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Friday afternoon, again when he thought no one was looking, Justin and his cohorts - including Anthony Housefather who continues to be part of that government - gave $50 million to unwra - for this month and last month when he didn't give your money to hamas terrorists.

Justin did the deed and as per his usual blather, Anthony Housefather sent out an indignant tweet: "I don't agree with this."

Anthony - nobody wants to hear how upset you are. You have lost the privilege of speaking for Canadian Jews. And, we don't care how much in the background you are helping. You can give the same help from either crossing the floor or being an independent. How do we know this?

Because dude - as Justin keeps piling it onto the Jews, you continue to nod like a bobble-head, talking into the wind.

We ask again: When are you going to draw the line? How bad does it have to get for the Jews in Canada before you leave the party responsible for much is now happening and not happening? Like putting an end to the 'protests'.

It has come to light that Justin and his liberal, save-the-world idiots together with peta, have decided that the most humane way to slaughter animals - the Jewish way started over 3,000 years ago - is no longer humane.

Let's call a spade a spade. Justin Trudeau is an anti-semite. All those who put him into power should take a good look in the mirror because this did not come out of a vacuum.

Face it folks. Until Pierre Poilievre gets into power, we are stuck with this government. We hope in the next election that Justin loses everything and Jagmeet Singh is wiped off the map, never to be seen again.

And Anthony - you would be wise to read what Golda Meir said. In the end, you have to live with yourself.

Today quebec's erstwhile premier legault announced that quebec has an $11 billion deficit.

A few months ago, he announced he's spending $1 billion on the Big Owe roof and $7 million for a baseball team to play 2 games in quebec city. FYI they are playing for free in Seattle.

Blanche, is the $1 billion for the roof part of the $11 billion or extra? Who knows.

We are not discussing the budget.

Rather we are pointing out that we are now seeing the partial result of legault's delusional fairytale of a quebec nation. And to keep that fantasy going, he is making up idiotic, false statements about the decline of the french language, chasing out all business and anybody with money or brains remotely thinking about moving here.

If you are from Senegal or Haiti or the Ivory Coast and can speak french, you are welcomed here with open arms. A Jewish doctor from Texas? A nurse from Kentucky? A tech genius from California? Unless you can learn to speak french in six months, don't bother coming.

Uh, Blanche, please name me a hospital named after a Senegalese? Or a business school named after a Haitian. Or even better, a research center named after an arab.

You can't. Jews contribute to the world. The rest are parasites. What part of that does Legault not get?

He is turning out to be one of the worst premiers quebec ever had. We are thinking that even his base is now getting it.

Everybody in the world is obsessed with Kate and William. After all, he's the next king of England. Especially since Harry and Meghan are persona non grata and he's no longer the spare to the heir.

Given all of the above, people need to take a chill pill. Kate had surgery in January. It was serious enough to keep her out of commission until easter when she is supposed to resume her regular duties. Which part of that do people not understand?

The conspiracy theories were insane and spiralling out of control so head office aka Buckingham Palace sent out a statement reiterating what they said in January as above.

Nothing doing. People were crazed. To stop the chatter, the royal family posted a picture of Kate and her kids. All hell broke loose when major photos giants like Getty, AP and Reuters said the picture was doctored big time.

Kate released another statement saying she had edited the picture. Nobody's biting. The rumors are still flying. Enough peeps. Let the woman recover from her obviously serious surgery. Move along.

We have to comment on the joke that is called the liberal party in quebec. While legault is the worst premier in generations, the liberals are the worst party in generations.

That they cannot come up with a leader is disgraceful. They are functioning in amateur hour. And they will be responsible if the pq gets in next time or even worse, legault gets back in.

They cannot go into the next election with no leader. That's like sending a football team to the superbowl without their quarterback and coach. It doesn't work.

If the liberal party will not find a leader, then here's a suggestion: close your doors, throw away the key and let another party emerge from your ashes. Nobody wants to go down with your ship and right now you are on the titanic.

We'll talk...

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its shameful that we have 2 pathetic people representing us,

its also embarrassing that we cant find anyone else


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