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We finally had occasion to fly on an overseas flight with Air Canada. One thing became 100% abundantly clear, without a doubt. Wearing masks on planes has nothing to do with covid nor has any medical reason whatsoever. It has everything to do with Justin's government saving face. It's not even about keeping us 'safe'. If it were, then masks would be required the instant you entered the airport. Such is not the case.

Until you board the plane, no mask is required. That means the tightly crowded gate where everyone stands in line cheek to jowl to get on the plane - no masks. Nor waiting at the gate.

The dead giveaway were the pilots and flight attendants who had to announce about 15 times to please wear your mask as it is a government of Canada regulation. It was their tone that gave them away. Not quite mocking but almost. We are forced to announce this to keep our jobs.

The kicker? Anyone over 2 years old needs to wear a mask. What f'ing planet does Justin Trudeau live on to force a 2 year old to wear a mask for 10 hours? Like the parents are going to enforce it on such a flight? The people sitting around children pray with all their might that those kids sleep on the plane. Fighting with them to wear a mask borders on inhumane.

What a crock that we have to follow this edict for no reason at all. Not one person in charge ever said put on the mask. If and when such mandates return, no one except those who want covid to continue forever will follow anything.

Yes, there was one woman who shot us a look that could kill because we sipped water to avoid the mask. No doubt she lives alone, secluded in a cabin somewhere with no social interaction and only the occasional duck to wave to. She clearly didn't want to be near anyone on the plane but could do nothing about it. Such people should simply stay home as they have left the real world altogether.

Rant over.

Well, at least someone in Canada retained their brain during covid. Jason Kenney won the Alberta election by a hair in May and decided to step down as both leader of the Conservative party and premier of the province when a new leader is chosen.

Running for that position is someone by the name of Danielle Smith. We don't know her but we already like her.

If she wins, her government would amend the Alberta Human Rights Act to prohibit employers from firing employees based on their vaccination status.

Smith said thousands of Albertans lost their jobs because they declined the vaccine and another “tens of thousands” were pressured to take the vaccine on the threat of losing their job. Companies will be pressured into implementing the same mandate this fall as federal booster mandates are looming. “This was a human rights violation,” she said.

“That’s why as Premier, our government will amend the Alberta Human Rights Act to prohibit employers from firing employees based on their vaccination status.” Vote for her.

Seems Justin is causing a serious amount of problems both here and in the USA. CABC - Canadian American Business Council has launched the “Travel Like it’s 2019” campaign, which calls on the Canadian government to take steps to alleviate travel delays and restore pre-pandemic normalcy at the border.

Imagine this is not coming from Canadian but Americans?

The CABC said that the Canadian government is not responsible for all travel delays, but there are two actions it could take today to alleviate the burden on travellers.

These actions are ending the mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app and re-opening Canadian NEXUS enrolment centres – where those applying hoping to be part of the trusted traveller program go for an interview.

CABC is urging Canadians to make the two demands in an email to their local Member of Parliament and federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra – who previously blamed Canadian travellers for airport delays.

So it's not just us that sees Omar Alghabra and Justin as complete buffoons. Quite the reputation they have.

We apologize to our American readers and know that you also have many incompetent, airhead politicians running your country. But these days, Justin Trudeau has either lost his marbles or thinks Canadians are as stupid as he is.

This genius finally addressed the #LaithMarouf scandal where is government was going to give - this time that we know of - $133,000 to combat 'racism' to Marouf. Turns out Marouf wrote many chapters in the racism book.

Nice that Justin finally addressed this but he claims he acted quickly. Which part of that word does he not understand? Quickly is acting within 24 to 48 hours at the outset. He waited a week to open his mouth.

Again we look to our MP Anthony Housefather and cannot for the life of us understand why he stays with Justin and his party. For his pension? Because Justin is going to reward him? Because all his friendly MP's listened to him when he said Marouf was an anti-Semite? None of the above. Makes zero sense to us.

If you use Twitter, here's some good news. At long last they are, very shortly, going to launch an edit button. Before that, when you tweeted something out and made a mistake - tough luck.

It is the most requested feature on their platform. Wonder why it took so long to roll out?

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. As when President Kennedy was shot, most people remember where they were when they heard this awful news. More than that however, is recalling the funeral procession with 11 year-old Harry walking stoically behind his mother's coffin with about 2 billion people watching him. We cannot fathom the 'stiff upper lip' of the British royals. It's no wonder Harry has distanced himself from his family, which is never a good thing to do. Just a sad story.

We'll talk...

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