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Israel is Burning

Israel is burning.

Fires are burning in the forests west of Jerusalem, around Haifa, on central and northern hilltops and in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Residents in eight Haifa neighbourhoods had been told to leave due to six separate fires.

One forest fire, maybe two can be caused by the weather. But when there are multiple fires like this, as Bibi alluded, it is arson terrorism. There is no doubt that the Israelis will find out if these fires were set deliberately. What is unknown is that if they were, will they find out who started them. Blanche will not speculate here. Rather, we will leave it up to you, our readers to come to your own conclusion. In the meantime, pray for those in Israel who, at a moment’s notice must evacuate their homes.

The Arab world is rejoicing about this. The most disgusting social media post that we saw came from the the imam of Kuwait’s Grand Mosque: “Good luck to the fires #Israel_IsBurning.” This was accompanied by a smiley face. Grotesque.

In case you thought the pope and the vatican are friends of the Jewish people, think again.

Did you know that Catholic tourist maps and pilgrimage brochures routinely omit the name “Israel”, using instead the sanitized expression “Holy Land”. What is a new thing is the following what was recently viewed on a bus in Rome. The Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi was advertising a trip to “Palestine”, “the holy land”. Israel and Jerusalem were neatly omitted.

Don’t be misled or be naive. Mr. Nice Guy Pope Francis ain’t such a nice guy if he tolerates this language.

In the 1970’s, 5,000 residents were booted out of their homes in the east end of Montreal so the CBC could put up an ugly, way to big edifice on Rene Levesque to house all the people who get paid by you, the taxpayer.

Seems the building is old and outdated so the Board of Directors of the CBC approved a new building right near the old one. Of course the transaction must be approved by the Treasury Board because, again, your it’s your tax dollars at work.

Here’s something to chew on. Did you know that the CBC gets a $1.1 billion annual subsidy from the taxpayers of Canada as our national broadcaster? Yes Blanche, you are paying for the cushy jobs there. Wait, it gets better.

CBC management, the union and a group called Friends of Canadian Broadcasting are lobbying the government for substantial increases in the subsidy. Can we talk?

One of the reasons Trump got elected was because Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pleb were sick and tired of losing their jobs while watching government dudes whistling down the street on their way to work, knowing their salaries come from the public money tree. When will this entitlement end?

Anybody lucky enough to have a house near Trump in Palm Beach Florida is certainly going to have an interesting four years at the very least. To start with they will be very happy when they discover that whenever Trump is there the entire area becomes a no-fly zone. Seems those commercial airlines were a nuisance when they were floating in their pools while drinking a martini. A dry one of course.

Coast Guard boats toured the water that surrounds both sides of the road, while a tent was set up nearby where delivery trucks were searched. Federal officials, led by the Secret Service, oversaw an array of security restrictions. The Coast Guard established three security zones for the Intracoastal Waterway and offshore areas near Palm Beach. Life, as the rich and famous new it on that coast, is over for now.

In Trump Tower on 57th and Fifth in New York, the secret service is about to take over two floors of the building. The federal agency and the NYPD plan to run a 24/7 command post out of the space that would be housed at least 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse triplex. Not bad. Seems hizzoner diBlasio the mayor of New York is not going to pick up the tab for four years of this. Hillary would have certainly been easier to protect. Oh well.

Blanche, can you hear the slow, laboured breathing of some poor soul in an oxygen mask? No? Well, you may not hear it but Clinton supporters are on life support. They just can’t let go. Her disciples  are urging her to challenge the vote count in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Come on. It’s over. You lost. Give it a rest already. We will also give them another reason to let sleeping dogs lie.

If they think that Clinton’s side didn’t pay off people, a la Obama, to go and vote, well, we’ll eat our hat. Do they want to uncover yet another Clinton scandal? We think not which is most likely why Hillary has been silent about this. Let’s bet nothing happens.

Black Friday. Seriously, who in their right mind would stand in the middle of an insane group of frenzied shoppers, pushing against a door until the store opens only to save $100 on a television or computer. Trampled, pushed, punched, bitten – sounds like a fun day. Blanche, go put on your pyjamas, sit down at your kitchen table with a cuppa tea and shop  in a civilized manner.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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