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Before we start with the machinations of Justin, we felt right from the get-go everything he is doing now is so in-your-face desperate that the only moniker we could find for him is...

a frantic drama queen. Now read on...

Anthony Housefather - the time has come to cross the floor.

For years you worked like a dog for Justin. He was never ever giving you a cabinet position and you accepted that. Your reward instead? He threw you a bone as a parliamentary secretary.

Your bonus for staying loyal to the party, to him and working like a dog for him? You got fired. Demoted. Why?

You were not afraid to speak the truth. Yes Marc Garneau also did, but he left the party while you stayed. What more do you need to figure out that Justin cares for one person - Justin.

Right now he's a desperate man trying to hold onto to power. Get out Anthony. You will be elected no matter who you run for. The difference is with the conservatives you will most likely get a cabinet post.

If you believe for a nano-second that Justin didn't hold onto the fact that he says - and we mean he says - that Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar was murdered on Canadian soil by someone from India - and didn't know months ago - then you need a pill.

This is a desperate move by a desperate man.

Justin knew about this months ago and held onto to it until now - when he's looking to change the media channel away from Poilievre. Now he thinks he's looking like a hero?

No. You are looking like someone who is grasping at any life-jacket you can find to hold on to power. It won't work. People with half of half a brain can see through this.

And if he did know why did he sit on this? Why didn't he say something until now? What was he waiting for? We'll tell you: Now is when he is falling like a stone in the polls so now is when he wants to look like a hero.

Justin briefed the US and Great Britain about this recently. If we were them, we would call his bluff. If this was so important then he should have said something before. And if it wasn't so important then guess what? Even the senile Biden can see that Justin is a dufus. An airhead. The emperor with no clothes.

We think is that this is a bluff and it's not true. We hope that Justin gets exposed for what he is: a frantic politician whose time is up and who will do or say anything to keep himself in the big office. Pathetic.

As for the other moves Justin is pulling - calling in heads of the huge grocery chains and dropping the GST from new rental housing - again desperate moves from a drowning man.

You know Blanche, instead of leaving - stepping down and allowing someone else to take over and perhaps have a chance of winning, Justin is such a narcissist, he can't bring himself to do this. He would rather take the party down with him.

Time for a party revolt. Let's see who has the kahoonas to start something and come up with a new leader - not Freeland and not Anita Anand. They are too closely associated with Justin and his self-serving, do-you-know-who-I-am personality.

Here's an idea: Someone set Justin up with a university somewhere as a drama teacher - which is what he is. He would feel right at home as he really never left.

A Texas middle school teacher has been fired after assigning an unapproved illustrated version of Anne Frank's Diary to her eighth grade reading class.

It seems that Anne Frank, after hiding in an attic for 25 months, getting caught by the nazis and murdered with her family, was a bit to graphic about genders in her diary and the school board in Texas took great offense to that. You can't make this stuff up.

Peeps - the world has gone to you-know-where in a handbasket. People wielding power have not the faintest hint of a clue about history. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

If they did, then Anne Frank's diary would be required reading for every young child - to see what happens when people like their school board think they are all powerful.

Here's a headline: They are not only powerless - they are brainless. Influenced by uneducated, tik tok watching adults who wouldn't know the real thing if they fell into it.

We happened to be driving on one of the already narrow streets Madame Valerie Plante deemed necessary to have a bike lane, forcing cars to park far from the sidewalk.

Here's the headline: Now, without snow, when someone wants to park, they hold up the entire street causing a huge traffic jam. And if it is, shall we say, a driver with a hat and from another country, it could take a good three minutes for him or her to maneuver their car into their space.

Meanwhile, the lineup behind him or her keeps growing. Now factor in a snowstorm where the streets are not cleaned properly - if at all. Said driver is going to take 10 minutes to a) shovel out his spot and b) get into said spot on snow and ice.

Anybody - anybody who votes for this machsheva - witch - again deserves to live on those streets with two cars and no inside parking.

We'll talk...

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