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A few weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon when he thought no one was looking, Justin sneakily and 'moistly' said that the funding to protect Jewish schools and institutions had dried up.

Yesterday, although he tried to hide it, it came to light that even though he said he was not going to fund unwra any longer, he is about to give them $50 million. Unwra actively took part of the October 7 massacre, rape, murder and taking of Israeli hostages.

Why is Justin taking our money and funding a terrorist organization? Where is Anthony Housefather's voice now? Sending out communiques?

In case you were not aware, Anthony is Co-Chair of the Interparliamentary Task Force on Online Antisemitism. Got that? He also alerted the Members of the Justice Committee that he will be tabling a motion to do a study on antisemitism focused on college campuses.

Anthony, you play the game perfectly. We just want to know where the line is drawn that as a Jew you can no longer support Justin?

Now for a place that is not afraid to act.

The Florida legislature has unanimously passed a bill to formally define antisemitism, a move aimed at strengthening the fight against prejudice towards Jews in the state. 

The bill highlights the widespread recognition of the importance of addressing antisemitism, both as a specific issue and as “part of broader societal challenges. It aims to provide “law enforcement” and government agencies with a clear guideline for identifying and acting against antisemitic acts while safeguarding free speech. 

It symbolizes Florida’s commitment to opposing hatred and bigotry and strengthens the bond between Florida and Israel, echoing shared values of resilience, justice, and peace. 

Three cheers for Governor Ron DeSantis, a leader with a clear head, not afraid to speak the truth, no matter what the consequences may be.

It took a loud and proud Jewish lawyer by the name of Neil Oberman (aka Oberman the doberman) to take care of the 'protests' against Jews in Montreal.

On Tuesday a subpoena was granted to keep the 'protesters' 50 meters away from the most visible Jewish institutions in Montreal.

Neither Toronto nor Montreal can rely on the police to protect them. And why is that?

For starters, let's unpack why hamas supporters got to stand in front of the Federation building, while the Jews were pushed across the street.

Simple. Madame Plante could give a rats ass what happens to the Jews in this city and so she's giving no directives to the police.

But wait. Isn't that her purview? To work with the chief of police and decide how best to protect the citizens of her city?

Indeed it is, but Madame Plante has chosen to remain invisible, silent, blind and mute. Radio silence.

And in this case, silence means only one thing: compliance with hamas and their supporters.

The fact that her anti-semitic colleague Manai Brochu is still in the same position after going to the anti-semitic march on October 8 where death to the Jews was chanted says it all.

We're on our own peeps. We have G-d and now Maitre Oberman.

How could a group like Just for Laughs go bankrupt? Follow the money honey.

The company is 51 per cent owned by Bell Media and Montreal event promoter Evenko/Montreal Canadiens, while Los Angeles-based talent agency Creative Artists Agency owns 49 per cent.

Wait. We're not done. You also contributed to keeping them alive as both the provincial and federal governments kicked in millions and millions of your tax dollars.

What happened to all the money? Gross mismanagement? They took on people and paid them exorbitant salaries? Oppressive overhead?

In the end, this is yet another financial blow to Montreal. Hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, coffee shops, bakeries - will all be affected by great numbers of tourists who will not be coming to Montreal this summer. Pathetic.

Anthony Housefather just posted the following in his newsletter.

...My view is that we absolutely need to step up to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza and that we should not be providing the aid through UNRWA.

Then he sent out a communique with Marco Medicino that said this:

...We are deeply troubled by the allegations that unwra employees were involved in the October 7 hamas attack on Israel.

...We have recommended to the federal create new new vehicles of humanitarian aide that will meaningfully reach the civilians of gaza.

First we are taking umbrage with the word allegations.

There are go-pro cameras showing unwra employees taking part in the October 7 massacre. Allegations? The Israeli Defence Forces released a video of an UNRWA teacher boasting of his involvement in the Oct. 7 attacks.

Given that, Anthony is correct. We should not be providing aid through unrwa.

Ah, but has he read the news in the past few days? Does he not know Justin - his leader, the one whose policies he cannot live without, is about to drop another $50 million on unwra?

There was a press conference scheduled for yesterday but suddenly cancelled. Could it be Justin doesn't want egg on his face again?

We ask again: If Anthony doesn't agree with how Justin is handling what can only now be his 'Jewish problem', why is he staying in that party?

Unrwa are terrorists. Animals. Vermin. They are part of hamas. They took part in the October 7 massacre. Anthony, your leader is siding with them, even if he backs down on the $50 million. Which part of that sentence keeps you married to the liberal party?

There is no doubt whatsoever that the office de la langue francais has the luxury to ignore what is happening in the rest of the world.

All they know is what they talk to each other about. They live in a mental midget bubble.

Did you know they spent your money on yet another study that examined the use of French as the language of the workplace in 2023. The results are going to burst the bubble they live in. We bet they are buying rations to keep themselves alive in their bunkers for a year.

Here's what they found: Workers in Montreal are less likely to serve customers in French at least 90 per cent of the time than those in neighbouring regions.

Did those dufuses ever stop to think that Montreal has more tourists than in, oh say, Les Éboulements, a municipality across the river from Notre-Dame-du-Portage? Did they ever stop to think that stores just that want to sell their goods. Do the owners care if they speak to you in French or English? No. They want to make the sale.

Did they ever stop to think that the language of business in the world is English?

Quebec bureaucrats are a very special breed. They live in an ivory tower, collect their salary from you and make up shtuss sheba shtuss - lie upon lie. Useless terds.

Your tax dollars at work.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...


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Great report again.

BTW, it’s actually spelled “doofuses” and “turds.”


good shabbos to you,

re anthony housefather,

his only interest in his political life is being paid a very good salary for ass-kissing justin, and his huge pension he will collect while sitting on the beach , taking retirement,

shame on him, he could have done so much good for the remaining jewish community in montreal,


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