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It turns out, Justin lied right to your face. It came out today that in fact, Canada is sending another $40 million to hamas (bringing our total amount given to hamas to $100 million) in 'aid' to 'organizations' that are helping people in the Gaza Strip after pausing funding to the UN's relief agency for Palestinians.

Our International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen called out "inflammatory rhetoric" from Israeli government officials about the forced displacement of those who live in the besieged territory.

"Throughout this conflict, we have centred our decisions on the lives of innocent civilians in this conflict,"

Oh really? Does this jerk know that thousands of Israelis who lived in the south are displaced? Does he know that the Israeli government is taking care of all their needs? That they are not beholden on the world to take care of them? That they are not wailing to the cameras?

You will read further down that Anthony Housefather got back his parliamentary secretary position. He is a royal suck-up. That he, as Jew can stay in that party is absolutely disgusting. Shame on him and shame on Justin.

And then there's the anti-Semite Madame Valerie Plante. Those are her true colors and she really did give the Jews in Montreal the middle finger.

She decided today that the agglomeration council won't act on the antisemitism complaint by Mayor Jeremy Levi whose aide was ambushed by arabs at a recent agglomeration meeting.

Not only that, she has no problem with 'citizens' - read hijab wearing, shrieking, arab women - coming to the agglomeration council to exercise their free speech - read in-your-face anti-Semitism— even though they were spewing lies and they completely crossed the hate-speech line.

We hope this goes to the supreme court of Canada.

hamas is rejecting every plan offered by Israel to release the hostages they are holding. Men, women, children and babies. Let's call a spade a spade.

If hamas releases the hostages, all the leverage they have on Israel is over. Israel will then have zero reason not to bomb the manure out of every tunnel.

The UN via unwra is complicit and was physically part of the slaughter of men, women, children and babies in Israel on October 7 and for decades of financing hamas.

The un must be eradicated from the earth along with hamas. The building in New York should be converted into small apartments for the thousands of illegal immigrants Biden is allowing into the USA. At least it would serve a purpose.

There is now solid proof that the 'head office' of unwra in gaza took not just some, but all the monies delegated for the 'poor palestinians' and gave it to hamas.

At least Justin finally realized that if he didn't stop giving money to unwra he would actually be exposed for the fool he is.

Almost every muslim in Justin's cabinet disagreed with the ICJ's decision not to force Israel into a ceasefire.

The world is just not getting it.

Unless the woke-liberal morons are ready to be subjected to sharia law, and queers for palestine bought every parachute known to man as they will all be tossed off any standing building in almost any arab country, they best wake up and start supporting Israel.

hamas made their objectives crystal clear. Israel is the first country to be eradicated from the face of the earth and then they will move on until the world is governed by sharia law. What is there not to understand about that?

The world needs a leader.

You can be very sure that Anthony Housefather is now staying attached at the hip to Justin. He was just re-appointed as a parliamentary secretary, this time to Treasury Board president Anita Anand.

He got booted from his last post as a parliamentary secretary for voting against his party's support of quebec using the notwithstanding clause to force bill 96 down the throats of anglo quebecers.

Time will tell what happens to Anthony staying with Justin who never, ever came out in support of Israel after October 7. The voters in his riding will have to decide that.

Papa legault cannot be very happy. Nor by the way are any Anglos. It appears that because the liberal party is, for all intents and purposes, gone from the face of the earth, the good old parti quebecois has taken over the lead in the polls in quebec.

For starters, at least we know what they stand for: the nation of quebec. legault stands for the same thing but doesn't have the kahoonas to say so. Which is one of the reasons he's the most disliked politician in all of Canada.

His moronic ministers just keep saying ridiculous things - like people working in the liquor commission (SAQ) are no longer allowed to say bonjour hi. They must now just say bonjour. Like that's going to make a difference to french canadian teens learning english watching Netflix.

We have evidence of someone walking into an SAQ store and - perish the thought - the person working there said the dreaded word hi. Mercifully, nobody imploded or died.

legault's endless nitpicking at the anglos, the universities and anything that sounds English in quebec is taking him down. Nobody cares about that.

People want to put food on their table, have a roof over their head, maybe drive a car, put clothes on their backs and just live. They don't care about who speaks what here. Perhaps with legault's numbers in the terlit he will finally flush drainville, dery and all his other mindless puppets down the drain once and for all.

And speaking of people who need to be deported, Ilhan Omar should be both deported and expelled from Congress where she represents Minnesota's 5th district. She would be very happy, or so it seems, for the US to be governed by sharia law.

Until of course she couldn't go out without her five-year-old brother accompanying her. Then you can be very sure she would be shrieking as most muslim women seem to be able to do so well, at the top of her lungs -'it's not fair'.

In case you didn't know, and you probably don't, over 100,000 people in Minnesota speak somali. Which is why this past weekend Omar made a speech - in somalian - in a hotel somewhere in Minnesota. What did she say? Here ya go.

She said that her top priority is to put Somalia first and expand its territory. "The US government will do what we want, nothing else. They must follow our orders. That is how we safeguard the interest of Somalia."

Omar is one of those hard core nationalists - for Somali. She spits on the US and as such should be deported to her fifth-world country. The kicker?

Somalis living in Minnesota can't stand her. They are very happy living in America and would rather she shut her mouth rather than draw unwanted, negative attention to their community.

In the quebec-sais-faire - quebec knows how department - not - the brand new, billions of dollars driverless electric light-rail system had four breakdowns in four days last week.

Seems the new rail system, like our old Italian Fiat (which bit the dust) doesn't like cold weather.

Did no one try this system in cold weather? Did anyone buying the parts explain that we have winter here? Did those buying the parts for the rail system know what they were doing?

Wait it gets better. When the system breaks down, the french canadian geniuses who built this rail system can't fix it. May we humbly make a suggestion? Never mind. We're making it anyway.

Hire a little Jewish guy to fix your system. In five minutes the problems will be solved. Seems the Jews were born with brains. Blanche, that sounds a bit racist. Suck it up peeps.

We'll talk...

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