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This was the headline in London's Daily Mail yesterday:

" 'Drunk' Canadian PM Trudeau slammed as a 'tone deaf embarrassment' for singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II's state funeral."

Anyone who tries to dismiss what Justin Trudeau did in London on Saturday night - and that includes CJAD - is part of the same woke, entitled, self-absorbed liberal scourge that is part of our society. The word adult does not exist in their vocabulary.

The Daily Mail in England was sent a video capturing Justin in a bar happily singing along with Gregory Charles on the piano. This took place about an hour after he attended - with his Canadian delegation which you paid for to go to London - a state dinner with many other heads of state on Saturday night ahead of Britain's most solemn day in living memory. The article said he was drunk but that has not been confirmed.

People in England were incensed. The entire country was in mourning which is why people lined up for 24 hours to spend less than a minute paying their respects to the Queen. Justin is completely tone-deaf. He wanted to have a good time and that is all that mattered in his very little self-involved world.

Justin is very lucky the Queen was not his mother as there is no doubt he would have received a serious tongue lashing for his immature and tasteless behavior.

The best line we read from an Englishman, which sums up Justin's behavior is this: 'It’s an unbecoming, undignified display and completely inappropriate given the circumstances and his position.'

Justin Trudeau has embarrassed us all as our prime minister. End of story.

Colin Standish of the Canadian Party of Quebec needs an oxygen mask and after he gets his breath back, someone can teach him how to speak in public.

He doesn't take a breath when he talks. Here's a tip: An 8 minute radio interview is enough time to get at least two points across. There is no need to talk like you are auditioning to be a cattle auctioneer in Oklahoma.

Take a breath, let people digest what you are trying to say and go on to the next point.

More on the royals. Many websites are saying that Harry was snubbed during his time in London. For example, he wasn't allowed to wear his uniform at the funeral. Here's our take on this whole thing:

The person to point the finger at, from the get-go, is Oprah Winfrey. Instead of counselling a young couple that the interview they wanted to do with her would have devastating results, she helped them dig a deeper mess.

As always, it's follow the money and this time the money leads straight to Oprah. Harry and Meghan were the big losers here and if they decide to publish their tell-all book, whatever relationship they may be trying to mend will, for all intents and purposes, be over. Sad.

Joe Biden announced that covid is over. Anthony Fauci disagrees with him. No kidding. He based his entire reputation on keeping the virus alive and well. Like Aaron Derfel who lives and breathes covid and all those covidians who still isolate themselves lest a germ get them.

Here's a headline: You are going to get this virus no matter where you run and hide, no matter how much you try to isolate yourself. Covid is now tempered, millions of people are vaccinated so getting it is no longer a death sentence unless you are severely compromised.

Last week the WHO said the pandemic is practically over. Fauci must be eyeing another plumb job somewhere, which is why is is protecting his reputation.

Could someone please send Biden's memo to Justin and ask him for the medical reason we still have to wear masks on planes? We are betting that Justin will have no choice but to drop the travel restrictions or face more ridicule from the rest of the world. Unless of course he still craves attention - good or bad.

Election day in Quebec is rapidly approaching, which doesn't always bring out the best in the candidates.

Dominique Anglade, erstwhile leader of the Liberal party has said that even if she loses she will not step down as leader. Oh really? Let's bet that five minutes after the election results are announced she's gone. She's also delusional as per her ads saying they always opposed Bills 96 and 21. Should we send her the link to where David Birnbaum added to Bill 96 making it worse? Which by the way is the reason he is hiding in his basement now.

And then there's czar legault, smugly obnoxious because he knows he's going to win. Unless there is a serious opposition party, watch out. He's going to let loose on anglos and immigrants like it's nobody's business. You didn't vote for me? You'll see who's boss.

Which is why we were so against those fringe parties taking votes away from the conservatives - the only logical vote away from the liberals. Waste of a vote to put your x on any of those parties.

We have said this over and over, Rick Leckner is moaning about it constantly: There is less than zero organization when it comes to where and when road construction is done in different neighborhoods in Montreal. Less than zero.

In our area, every east-west road leading to a main artery is closed or half-blocked resulting in endless, constant backed up traffic. To add insult to injury, half the time no one is working on the closed roads. Where are these geniuses? They have been at this in our area since July and are far from finished.

Do they not see that if they block every road in one area, people cannot get in or out? Is there a reason why they can't start one road, finish it, and move on to the next one?

Can anyone answer why they have to rip up too many roads for the amount of people working, then leave massive holes for days on end while they tear up another road and leave that one?

Whoever is in charge of fixing roads and infrastructure in the city of Montreal has a brain the size of pea, and that's big. You can thank Valerie Plante, mayor of Montreal who clearly doesn't give a rats you-know-what about how incompetent her workers are.

A final point on Justin. Lest you think we are exaggerating, here's something to ponder: Every picture that you see from everywhere in London is solemn, serious and thoughtful. Except one. Our immature prime minister.

And the biggest question of all: Why is the Canadian media protecting him when he is being eviscerated in the UK and USA and truly is an embarrassment to us all?

We'll talk...

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