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Justice is the Conscience of all Humanity

If anyone thought that after the ruling in Ferguson Missouri everyone would go home and go to sleep they must be living on another planet. The community has been itching to get out onto the street for a week, stoked by media’s continuous hype of the story. The fact that the district attorney slowly and carefully laid out the case, explaining that many ‘witnesses’ saw nothing or outright lied and said so when confronted by the grand jury, fell on deaf ears. Including the president of the United States.

About an hour after the verdict came down, Obama took to the airwaves. It was surreal as there was a split screen – half of him talking the other half showing the rioting and looting in Ferguson. He showed no leadership save telling everyone to calm down.

While the police were fending off people hell bent on destroying their own community, Obama said the following: “The fact is in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of legacy of racial discrimination in this country.”

If he wanted to stoke the flames and anger of those in Ferguson and other US cities, he spoke with utter perfection. We have other questions.

Where are their leaders? Where is Al Sharpton and what is he saying? Where is Jesse Jackson and what is he saying? Why isn’t Obama, who ‘made it’ showing some true leadership instead of continuously blaming the ‘legacy of racial discrimination’? It’s definitely much easier for each side to blame the other for the black and white issue and there are no quick fixes. What’s really pathetic is that innocent people who had nothing to do with either Wilson or Brown had their businesses burned to the ground last night. As the title of this blog aptly says, justice is the conscience of all humanity.

Oh and one more thing. It ain’t over yet. The prosecutors could try again and the Justice department may also wade in.

Here in Quebec it’s about time that the police investigating the police farce come to an end. The most recent case in point is the five year old boy who was killed when a Quebec provincial police officer, racing at breakneck speed ‘following’ someone who was under investigation for white collar crime, hit the car the child was in. It seems that yesterday an eye witness came forward, saying that she saw the whole incident and the father never saw the police car until he was hit.

The Quebec justice minister has ordered a second independent prosecutor to investigate the car crash. Good thing because this is one case where the real truth must be found and justice must be meted out.

Don’t you wonder how much it really costs to run the bixi bike business? They tell us that it costs $2.9 million a year to keep the service running, as part of a partnership with the STM. Right. In 2019 we’ll find out the true cost. Maybe.

Cordere said bixi bikes are a ‘signature of Montreal’. Really now. How about these  signatures of Montreal:  Sherbrooke, the mountain, Beaver Lake, Crescent. Since when did a bike become a signature? Especially with people riding around without helmets, sitting ducks for nutball truck drivers. Quite the signature, eh?

How about this – instead of worrying about bixi bikes, let’s talk about falling concrete from overpasses. Yes Blanche, yet another chunk of heavy debris, maybe concrete – smashed into the windshield of someone driving on Highway 40  Sunday night. It cracked the window on the driver’s side and mostly likely scared her silly. Transport Quebec is ‘investigating’. No wonder they want to focus on bixi bikes.

Not to make anyone nervous, but the season’s first big snowstorm – a nor’easter no less – is set to hit the east coast tomorrow, on the biggest traveling day of the year. It’s set to hit on the day before American thanksgiving when everyone and their uncle Harry goes somewhere to eat turkey. Right now the forecasters are not sure how much snow will fall. It’s anywhere between 3 inches and a foot. Stay tuned and stay away from airports.

There’s a university in New Jersey that doesn’t seem to know what to do with all their endowments. Kean University has purchased a $219,000 conference table. No Blanche, we never heard of the place, but they obviously have money. A spokesman said, “the table should be viewed as a ‘conferencing center’ because it includes electronic equipment, storage for the equipment and lighting, and is more than the conference table itself.” Right. Next.

Tomorrow November 26 is six years since the horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai, where Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg were murdered along with seven other innocent Jews. Who doesn’t remember sitting in front of their computer at 3:00 am on those horrible nights hoping for some good news…which never came. Ach.

Former radio host Jian Ghomeshi withdrew his $55-million lawsuit against CBC. Ghomeshi is expected to pay $18,000 in legal costs to the CBC. Quel surprise.

We’ll talk…

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