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It’s The Old Money-In-The-Sock-Trick Back Again

We told you so. In the last Blanche report (and many before that) we said what everyone was thinking. Those doing the construction in this city have not the faintest hint of a clue what they are doing. Now we have proof.

In May some work on the new Champlain bridge had to be torn down and redone no less than five times. Why you ask? Because the materials used were not adequate. Seriously? Inferior products? Blanche, what are you saying? Didn’t we have the Charbonneau commission to put an end to this money-in-the-sock business?

After the concrete was poured the mold lost its shape, causing the pillars to crack. What a shock. A spokesperson said the team has since changed the way it makes the molds for a better performance. Keep reading, there’s more.

A short while later an engineer was inspecting a completed pillar when he noticed it was missing reinforcement steel bars. Hello?? Missing reinforcement bars? Like when a big truck would be rolling across the bridge – plop – it would eventually land in the water?

Indeed because without the steel, which is used to reinforce the concrete from the inside, there would have been a serious weakness in the base of the structure.

Who exactly is running the construction dog and pony show here? Isn’t the bridge a federal project? You better hope that they didn’t give it over to this province or we will all need to have life-jackets when crossing that new bridge. Blanche stands corrected. In our last post we used the word ‘win’ when referring to Hillary. As was pointed out to us by our erstwhile readers, it was the wrong word. What we should have said was that there are laws for the plebs and then there are laws for the Clintons. Hillary didn’t win anything. She got away with yet another illegal action.

She lied, was careless and now we find out that when the FBI interrogated her she was not under oath. FBI Director James Comey testified today before something called the House Oversight Committee that not only did Hillary not swear an oath to tell the truth before meeting with the FBI for three and a half hours last weekend, but the interview was not recorded. Blanche, what are you saying?

Comey testified that Hillary Clinton’s claims (some made under oath at a different time) about her use of a private email server were “not true”.

In October Clinton had claimed that nothing she sent or received was marked classified. Comey was asked about such claims, which she also made publicly. “That’s not true. There was classified material emailed,” he said.

On her claim that she used one device, Comey said, “She used multiple devices.” And on her claim that she turned over all work-related emails, he said, “No, we found work-related emails, thousands that were not returned.”

She’s guilty of lying under oath, lying to the American people and being consumed by her own interests.

Here’s Blanche’s question: Where was Obama in all of this? He didn’t know anything? He sent her hundreds of thousands of emails all to her personal server. He’s now running around again with his shirtsleeves rolled up campaigning for his ‘dear friend’ Hillary. Can we talk? He despises her but if she loses he’s toast as is his legacy.

If the Republican party had a normal person running, Hillary would be left in the dust. But they don’t. They have Trump who, during an hour speech last night was not able to keep on track due to a mosquito flying around him. “I hate mosquitoes.” Oy.

He spoke about a multitude of things, but very little about Clinton. A while ago Blanche put forth the suggestion that Trump would quit rather than lose the election if his poll numbers tanked. After all, he won the nomination. We were roundly criticized. Well dudes, here’s something for you to ponder, one up from our suggestion: When asked today if he would quit after winning the ultimate election, Trump smiled wryly and didn’t rule that suggestion out.

And one more thing: A while ago we set forth the suggestion that the best Vice Presidential candidate would be his daughter Ivanka. Guess what appeared in the media today? Indeed. Ivanka is eloquent, pretty, good hair, young and able to control her father. Of course that would mean that neither of them would know where to even find a pen in Washington. It’s not going to happen but it’s certainly a good idea.

There was yet another black man shot and killed by a white policeman, this time in St. Paul Minnesota. His girlfriend live streamed the event right after the shooting as people watched this man die. Something stinks very badly in the United States when it comes to white authority and black men.

Either the police are not getting the proper training or they are beyond bigoted. The guy was asked for his license and registration and was shot four times when reaching into his pocket. Seems he was stopped for a broken tail light. It also seems that he was driving in a white neighborhood, one of the toniest in all of America.

You can now bring out the barf bag as Hillary tweeted: Black lives matter. Shut-up. What the heck does she know about black lives? The only life that matters is her own. Can anyone tell Blanche why female news analysts or reporters must be half naked while their male counter-part is fully dressed with a suit and tie?

We’re talking serious cleavage, stiletto heels, dresses way to short often with thunder-thighs and outfits that belong in a nightclub. It’s sexist, demeaning, unnecessary and does not make those women look or sound any smarter. Do those running news shows think that people won’t listen to what the women are saying if they are dressed a little more modestly? Or is it that these women are told unless they dress this way they won’t get the job?

Either way we have a suggestion: the men should start wearing shorts that are way to tight on their thighs, shoes that don’t fit, sandals with socks and Hawaiian shirts. If anyone thinks that the glass ceiling has been broken, fuggedaboutit. It stares you in the face every night.

Yet another pit-bull attack in Montreal. This time young victim, a sixteen-year-old girl was saved by a good Samaritan who hit the dog with a stick. No one, absolutely no one will ever convince Blanche that this kind of dog should be a pet. Time to muzzle each and everyone of them until they are all gone.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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