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The war in Ukraine is ramping up on a daily basis. While the rest of the world is not in the line of fire, running for our lives from barbaric, sadistic Russians, there is no doubt that this is escalating into another kind of war, one which will affect every corner of the globe.

Today the issue was that Biden said he is banning imports of Russian oil. Then the EU said they were going to start becoming independent of Russian oil as well. Putin cares about America, but not as much as he cares about his oil going to the European Union.

In 2020 the Nord Stream Pipeline was completed. Before you roll your eyes, here’s a one sentence explanation: Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline that goes from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 runs alongside the already constructed Nord Stream 1 and doubled the amount of gas being funneled through the Baltics to Europe.

So today, when Putin heard that the US and Europe were weaning itself off Russian oil and gas, he was mighty ticked off and said he now has every right to impose an embargo on gas pumping through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. That would leave Europe with not enough oil and gas to live a normal life – like no heat nor enough gas for cars and trucks.

Putin’s supposed first-class army was supposed to go into and get out of Ukraine with that country bowing to Russia within a few days. As the weeks pass and this doesn’t happen, Putin is getting more frustrated and more angry. And an angry despot is not only very dangerous, but desperate.

Add to this Zelensky’s daily talk, broadcast  worldwide, both taunting and demeaning Putin and you have a deadly recipe for economic global warfare.

We really, really hope that Ron DeSantis runs for President. He is, by far, the only normal person out there.

Today, Florida approved a law that barred bars educators from discussing sexual orientation with young students. The woke community is going out of their minds and has their pants on fire.

Thelma, this is what the bill says: Classroom instruction surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity is banned outright for students in kindergarten through third grade while prohibiting lessons on those for other grades unless they are age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.

What exactly is wrong with that? Telling Peter when he is five years old and likes to play with dolls that he has a choice to be a girl or boy is normal? No it is not and never was.

During this time of the Ukraine war, now that gas prices are off the charts, have you heard a word, a peep from AOC or Sanders or any of those other geniuses? Well, Ilhan Omar has decided that she needed to speak.

You know Thelma, she reminds us of those movie stars who think that people want to hear what they have to say, which most of the time is not worth anything. Omar falls exactly into that category. We suggest you are not eating when you read this because for sure you will be spitting out your food:

“The consequences of flooding Ukraine with billion dollars in American weapons, likely not limited to just military-specific equipment but also including small arms + ammo, are unpredictable & likely disastrous. Specially when they are given to paramilitary groups w/out accountability.”

Genius – answer this question: What are the consequences if no one supplied arms and ammunition to Ukrainians? A slaughter. She is definitely one olive short of a martini. Or one tool short in the toolbox. Or one chip short of a bag. You get the drift.

Remember this word very well: shrinkflation. That means you will pay the same price for a roll of toilet paper, but it will be smaller. That bag of chips? Same price but less chips in the bag. Shampoo will be the same price, but you’ll get a smaller bottle.

Subtle changes that you barely notice but you will be getting much less bang for your buck. It’s been happening for a few years now, but shrinkfaltion is going to become much more prominent as basic items become either scarcer or much more expensive.

So Blanche, is covid over? For sure it’s off the radar. Last week, global health funders had a deluxe, exclusive dinner and it was quietly decided that yes, covid is over. Why? Because they are now preparing for the next pandemic.

It appears that during the dinner, guests were asked (and had to answer) about the future of global health security and where the world should focus its efforts in the coming months and years.

The majority had concluded what so few were willing to say publicly in fear of retribution and because so many across the world have yet to receive the vaccine: It is time to move on from the emergency phase of the pandemic. Focus should go to shoring up billions of dollars in funding so that governments and global-health organizations can engage in massive efforts to prepare for the next pandemic.

Perhaps it’s time someone told Justin and the emperor here in Quebec that the time has long come and gone to get rid of the ’emergency measures act’ which gives them the right to, as the emperor did here, enact a useless and economically destructive curfew with zero accountability.

And we will reiterate yet again (and again and again). If one is fearful to leave their home without a mask, by all means wear one, even two if you must. But the time has come to stop tsk tsking those who are actually not afraid to live and more than that, allow others to earn a living.

Jean Charest is running for the leadership of the Conservative party. One thing we can say with certainty (and insider information). He’s backed by big money.

Would he make a good prime minister? Even with all his baggage, he’s far superior to what we have now. And what about Pierre Polivere, who thought for sure he had the leadership in the bag? It’s gonna be a rough ride for him.

Charest may indeed have baggage but he also is quick on his feet, something Polivere thinks he has the market cornered on. One thing is for sure. It’s going to be a long campaign for both of them.

Thelma, we cannot believe that you are buying women’s international day. Seriously? We think it is in the same category as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and family day.

Women need their own day? How insulting. We don’t hear about men’s international day because it doesn’t exist. Guess who invented women’s international day? The same geniuses who invented pantyhose.  Men.

Does anyone care that millionaires are fighting with billionaires? We speak of baseball players fighting with owners. As of now, this year’s baseball season has no fixed opening date.  Boohoo. Who cares?

We’ll talk…

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