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Would you look at that? David Johnston, Justin's handpicked, one-of-a-kind-lacky chosen to be his rapporteur extraordinaire, has resigned.

Johnston cited the intense politicization of his appointment and work as the reason for his upcoming departure at the end of the month. Really? How about he should have said no from the get-go?

Where does that leave Justin, aside with egg on his face which he could care less about? We'll tell you. He now has to call a public inquiry into foreign interference of our elections.

The big question is which judge would preside over such an inquiry? One retired judge said he doesn’t know anyone who would touch this file with a 10-foot pole because it has become so highly politicized.

We will remind you that in 2015, Justin and his minions promised to make officers of Parliament more independent and the appointment process more transparent. That little promise garnered the scrapping of the advisory committee on vice-regal appointments and none other than Justin's appointment of the previous governor general - Julie Payette - who left in disgrace. She turned out to run her office like the wicked witch of the west - basically a control freak.

Seriously peeps - whoever votes for Justin is doing so because he has nice hair and a pretty face. There can simply be no other reason.

Our pretty-boy Justin said that it is climate change that is responsible for the Canadian forest fires wreaking havoc, choking American cities with dense smog. Turns out, Justin has not the faintest hint of a clue what he is talking about. We heard an excellent interview with a forest person, someone who knew what he was talking about. Here ya go:

There is something called controlled burning, also known as prescribed burning. It involves setting planned fires to maintain the health of a forest. This process gets rid of the kindling on the floor of the forest so when there is a real fire, there is no fuel to keep those fires going.

These burns are scheduled for a time when the fire will not pose a threat to the public or to fire managers and are crucial to preventing massive, uncontrolled forest fires.

It turns out that in Canada these controlled burns have been few and far between, way, way less than is needed. Therefore, there were and are mountains of kindling sitting on the floor of many, many forests. Dangerous amounts. Ergo, when the most current fires began, they had tons of little bits of wood to make them stronger and keep them burning longer.

These fires have nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with, as the forestry professional said outright: Justin's demented lefty climate change bs. Controlled burns are integral to proper forestry management.

Our pretty-boy prime minister has no idea what he's talking about and for once, the rest of the world can see this with their own eyes - if they can see through the smog.

We did a deep dive into Trump's latest indictment and may have to take a step back in what we previously said.

Before doing that we will reiterate that Hillary Clinton should have also been indicted as what she kept a server - which also had top secret documents - in a closet her house. There is something called justice for all. In this case it's justice for Trump but not Hillary.

Now for Trump: It appears that some of the documents he had went well beyond the top secret department. There are other categories that the US government has that they don't want their enemies to know about. And it is those documents that Trump kept.

For example, there is something called TK or Talent Keyhole. That refers to intelligence from overhead imagery. For example, if they are looking at a terrorist target, do they have such good visibility that they can count the hairs on their head? Can they see what they’re eating for breakfast on their terrorist patio? Those are capabilities that they don’t want their adversaries to know that they have.

Given that, one has to wonder what Hillary had in her possession in her house - not in a safe place - while she was an active Secretary of State? And she walked away unscathed?

Something is very wrong in the US right now. Our guess is that what is happening to Trump is going to energize him, bump up his numbers and get him loads of money, as even republicans who don't like him cannot possibly tolerate this clear division of justice.

One thing we can say with certainty: Trump is 100% dominating the airwaves, papers and social media. You don't hear a word about any other candidate. For Trump this is gold. For the others - nasty.

There are some streets that are able to handle bike lanes. Then there are others where bike lanes create extreme hazards for both pedestrians and drivers.

There is a street in our neighborhood which, in the best of times was not the widest. In their total lack of planning and less than zero wisdom, in fact idiocy, the city put bike lanes on both sides of a street called Bourret and allowed parking on both sides of the street. Which means that cars are basically parked in the middle of the road.

Has the mayor of the borough of Cote-des-Neiges-NDG - Ms. Gracia Kasoki Katahwa even seen that street? Has she tried to drive east or west with cars parked on both sides and barely room for one car? Did anyone putting up those bike lanes even checked out the street?

Does she know a woman was killed there last week? Where is this beauty? Hiding like Valerie Plante? Asking 80 year-old seniors to bike to pick up their laundry and food?

We are putting her email address here for you to send her a letter explaining how everything in this city is done with less than zero planning or foresight and what she is going to do about it.

Blanche, did you know that Canada is rolling in money? That we have so much extra money that we are able to give $500 million to Ukraine, merely a part of 'our' $8 billion commitment to them?

Here are a few questions: If we have so much money, why are we paying such high taxes? If we have so much money, why does our own military have to use a mixture of civilian vehicles, military vehicles, pickup trucks for their military exercises? Where are the armoured vehicles?

And what about the shortage of housing all across Canada? No money for that? Or how about upgrading our medical system which is third world quality in many places?

Our liberal, save-the-whales-turtles-socks-trees pretty boy prime minister loves to use climate change to blame for the forest fires which is a complete crock and loves to give away money to the underdog so he will look good. He's gross. Don't vote for him.

And then there's Target, who, instead of staying in their lane and just selling clothing and whatever else you can buy there, tried to foist the woke culture on people who just want to shop and go home.

Since when does one need a political statement to help them to buy a pair of socks?

Obviously, many people don't as Target’s market value has fallen over $15.7 billion, they had 13.9%-drop in store traffic the final week in May and their stock dropped another 0.4% on Monday.

People in their advertising department - clearly with no knowledge of who shops in their stores - thought it a good idea to put the word queer on baby sleepers and rainbow colors of the lbgtq+2... community on many, many other baby and kids clothing. Really?

Target didn't end it there. Oh no. That wasn't enough of a political message. They also displayed "tuck-friendly" women's swimsuits in children's sections. Those swimsuits are made for men who want to wear women's bathing suits but need an extra, shall we say, pouch at the bottom? This is for kids?

Billy-Bob and his wife Lucy won't step foot in Target for a very long time. Let's just say Target - pardon the pun - completely missed the target.

So far, Walmart has been very quiet about all of this, no doubt picking up all of Target's customers. We are guessing that they are watching the show and learning exactly what not to do.

This was the headline in one of Canada's leading newspaper articles today: Opposition parties warn Trudeau against delay, demand public inquiry on foreign interference.

Oh really? If you want fake news this is it. Like Jagmeet Singh is going to bite the hand that feeds him - Justin Trudeau - and call for a motion of non-confidence forcing an election. Never will he do that.

Ergo, that article headline is false. Warning Justin? And when he doesn't heed their warning and says he will call for an inquiry when he's good and ready? What happens then?

We'll tell you. Nothing.

Justin will take his sweet time finding the elusive judge to head said inquiry and by that time, he will call his own election.

We'll talk...

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On the Trump topic,

While we knew before and have learned now that the handling of classified information by top executives has been problematic, what makes the Trump case special are the following points: 1. he denied it

2. he tried to claim that he was allowed to

3. he is recorded flaunting the documents

4. he tried to move and hide documents

5. the government had asked for the documents back a year before the raid, and he steadfastly refused to return those documents even though many people knew they were there

... these are just a few of the points.

Biden, Pence, Obama... basically everyone who has been caught with documents since (and presumably before, which is why it…

Replying to

I admit that the Democrats have been zealous in their quest to thwart Trump and that has helped him in the process, at least with 'the base'. But I also believe that Trump is an existential threat both to the Republicans and to the USA (and there are receipts!). He was impeached twice, as we know; once for trying to extort a world leader and once for inciting an insurrection (I dare anyone to prove that he isn't guilty of either).

Based on my reading, that effectively means he committed a crime or did some unbecoming of the office of the President, and it's up to the Senate to decide if what he did was bad enough to remove him…

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