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As the second days of Passover begin tonight and we will be offline (until Saturday night), Blanche is coming to you earlier than usual today. Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.


There is a big gefuflement over the wearing or not wearing of masks in the USA. A Florida judge ruled masks do not have to be worn on airplanes etc, while Biden wants them to be worn.

We did some investigation. To be fair, there are endless numbers of graphs and charts regarding the wearing of masks and if they did any good. We chose one from a reputable author by the name of John Tierney. Feel free to google him. You will find he is experienced, honest and fair in his reporting.

Eleven states never mandated masks, while the other 39 states enforced mandates. The mandates typically began early in the pandemic in 2020 and remained until at least the summer of 2021, with some  extending into 2022. Here in la belle province, we have yet to drop the mask mandate.

The cumulative rate of infection over the course of the pandemic was about 24 percent in the mandate states as well as in the non-mandate states. Their cumulative rates of Covid mortality were virtually identical. In fact, there were slightly more deaths per capita in the states with mask mandates.

The media’s favorite experts kept predicting doom for states that never mandated masks, like Florida. Or states like Iowa that ended the mandates early in 2021. Their policy shift was denounced as “reckless and delusional” in a Washington Post article headlined, “Welcome to Iowa, a state that doesn’t care if you live or die.”

Over the course of the pandemic, both Iowa and Florida have done better than the national average in measures of Covid mortality as well as overall excess mortality (the number of deaths more than normal from all causes).

Germany was the mask capital of the world, with over 80% wearing masks. Sweden on the other hand was called the Covid villain for refusing to lock down or mandate masks.

The result: From the start of the pandemic through this spring, the cumulative rate of Covid mortality has been slightly higher in Sweden than in Germany (by about 15 percent). But the excess mortality rate – which is a mortality increase during a specific period, in a given population – was higher in Germany. Ergo, the mask mandates in Germany produced no net benefits.

In the next few years, much more information will come out about all of this.  We are venturing a guess that just like the masks, much of what was forced upon us and our children was  unnecessary.

English Montreal media is panting all over a guy by the name of Balarama Holness who seems to be starting his own Quebec provincial party to counter the CAQ. You may recall his name as he ran for mayor of Montreal and lost.

We can’t quite figure out why he garners so much attention. In his last bid at a run for office he failed miserably and was accused of being a control freak.

Our guess is that he wants to be picked up by a federal party and is hoping that all the media attention will get him noticed. It doesn’t hurt that he’s not a white Christian if you get the drift.

Hold on to your chair. Bernie Sanders, who is now 80 years old, said he might run for president again if Biden doesn’t. We can’t wait.

FYI the ticket could be Sanders for president, Hillary for Vice President. Blanche – run and hide.

Steven Guilbeault is Canada’s environment minister. His appointment was received like the second coming. Lest you think that Mr. Guilbeault is sitting idly by and twiddling his thumbs, think again dearies.

Mr. Guilbeault is very busy saving the Western chorus frog (see the above picture). Ottawa has issued emergency orders to stave off immediate threats to this species, including by halting construction projects in southern Quebec. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

These are your tax dollars at work with Justin continuing to try to fool everyone that he’s saving the planet. Take away his private plane and then we’ll talk.

While we are not lovers of Ukrainians, we cannot help but notice how Putin is trying his utmost to repeat history.

There are about 1000 people trapped in a steel plant in Mariupol. Men, women and children. Putin refused any kind of ceasefire. Instead, he has surrounded the plant so no food and water can get in. He is trying to starve those people into submission, as the Russians did in Leningrad.

Where exactly is the United Nations? Isn’t their mandate to be the peace keepers of the world? Aren’t they supposed to be able to go in and save those people?

The answer is yes, but the reality is that they are impotent. Countries – Canada included – who continue to support the UN are literally throwing their money down the toilet.

Justin admitted publicly today that Canada is having a lot of difficulty getting Afghans who helped Canadians to freedom. “You know the Taliban controls the area.” Really? Good morning.

Justin could care less about those people and never did. It was Canadian bureaucracy that kept those Afghans from getting out when they could. Justin did nothing about it then and he is still doing nothing about it now. He is so full of it that his eyes are turning brown.

On Sunday April 24 France will be holding its second run-off election. Their system is complicated. None of the 12 candidates secured more than 50% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election on 10 April.

As such, the two main contenders, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in a second round of the French presidential election this Sunday April 24.

Emmanuel Macron is seen as a centrist, representing the Republic on the Move (En Marche) party and attracting voters from the right and left. He is viewed as arrogant and elitist but redeemed himself a bit during the current Ukraine war.

Marine Le Pen is from the far-right National Rally. She is the head of a party that long housed Nazi collaborators. Le Pen is an authoritarian with deeply racist and Islamophobic politics. She may pretend to be a regular politician, but she remains as dangerous as ever. Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen was a virulent anti-Semite.

Though Marine Le Pen claimed she is not like her father, in 2017 she refused to accept France’s culpability for the Vichy regime’s role in the Holocaust and in a campaign poster appeared to make a gesture associated with neo-Nazis.

She is a very dangerous woman and everybody best start praying that Macron, with all his warts, wins this election.

Good Shabbos, Happy second days of Passover We’ll talk…

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