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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Reading different horror stories of people trying to fly and failing miserably, losing their luggage, waiting in endless security and other lines, missing flights with no one to talk to, unable to obtain a passport – this goes way way past a worker shortage. Scare Canada aka Air Canada is now the worst airline in the world. Toronto’s Pearson Airport is to be avoided at all costs.

While covid caused most of this, the attitude of the government – who controls all of the above – is beyond incompetent. Airports are federal buildings. The federal government is responsible for them. They are 100% unaccountable. If those who work for the government – including Justin – were in the private sector, they would have been fired long ago. Instead, they shrug, hide behind a computer, don’t answer their phones and keep collecting their salaries.

We can’t say if the conservatives were in power things would be different, but it can’t be worse than what we have now – a nitwit entitled spoiled brat who passes himself off as our prime minister, his witless finance minister Chrystia Freeland and meaningless transport minister Omar Alghabra. You know Blanche, all these ministers are called the Honourable so and so. They didn’t earn that title and they certainly don’t deserve to be called the honourable anyone.

We are beginning to think that Great Britain has it right. Boot out the whole lot of them with no salaries, no bonuses and no pensions.

One can only guess what is going through the mind of Pascal Dery. She has decided to not only run on emperor legault’s ticket, but she said that she completely embraces Bills 21 and 96.

When asked by Le Journal de Montréal about the controversial Bill 96 language law, Déry maintained that companies must conform. “The place of French, that is not negotiable. It is the common language of Quebec; the official language. I am here to defend that language.” Special. Never mind that the language of the rest of world in business is English. A mere detail.

She is clearly a shrewd politician because the logical place for her to run was the forever liberal-held D’Arcy McGee riding, left without a candidate when that genius David Birnbaum quit. However, the head of the liberal party Anglade has yet to choose a candidate for that riding and Dery clearly didn’t want to be associated with a party about to lose all its clothing.

Our takeaway from all of this: Dery is an opportunist and Anglade is a loser.

Heathrow Airport is a huge mess. Stay away. Given that, they actually used their brains and have told airlines to stop selling summer tickets and imposed a daily limit of 100,000 passengers departing the airport.

Clearly somebody’s home there, seeing what is happening and actually taking some action. Whereas our irrelevant transport minister, Omar Alghabra has disappeared or when he is around, is completely ineffectual.

Yesterday there was a meeting of the Canadian premiers about our dismal and on the brink of a heart-attack health care system. Where was Justin? Not there. He was in Montreal as you can see by the picture, eating on a terrace on De L’Epee in the plateau. He looks as far from a prime minister as possible. Chilled, entitled, very very cool.

He doesn’t care one iota about our health care system. Our guess is that he has already checked out and will not be running as the leader of the Liberal party in the next election.

Here’s one for the books – any book. The World Health Organization (WHO) is updating its gender mainstreaming manual to include new wording that states “sex is not limited to male or female.

Really? What else is there? If you are not a male, then you are a female. If you are not a female, then you are a male. If you are confused, there are still only two options. This is biology 101. What else is there?

Democratic cities were jumping for joy at defunding the police. Whooping, rioting, hollering, burning buildings – you name it. Well guess what? There are now consequences for such actions. Starbucks is closing 16 coffee shops in major cities due to safety concerns. Six locations in both Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California, will close their doors permanently, as well as two locations in Portland, Oregon, and one location in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. It is to be noted that Seattle is where Starbucks started.

Workers do not feel safe at work. Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., have witnessed surging crime over the past two years. As of last month, Los Angeles and Washington were on pace to surpass their homicide totals seen in 2021. The woke culture strikes again.

Tonight you can sleep well. The federal government says it is now prioritizing temporary travel visas for people seeking to attend the International AIDS Conference in Montreal at the end of July. This is mainly for Africans who are clearly black people.

The move comes as the head of the African Alliance health rights organization slammed Canada for bidding to host the conference and spending millions of dollars on it without making sure all attendees would be given a visa to attend. Visa offices have now been sent lists of conference invitees and are being told to prioritize their temporary travel visa applications.

Where’s Justin? This is a perfect opportunity for yet another apology tour. “I’m so very sorry that because you are from Africa you couldn’t get a visa. We love black people” – said the prime minister who painted his face black at least three times. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

If you need an ambulance and don’t have pull, get to the hospital yourself. While Justin was having dinner on a terrace and the premiers were discussing the failing health care system, people were calling 911 for an ambulance to no avail. One woman waited seven hours for an ambulance until she finally died. Yes she was 91 years old and yes urgent Sante knew that. So we are guessing that they decided that she was low priority because a) she lived long enough or b) she was going to die anyway. Infuriating.

That 24 hour outage from Rogers communications is as bush as it comes. Thelma, you know that some people still don’t have proper service? Why was there no redundant power, always located far from the source? Does anyone really know what happens to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Who is going to pay for all the money businesses lost? Where’s Justin? Sitting on a terrace having dinner.

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