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Justin Trudeau’s Very Slippery Slope

Our illustrious Prime Minister Trudeau is on a very dangerous path. A couple of months ago, we wrote about the Liberal government’s edict on the student summer job applications: If one does not favour abortion and tick off a box indicating so, one’s application is rendered incomplete.

Justin’s Minister of Employment Patty Hajdu said, when confronted by religious groups whose beliefs do not allow them to believe in abortion, tough luck this year. We will look at this issue again next year.

This is a very slippery slope Justin is skiing down. What are people going to do when he decides that in order to receive your social security check you have to tick off a box agreeing to assisted suicide? What or who can stop him from doing that?

The answer is no one. Liberals believe that it’s their way or the highway. There is no room in their little heads for any other ideas. To those who keep supporting him – good luck to you. One day, it’s gonna come back to bite you.

It’s now official. Democrats are saying that Hillary Clinton has to make a disappearing act. Her idiotic tours, a la India are killing her party and not allowing them to move forward. Quel surprise. She and Bill could be the two most selfish people on the face of the earth, blaming everyone else but themselves for why they are not living in the White House.

She doesn’t let up whining about losing the election and her poll numbers are dropping like a stone. It appears she’s taking the Democrat party with her.

She is a real piece of work, as we have been saying for the past two years.

Ever hear of smart speakers? They are those little devices sitting in people’s homes on a table or in the kitchen. You just say hey google or if you have an amazon speaker, hey Alexa and ask away. This little thing can answer almost any question from the weather to who was president in 1982. But, as with all new inventions, there’s a downside.

It seems that 40% of Brits feel that these smart speakers are spying on them. So much so, that they alter the way they speak when the devices are turned on.

That staid old magazine, Good Housekeeping, came up with a temporary antidote to this fear: First thing is to mute your little machine. This stops the digital assistant listening for its wake word – the word or phrase you have to to say before you ask it a question.

Second thing is there is a rewind button and you can erase anything you said. And finally, make sure you have a strong password so no one can hack you. This hack would give people access to all of your data. Good luck.

Ever hear of free-range chickens? Well, in Utah they just passed a free-range parenting law. Yup. If you think your kid is wise enough to take a bus home from the mall at 5 years old, go for it.

Maybe something will happen to your child, but hey, who cares about that? Kids need to assure their independence. Can we talk?

Free-range parenting? Let’s call a spade a spade. Helicopter parenting is no better. So somewhere in the middle, oh, let’s say a place called common sense, is the target. People in office must be mind-numbingly bored to think up such a law.

You know that Saudi Prince who met with Trump last week, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman? Well, it appears that he and his entourage took over the entire Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, lock, stock and barrel.

Let’s start with the Saudi flag flying alongside the American flag outside. Moving into the hotel, there are containers of sticky brown dates on each table in the cafe. The bar is dry, a wall of champagne bottles stretching up to the ceiling untouched, a nod to the fact that alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia. Uh Blanche, can we talk? Do you really think they are not drinking in their rooms, away from prying eyes? No kidding. But we digress.

It gets better. There are so many Saudis on the delegation, numbering in the hundreds, that the Plaza can’t hold them all. The rest are at the St. Regis and Four Seasons. Rich or poor, it’s good to have money.

Denis Coderre, Montreal’s erstwhile mayor, has a few new jobs, the most recent one as ambassador of the Jewish General Hospital.

This is a win-win situation. The JGH wins because there’s no doubt Coderre has some spectacular contacts who can and most likely will fork over some serious money. Coderre wins because when he gets sick he will be in the one of the best hospitals in North America.

Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the opposition Labour Party in Great Britain. Corbyn’s predilection for associating with extremists, whose uniting feature was their hate for Israel, has let the anti-Semites out of the bag. Since 2015, under his watch, there have been countless anti-Semitic attacks on social media.

This past weekend, staid British Jews, who prefer to voice their opinions in the quiet of their kitchens, had enough and took to the streets. Highly unusual.

While Corbyn denies being an anti-semite, there is hard-core proof that this is not the case. There is a Facebook group called Palestine Live. It emerged that Corbyn had been a member of the group, a number of whose members have posted Holocaust-denying or anti-Semitic material. Corbyn did nothing to denounce these posts.

Following the protest, Corbyn is anxious to meet with leaders of the Jewish community. Unfortunately for him, they are not anxious to meet with him. Perhaps the following will complete this picture:

Corbyn’s detractors point to his association with Paul Eisen, a Holocaust denier, his defense of Reverend Stephen Sizer, who shared materials online linking Jews to the 9/11 attack, and welcoming visitor Sheikh Raed Salah to Parliament, who has allegedly used the blood libel — the false accusation that Jews have murdered Christian children to use their blood in rituals.

Corbyn needs the Jewish vote in England but with any luck he will never get it.

Have a happy Passover We’ll talk…

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