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Justin is Running Around Africa on a Spending Spree. What a Colossal Waste of Your Money.

The Democrat party has painted itself into quite the little box which unfortunately for them has no exit.

In one corner they have Bernie Sanders, an openly socialist/progressive democrat which the country is certainly not ready for nor wants. Plus his ‘spokespeople’ are even more radical than he is, i.e. AOC.

In another corner you have Pete Buttigieg whose picture appeared on social media kissing his husband. The country is definitely not ready for an openly gay president.

In another corner you have Elizabeth Warren whose latest edict is that she wants to break up Amazon. She’s just too out there, has a lot of problems telling the truth and could be gone after the New Hampshire primary.

In the old-folks corner you have Joe Biden who is just too slow and too confused to be the president. He said it himself: If he is the nominee he will choose a young vice-president as he could die on the job.

So who’s left? Michael Bloomberg? An unknown on the west coast who has tons of baggage coupled with the fact that Americans absolutely do not understand someone spending close to a billion dollars on his campaign.

In a nutshell, the Democrat insiders are having conniptions.

This year’s academy awards got possibly the worst ratings of all time. Why you ask? Because the genius actors, whose job is to act and not be politicians, promoted left-wing politics all the way from criticizing Republicans to quoting Karl Marx’s communist manifesto telling workers of the world to unite.

Here’s a headline for these very entitled people: You want to live in a communist country, go with Bernie Sanders, create your own little country and do what you want.

But if you live in the United States, which is the reason you are allowed to spout these idiocies at all, then shut up.

And while we are on the subject of Bernie Sanders, in September he said he would release his medical records for all to see. Guess what? He’s not releasing said medical records for anyone to see.

One wonders how much more aggravation the Queen can take. Her favourite grandson, Peter Philips has separated from his Canadian wife Autumn who he met in Montreal at the Grand Prix in 2003.

It appears that Autumn is not a happy camper (in any season including autumn) and is the one who instigated the separation.

On another royal note, Prince Andrew of Jeffrey Epstein fame, turned 60 and basically hid under a rock for his birthday.

A video showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous ripping up Trump’s State of the Union Address has gone viral, racking up tens of millions of views. In response, Pelosi and her minions are attempting to pressure social media platforms to take it down.

Guess what? They are not listening to her. Of all the things this woman has done, acting like a petulant child on television could rank in her top 10 of dumb things.

It’s one thing to be quarantined on a ship for two weeks. At least you have an end in sight. It’s another kettle of fish to be on a cruise ship with over 2500 people and be refused to allow to dock by so far five countries.

Such is the case with a Holland American luxury liner. They have been refused docking rights from Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Guam and now Thailand.

The passengers have no idea when they will be able to dock, nor when they will run out of food. So far they have been very good about their plight. One woman said she was learning how to fold bath towels into decorative shapes while others have put together cycling classes with instructors. Our guess is it will take another week or so before the passengers start going stir crazy.

In case you were wondering where our illustrious bearded Prime Minister is, we’ll enlighten you. He’s spending your tax dollars running around Africa trying to get  despots and dictators to vote for us for the seat on the UN Security Council.

Never mind that the native Canadians have blocked the trains running from east to west across the country. Who cares about some yahoo in Sarnia trying to get to Edmonton. Boring. Justin would much rather be hobnobbing with people who shoot their enemies.

You might also ask what benefit Canada gets from being on the security council. We’ll tell you. No benefit for us. The benefit is for Justin’s ego.  Lest you think we are kidding about his spending of your money, read this:

$1.9 million was spent on marketing costs for this seat, plus the salaries and expenses of 13 government employees appointed to work full time on this bid.

There is no doubt that millions more of your hard earned tax dollars will be spent until the June election in the UN General Assembly for a seat that provides zero benefits to Canada.

Clearly those who vote for him don’t care what happens to the money they give the government.

We’ll talk…

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