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Canada’s procurement minister, Anita Anand has been asked over and over again what Canada paid for our vaccines. Her reply: It’s an industrial secret. Oh really?

It took less than 30 seconds to find out what the US paid for Moderna vaccines: between $32 and $37. Pfizer was less at $19.50 per vaccine. The EU financially supported the development of the BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine and has obtained a lower price per dose $14.70 than the US ($19.50). It’s not an industrial secret in the rest of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think that Justin is hiding how much he paid per vaccine because he got caught with his pants down when his genius China deal fell through in April of 2020 you are 100% correct. He didn’t secure vaccine contracts until August 2020, well after every other country had done both their due diligence and signed on the bottom line.

So, if you still trust him, we have swampland with alligators to sell you in Florida. Not only did he drop the ball, but he thinks that he’s fooling everyone by not revealing what we paid per vaccine. Is anyone out there fooled? Our guess is that we paid perhaps double what every other country did.

Justin is as slimy as they come and his procurement minister is lying for him. She better because as a woman she’s treading on thin ice in his cabinet. Mr. I-am-a feminist has no problem whatsoever to throw his women under the bus if they don’t tow his line.

Papa Legault is still trying to convince us that we need to stay safe in case the hospitals get overrun. As of this moment, there is a grand total of 514 people in the hospital with covid in the entire province of Quebec.

He is saying that places of worship are spreading the virus. No, places of worship are not spreading the virus. When was the last time you heard of even one case of someone getting covid in a place of worship? Now we’re back from 250 to 25 people in ‘places of worship’.

He’s back-tracking on high school which should have been left alone in the first place.Last week he said kids go back to school five days. Nope. Back to what it was, every second day.

If he has to backtrack on what he said last week and we had a curfew – which clearly did not make any difference – leave us alone. He’s threatening again that if we are not good boys and girls, we will have to be home by 8:00 pm, not 9:30 as it stands now.

Don’t know about other peeps, but we’re done. Don’t tell us that we’re in ‘danger’. We have been vaccinated and have had covid. We wear a mask in stores. Legault and his useless government has no skin in the game. They collect their full salaries while businesses which are forced to stay closed are closing.

Cut Papa Legault and his missive’s salaries by 3/4 and then let’s see what happens. GRRRRRRRR.

In case you were wondering if Russia has elections, wonder no more. They do and everyone knows the results before one ballot is cast. President Valdimir Putin signed a law that will most likely keep him in office until 2036. How did that happen?

He made sure that new legislation was passed that allowed him to run for two more six year terms and you can be very certain that no one will run against him. In fact, his main rival is sitting in jail right now and if he gets out alive it will be nothing short of a modern miracle.

Anyone voting for the NDP in the next election? Or maybe you voted for them in the last one. They are having their policy convention this week and some of the policies being put forward are simply off the wall to put it mildly, whether or not they make it to a vote:

…Abolish billionaires by taxing all gross wealth above $1 billion at 100 per cent. The fact that billionaires supply work for a good portion of our population seems to have eluded the NDP party. …They want to implement a $15 or $20 per hour federal minimum wage. Doing that ensures that a huge percentage of jobs that pay minimum wage will disappear putting millions of people out of work. …Israel should be boycotted and sanctioned until it ends its ‘apartheid practices’. …Our personal favorite: Establish free public transit within one year of forming government. And who is paying for this?

Jagmeet Singh is pumped up and ready to go.  Another genius in the government.

California has approximately the same amount of people as the entire country of Canada and they are aiming to completely open their economy by June 15 of this year, not 2022. To date, they have vaccinated over 20 million people. And, as of April 15 vaccinations will be open to everyone over the age of 16.

As of 11:00 am this morning, 1,592,197 people have been vaccinated in Quebec. In the entire country, a grand total of 4,527,682 have been vaccinated.

It is also interesting to note that to find that number one has to do a major search on the Government of Canada’s website. The website looks like it was done by someone who had one glass of scotch too many. Or, it was done to bamboozle anyone trying to find actual numbers. Clearly the brightest tech people are not working for the government.

If Justin Trudeau stands on the bottom of his porch speaking in that nauseating, sickeningly sweet voice one more time telling us what a good job we have done in the past year we may personally go and destroy his balcony so he can’t come out anymore. He is the most useless commodity we have in Canada. More useless than the word useless.

We’ll talk…

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