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Blanche, do you think that Justin has bodyguards? You know, people to protect him when he's getting into or out of an elevator with some of his staff?

We are not overly fond of Chrystia Freeland, to put it mildly. Given that, as Canada's foreign minister and deputy Prime Minister she was given zero protection? When did Canada become one big kumbaya moment? Does no one know that there are nutballs out there, carrying guns no less.

To allow our Foreign minister to walk around la-di-da like the world is one big happy family is to be living like an ostrich with your head in the ground. It's time for Justin to grow up and take responsibility for those who work for him instead of pretending that everybody loves him and his cabinet, which is clearly not the case.

Yesterday we were given a personal interview with the leader of the Quebec Conservative party, Eric Duhaime. He graciously gave us 30 minutes of his time and responded intelligently, logically and with grace to the questions we asked.

Our main bone of contention is his refusal to address Bill 21. His explanation softened our view of him. As well, his very clear and realistic take on what is really going on in this province is a breath of fresh air coming from a francophone. He actually sees the forest for the trees.

Czar legault's modus operandi is to divide the population thereby camouflaging the real issues we are all faced with. And like a deceiving fox, he slyly uses his personal pitbull Simon Jolin Barrette to do his dirty work. Duhaime sees this clearly.

Our healthcare system is a disaster. Pray you never have to go into an senior home. You know that czar legault has refused to engage in an English debate, despite the fact that there are over a million English speaking people in Quebec. What a pompous you-know-what.

Regarding bill 21, we posed the following to Duhaime: There are no atheists in a foxhole. If he or anyone of his family were ill and the only doctor to treat him was a kippah-wearing Jew what would he do? He said of course he would accept the care. So what about Bill 21?

His philosophy is that we live in a democracy and here in Quebec, right now, the majority favors a secular society. Was is created by the czar legault to deflect away from other issues? Absolutely. And because that is the case right now, Duhaime said he will deal with this issue when and if he gets elected.

He told us that in going door to door daily, he hears that language is way down on the list of what people care about. Like at the bottom. People talk about the price of gas, about having to wait months if not years for medical care, about feeding their families with the prices of food rising all the time, they fear losing their homes due to high interest rates caused by insane spending by other governments.

We spoke about the other fringe parties. His take was very interesting, citing the fact that by going out on their own they have distanced themselves from the majority and nothing will be gained by them having one or two seats - if they even get that. We agreed with him.

He also made an excellent point about the two separatist parties who may disappear after this election. Imagine that? The political landscape is going to be very different after this election. We told him that we don't believe the polls that the czar is running away with the election, citing what happened when Trump won. No one told the pollsters the truth.

Czar legault is an arrogant bully and while he has a strong base, we are betting it is not as strong as the polls are indicating. Why? Because even in the 'regions' who vote for him the healthcare system is dissolving. They also have to wait months and months to see a doctor or have surgery. It's a lot easier to just say you are voting for him when called then start a whole conversation. Time will tell.

Take a good look at Duhaime. As far as we can see, he's the most logical and best choice for the English community. The liberals threw us under the bus then ran us over thanks to David Birnbaum, so they are out. Read this carefully: the liberal party doesn't give a rats about the English community. They care only about getting back into power and as you saw, will do or say anything to do so.

The rest of the parties are inconsequential. Nobody is perfect but as far as we can see, Duhaime and his conservative party are the best option we have right now.

What we want to know, after reading this next story, is the following: Does Justin have the faintest hint of a clue what is happening in Canada? The pathetic truth is he doesn't want to know. It's a bore

This past Sunday Justin ever-so happily launched Canada’s 'first-ever 2SLGBTQI+ action plan', in an attempt to build a future where everyone in the country is “truly free.” What? You didn't know Canada was not truly free?

The plan wants to give direct funding to community groups to improve the overall well-being of the 2SLGBTQI+ community in Canada. What are you saying Blanche? Speak English.

Justin is very very worried about minorities and therefore is encouraging the use of the 2SLGBTQI+ acronym, which stands for Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and additional sexually and gender diverse people. Now you get it?

In other words, if you fit into one of those above categories, run - don't walk to get funding so you can be truly free. From what? From living in a free country?

Can someone please, very quickly, nominate Justin to run UNESCO. Then he can take care of all the indigenous, the 'poor palestinians, the 2SLGBTQI+ people and then the whales, trees, ducks and finally, once and for all deal with the real issue of the world - climate change and cow emissions. The rest of the issues are for the little plebs of which he is not one.

In Monday's mini Montreal Gazette, in a very small, very innocuous page was this little ditty: Montreal takes all electric buses off the streets.

Why? The batteries overheated. And when will said buses be fixed? "In a few weeks" said a spokesperson.

Now chew on this: Quebec is set to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 as it aims to meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. It also wants to have 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

Here's something else to chew on: California is going to ban the selling of gas powered cars by 2035.

How easy is it to make these asinine statements? By 2035 California will have about 40 million residents. Right now they have the highest car registration in the US with over 14 million cars. Do you think their electric grid is going to be able to charge, by 2035, about 20 million cars overnight every night? Not a chance.

No difference here. We do not have the electrical infrastructure to sustain what these genius politicians are asking. Not only that, ask who is making all the car batteries? A Chinese company. And now ask how they make those batteries? In coal fired plants which of course causes massive climate change or global warming - take your pick.

There is less than zero logic here, all starting with Montreal's electric buses which clearly cannot be properly maintained.

And finally, all the politicians who are making these extreme, ridiculous statements will be long gone by 2035, not caring a hoot about 'climate change' or 'cow emissions'. Yet another moo.

Blanche, if you want to know why people despise politicians and no one believes a word of what they say, just listen to President Joe Biden.

Mr. Defund the police said today, and we quote: "When it comes to public safety in this nation, the answer is not defund the police. It’s fund the police."

Oh really? Now you want to fund the police? Last year you wanted to take all the police away and replace them with social workers and speech therapists to deal with domestic violence. What? It didn't work? What? Crime in California is out of control?

You do know people are running away from places like Seattle and Portland that defunded the police? People can't open their downtown businesses due to the homeless population that took over the streets. No police there peeps.

There are no words for how empty and worthless Biden and his bleeding heart democrats are.

Can someone please tell the Royal Bank of Canada that all covid restrictions were lifted last year?

We went into one of their branches to obtain a new pin number for a credit card. What we saw was jaw-dropping. Chairs twelve feet apart with massive plexi-glass around each chair to keep you 'safe'. Tellers were spread out on the floor like anchovies on a pizza.

The Royal Bank is spending gzillions of dollars to rent space to keep everyone socially distanced from each other when social distancing ended last year. Clearly those in the upper offices have nothing to do with what is happening on the ground. We are also guessing that those in the upper offices are the ones we see driving alone in their cars with masks on.

We'll talk...

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Canada has NO lock on stupid politicians. The US is in just as bad a situation as Canada and the left is too ignorant to even care! G-d help all of us, if He is in today!

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