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You may not have read the special edition, but if you didn't, Blanche has been banned from Facebook. As per Justin: In response to Canadian government legislation, news content can’t be shared.

Clearly Blanche is getting under the skin of some people. We're down but not out.

Rumors are buzzing that there's another ceasefire coming together with the release of some of the hostages.

Frankly, after reading what Israel has to do, we would tell everyone to jump off a cliff and flatten rafah.

Let's start with who exactly are they are negotiating with. The 'leader' of hamas who has literally not seen the light of day since October 7. He's living like a rat in a sewer scurrying around from place to place to avoid being 'neutralized' by the Israelis.

Then there are the numbers: 40 hostages for 400 'palestinian' prisoners including those serving life sentences? WTF?

All the hostages are released or no ceasefire and rafah is flattened tomorrow morning.

Imagine if someone went to a Toronto raptors game wearing a sweatshirt that said "Save the Indigenous". Or maybe this one: "BLM". Or this one: You better call me he/she/them.

Do you think for half a second that the person would be given an ultimatum to remove their sweatshirt or leave the building?

Not on your life.

But...if you c0me into a raptors game wearing Free our Hostages with a Star of David under the slogan - clearly supporting Israel - you are asked to either remove the sweatshirt, wear a free of charge raptors sweatshirt or leave the premises.

And why is this happening?

Because people are afraid that the snowflakes supporting the 'poor palestinians' are going to be 'upset' and then trash the place or punch people, or cause a riot or stab someone or completely disrupt the game.

Why is it that peaceful people get shafted and morons like those supporting the 'poor palestinians' which is supporting hamas get to do what they want?

Here's the antidote to what happened at that game: 1000 people should show up to a raptors game wearing Free Our Hostages sweatshirts. Let's see what the security guards will do to them.

Well, it finally happened. Quebec's premier legault was seen all over North America as the complete fool he is. Everybody already knew it, but now they have actual proof.

Some background: Legault is spending $7 million of your tax dollars (and counting) on two exhibition hockey games in the hopes of getting the new NHL franchise in quebec city. In the running for said franchise and in order of the likelihood of their getting one are:

Salt Lake City as the favourite city to get the next NHL expansion team (+250 odds),

Houston (+300)

Atlanta (+500)

Kansas City (+750)

Quebec's chances according to the bookies: +1200 odds.

One more thing to know: Houston, Atlanta and Salt Lake City all have world-class arenas that host NBA teams.

Ok. Now eat this: legault decided to spend $7 million on two hockey games being played in quebec city. He wants to showcase the arena and city.

Sit down for this one, or better still, pick up a Molson: The LA Kings will play a 2024 preseason game free of taxpayer dollars in the bettors' favourite next city to get an NHL expansion team... and it's not Quebec City.

The Kings announced that the team will play their "Frozen Fury" preseason game against the Vegas Golden Knights in Salt Lake City's Delta Centre a week before our games on Sept. 23.

So we're paying $7million for the same two teams to play exhibition games while in Salt Lake city it's not costing the taxpayers one cent.

If you think legault doesn't look like a total idiot, think again. He looks like a total idiot. Unfortunately, it is at your expense.

What we are waiting for is next week's budget which they are already saying is very bad. So why, may we ask, is his government literally throwing away $7million. No accountability.

One of the reasons for the raptors game incident is this adage: when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

Because Justin and all his weakling cohorts refuse to take a stand on what happened in Israel on October 7, those supporting the people of gaza - which means supporting hamas - think it is just fine not only to shriek like animals, block roads, hospital entrances and universities - it's also ok to ban anyone that even smells like they support Israel from wherever they so chose to do so.

Because there is no leadership in Canada, no one with kahoonas to stand up and acknowledge that October 7 was an atrocity against the Jewish people - you get what happened at the raptors game.

Because two Jews simply said they want the Israeli hostages held by hamas for 144 days and counting, released - they get thrown out of the building.

There are no words to describe how disgusting this is. And we will not stop writing this:

If Anthony Housefather cannot look down, find his kahoonas and get out of that repugnant party then he has lost the privilege of speaking for the Jews in Canada.

In the if-you-believe-this-we-have-swampland-in-Florida for you, Justin promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy no less than $320 million in new military spending, which is due by the end of the year, and $2.4 billion in loans for Ukraine, to be administered through the International Monetary Fund.

Here's the real deal: Justin makes promises everywhere in the world and keeps none of them. And all world leaders know this.

What really happens is that he gets what he thinks are good photo ops then promises the sun, moon and stars. By the time he's flying home he already forgot what he promised.

Zelenskyy is no fool. We have no doubt he is not counting on anything from Canada while Justin is in power. Perhaps he thinks that if Canada offers help, other countries will follow.

Unfortunately, from NATO on down, Canada's reputation is we don't carry our weight nor do we fulfill our obligations.

Don't run and buy an electric car just yet. None other than Apple has nixed, ended, kaputed its decade long effort to build an electric car, abandoning one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the company.

Apple made the disclosure internally Tuesday, surprising the nearly 2,000 employees working on the project. Dat's a lotta people saving the planet.

Now why would they end this gzillion dollar project after ten years? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Apple was facing a cooling market for EVs. People are not buying EV's because there are not enough chargers, not enough electricity and what they are not telling you, are not saving the planet.

General Motors Co. and Ford are pivoting to producing more hybrid vehicles after confronting lackluster EV demand and manufacturing bottlenecks, and automakers across the industry are slashing battery-electric car prices, production targets and profit forecasts.

Make sure somebody passes this along to our save-the-planet-trees-turtles-kill-all-the-cars mayor Madame Plante. She's living in lala land on your dime.

If you want to understand the difference between how Jews view and live life and how arabs view and live life, click on the link at the end of this piece.

You will see thousands of Jewish teens who descended on Crown Heights in Brooklyn for Shabbos. On Saturday night they took over Times Square to usher out the Shabbos Queen.

They were there from all over the world, spending their weekend learning about their heritage, to tap into their souls, to understand how they can make the world a better place for all humanity.

We don't have to tell you what would happen if thousands of arabs or, shall we say, people of other colors gathered in such numbers. In fact, the protection for these kids was a monumental undertaking.

The only thing that happened over Shabbos was that the teens were inspired to bring more goodness into the world.

In case you were wondering, this is the way all people should be living. To love your fellow human being as you love yourself, not want to murder and annihilate them.

We'll talk...

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thank u joanie for another brilliant commentary on what is happening in this crazy world we r living in,

u bring sanity to an insane world

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