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Canada voted against Israel at the UN today. Never, ever believe he is a friend of the Jewish people. He is not. He's a woke, liberal, fool. A ceasefire?

Why doesn't he ask hamas why they won't release a 10 month old baby they are holding? Or doesn't he even know that piece of information?

He never watched the video of hamas savagely, brutally, murdering men, women and children. We are guessing that like the CBC he wants to remain 'neutral'. He had no idea what he was voting for or agains in the UN.

He has not a clue what he is doing, is ill prepared and doesn't know his history. He is an embarrassment to both Canada and the free world.

Melanie Joly is a moronic excuse for a foreign minister. They make a perfect pair and this is what is running our country.

One down, two to go. We speak of the three beauties who call themselves heads of schools. A couple of days ago, UPenn's head Liz Magill resigned. That leaves Harvard's Claudine Gay and MIT's Sally Kornbluth.

They are now claiming that they were what is termed 'lawyered up' before speaking at that hearing last week where they were all asked the same question: Is calling for the genocide of Jews against the codes of conduct of Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania?

All three women responded the same way: that it depends on the context. And all three gave hamas free publicity. How jaw-droppingly ignorant can they be? Clearly, off the charts ignorant.

All of them have lost both their humanity and common sense. If they could not tell their lawyers that responding to a simple question about murdering Jews is not a legal question, rather a basic human question, then they all need leave and never be seen again. Alas, in that world, we are in a minority.

They become so caught up in their own perverted woke, liberal universe that they cannot see the murder of babies and children is an atrocity.

Instead, they feel the 'pain' of boys and girls who have trouble figuring out which bathroom to use or which pronoun to be called. Or side with losers who 'take a knee' and won't stand for the US national anthem. And if you dare challenge them, you are called out as a bigot, a racist and xenophobic.

Unfortunately, Magill is back teaching at UPenn. If you give money there, stop. It is a deplorable, disgraceful institution that should implode along with Harvard, MIT and all the other institutions that call themselves 'higher places of learning'.

UPDATE ON HARVARD AND GAY: Harvard has made it abundantly clear that they have no need for Jewish money as the board unamiously sided with Gay and she will keep her job. It seems they have over $60 billion in their coffers.

Know this: If black people were attacked and threatened with lynching, you can be very sure that Ms Gay would be shrieking from the rooftops that was racism. It would not depend on the context of the lynching.

The institutions of so called higher learning in the United States of America are a farce and they are all in a very ugly, perverted place. That Harvard unanimously supports Gay is profoundly outrageous and revolting. And make no mistake - they are absolutely, in-your-face anti-Semites.

After the Queen died and Charles took over, the transition appeared, on the surface to be seamless. Alas, such is no longer the case.

We always thought of him as a rich, eccentric nutball, a bit of climate change maniac, but hey, he needed something to do. Alas, he has not disappointed us in the wacko department.

He chose, as the head of his royal medical household, a role established by his mother, Dr Michael Dixon, 71, a fan of homeopathy and christian healers. Seriously? Yup.

This dude, a semi-retired GP believes in the power of alternative medicine and has even suggested such therapies might be able to cure cancer.

You will now not be surprised to know that King Charles was appointed patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy in 2017. Dr. Dixon believes and has written papers suggesting christian healers may be able to help chronically ill patients, despite this being an 'unfashionable' assertion.

In another paper he referred to an experiment that suggested Indian herbal remedies which had been 'ultra-diluted' with alcohol might be able to cure cancer.

Can we talk? The Queen clearly knew what she was doing by living such a long life. Instead of the 70 years his mother spent on the throne, Charles may get about 15 good ones. Long enough it appears, to royally (pardon the pun) screw things up.

It is now documented that the CBC - specifically the heads of the CBC - made a corporate decision not to watch the unedited screening of the videos hamas took as they were savagely massacring Jewish men, women, children and babies on October 7.

Why? They want to remain 'neutral'.

The CBC is an infected, rotten, stinking place that needs to be erased from Canada. They should not be receiving one cent of our tax dollars because they are part of the best friends of hamas club.

Here's the bottom line: If one does not come out and say October 7 was a holocaust for the Jewish people, then you believe they deserved it. There is nothing in the middle.

CBC is disgusting and blatantly anti-Semitic.

The hysterical polls in the US are saying that Biden would lose to Trump big time. They are also saying that if Nikki Haley ran against Biden she might win.

We will remind you that the polls predicted Hillary would beat Trump. In fact, they were 94% certain of that. You know what happened there.

It is too early for polls and they mean nothing. But...

It is not to early for - get ready for this one - Hillary to take on a larger role in Biden’s re-election campaign. If you think people are taking this lying down, think again. Political pundits are saying - and rightly s0 - that this seriously unpopular woman is not going to do much for Biden.

She is intensely disliked by the basket of deplorables who voted for Trump and guess what? That's a lotta people. In the end, we hope she does take a very visible role. That would make Nikki Haley look like she is - normal and honest.

Legault and his collaborator Pascale Dery need to disappear into the night and never be seen again. We speak of their ridiculous, unwarranted doubling of tuition fees for international students.

Last week McGill issued a veiled threat that it may move some of their departments out of the province. Papa legault didn't like that one bit. How dare they come up with something to trump his genius idea.

"We have to stop seeing French going down in Montreal so we need their help. They are open to give French lessons so Pascale (Dery) continues discussion with McGill and Concordia.”

They are open to give french lessons? What a crock. And Dery is making them grovel? And they are groveling? We have no words.

Dery is a traitor to her own people. Legault is a fool to think that those institutions would lie down and die so he can look good to the separatists.

In the grand scheme of things, legault is taking a great place to live and trying his very hardest to ruin it for everyone. That will be his legacy.

Happy Chanukah

We'll talk...

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