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Justin’s Sense of The Right Thing At the Right Time Left the Station Without Him.

Here’s the issue with Trump: Last week when that Egyptair fell out of the sky, Trump said the following: Planes don’t just fall out of the sky. Pilots say something if there’s a problem with the plane. This was a terrorist attack.

To say that he was lambasted would be the understatement of the year. In the end of course, he will most likely be proven right. So what’s the issue?

The media and politicians have an order as to how to feed the public information. Trump doesn’t have such an order. He says what people think and often, how things play out. Honestly, who thought that anything else happened to that plane?

On the other hand, if he were the president, he could absolutely not say that in public. He has to play the game so he would either have masking tape on his mouth or have his handlers keep him isolated or learn self-control. We choose the middle option.

In case you didn’t know, he’s basically tied with Hillary, so it could very well be that he will be sitting in the White House next May. Someone best get a holding room ready.

We’re a bit on the prudish side when it comes to intimate things, but we would be remiss if we did not write something about that lowlife Bill Cosby. What an gross human being. Blanche, you do know that he admitted in a deposition that he gave women Quaaludes to have his way with them while they were unconscious?

Over 50 women have come forward thus far and today he was finally told he has to stand trial for what he did to one of those women. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations ran out on the rest. Hopefully justice will be done and the fact that he’s a ‘movie star’ will have a minus effect on the outcome.

In the space of two hours, over $12.8 million was illegally withdrawn from 1,400 ATM machines in Japan.

Each card was used only for a single transaction worth around $914, but the grand total was just under $13 million. So how long did this take? The thieves started withdrawing cash on Sunday, May 15th, at 5:00AM, and completed the entire process just before 8:00AM targeting cash machines in Tokyo and 16 other districts.

Why didn’t the banks figure out what was happening? Ah…Because it was a day when banks were closed and the cards used belonged to a bank in  South Africa. They had enough time for the members of the gang to leave Japan without being in any danger of getting caught by police. Whoever planned this is very, very smart.

Montreal’s construction festival is well underway as is the tourist industry. Unfortunately, the geniuses who make the signs telling people about detours etc have a pea for a brain. One pea, not two. People who exit the subway in Old Montreal are met with a massive ugly, noisy mess and virtually no signage as to which way to get their destination.

Here’s a memo to our big-mouth mayor: Stop worrying about caleche drivers and getting baseball to Montreal and start concentrating on tourism which brings in money to merchants who are taxed to death and buried in bureaucracy.

Yet another display of PDA – public display of affection by Sophie and Justin. In case you missed it, we encourage you to get the small barf bag before looking at the front page of the National Post.

The two love birds are gazing lovingly into each others eyes as they walk off the plane on their visit to Japan. Ah, but while giving each other googoo eyes, there is an honor guard standing at attention watching.

Can we talk? We’re sure they are very much in love, but there’s a time and place for everything. That was not the time nor the place. If the public is looking to our prime minister to give them a real time reality show, well, they have found their stars. For those however, looking for a leader and Prime Minister, well, you’re gonna have to wait a few more years till the next election.

The US admitted 80 Syrian refugees on Tuesday and 225 on Monday, setting a new single-day record, as President Obama surges to try to meet his target of 10,000 approvals this year — sparking renewed fears among security experts who say corners are being cut to meet a political goal.

Officials insisted they’re moving faster because they’re getting better at screening, and say they’re still running all the traps on applicants. Spare us.

If ‘officials’ can’t get people to their planes on time due to insanely slow security checks, they are certainly not getting better at screening anybody. Obama is a left of left of left liberal who thinks he’s saving the world by letting in people who could very well turn out to be terrorists.

Remember – not every muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim. Not vetting those people properly is asking for trouble which, if materializes will be after Obama is gone from office and he’ll blame the incoming president for being a neophyte.

We’ll talk…

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