hear. And that’s why he’s polling at 32%, miles ahead of anyone else. Despite his gaffes, of which there are many, he’s also touching the core of many Americans. In the end, most likely the GOP will dump him, he’ll run as an independent and not get elected. But during this process he will be keeping every other candidate on their toes.

The Hillary Clinton-Email fiasco continues to trail her. She can run but she sure can’t hide. In the latest developments, her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and her former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin (now married to the actor George Clooney), were both asked to produce work-related emails when they were employed by Clinton. Why you ask?

Well, for one thing, they would provide a method of cross-checking the completeness of Hillary Clinton’s document production. Secondly and more importantly it was widely known that Clinton was wary of email. Skeletons, if they exist, are more likely to be found in the writings of Mills and Abedin than in anything Hillary committed to “paper.” Stay tuned to this story. It’s not over by a long-shot.

And speaking of stories to watch, the third installment of the Duffy trial is back on the radar and due to resume tomorrow. This part is going to be the juicy one as Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff is due to testify this week or next. Harper is sticking to his story that he didn’t know about the $90,000 check Wright cut Duffy. Nor, he is insisting, did he say three words to Wright that many are claiming: Good to go.

No question that Harper took a bit of chance calling the election when he knew that the Duffy trial was not over. Leads one to believe either one of two scenarios: he’s completely innocent or he has the mother-of-all-egos and believes he will beat the system. Time will tell. Sunday was the year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. There were the expected riots and looting both Sunday and Monday. Thrown into the fray however is another rather disturbing influence. A group calling themselves the Oath Keepers – all former military, police and first responders — pledge to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They are the extreme of the extreme. On Sunday night they were seen walking around with assault rifles, bulletproof vests and camouflage gear.

Here’s where the gun laws in the US come into play. Missouri allows individuals with concealed weapons permits to openly display firearms, unless it is done in an “angry or threatening manner.” Now who exactly is to say when someone is angry or threatening?

This organization was founded in 2004 and claims to have over 30,000 members. Just how extreme are they? Chillingly so: They refer to Hillary as “Hitlery” and said that Sen. John McCain should be tried for treason and “hung by the neck until dead” for going “along with the program of the destruction of this country.” Welcome to America.

Rick Perry, one of candidates running for President is outta money. He’s asking his staff to work as ‘volunteers’. Let’s see, that may last about 24 hours. Toodles dude.

You most likely don’t know this, but New York’s mayor Bill di Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo despise each other. So much so that they are each legislating, at different times, laws pertaining to the outbreak of legionnaires disease which is currently hitting New York.

Those two dudes need to go into a room and work out their issues. It cannot be very comforting for New Yorkers to know that they hate each other. This legionnaires disease is no small thing and they should be on the same page, standing shoulder to shoulder assuring the people that they are taking care of this outbreak.

And speaking of New York, we were recently there and frankly found the city much dirtier than the last time we visited. Di Blasio is so busy being a tree-hugger that he’s forgetting about the basics. Where’s Rudy Guiliani? Time to come out of retirement.

We’ll talk…

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