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Well that was certainly embarrassing. Both the Prime Minister and the Governor General arrived late for the Remembrance day moment of silence  in Ottawa. The party line from the RCMP was a report of a suspicious package near the National War Memorial and their motorcades were delayed. However… no civilians were evacuated from around the war memorial so was the package only suspicious for Justin and the GG and not the 85-year-old veterans and school children present? It was ok for that package to potentially blow up with all those people present but not Justin and the Governor General?

And what exactly was Justin trying to prove by wearing a mask outside today when the entire time he was at the COP26 conference in Glasgow he was maskless? Come on. Seriously? Something stinks with this whole story.

What is happening now in New York City could only happen with a black mayor. In essence, he has called the bluff of black lives matter and they are having a massive temper tantrum. Shootings and other crimes have been spiraling out of control since blm started the defund the police bs all over America. There’s a new sheriff in town, his name is Eric Adams and he served on the NYPD  for 20 years, so guess what –  he knows what’s flying.

He has unequivocally stated that New York City Police Department’s anti-crime units will be returning. Blm doesn’t like that and has threatened riots and bloodshed. The brother and sister duo of Hawk and Chivona Newsome, founders of blm said “We will shut the city down. We will shut down City Hall, and we will give him hell and make it a nightmare.”

Extra special those two. And how mature are they? This is what they do if they don’t get their way? Threaten people with riots and bloodshed?

As most people have already seen, defunding the police does one thing – it increases the crime rate in whatever cities have done this. Seattle, NYC, LA. As well as increasing the crime rate, the homeless situation in those cities is off the charts. Good for Mayor Adams for standing up to these people.

The elephant in the room of course is that because Adams himself is black, they cannot accuse him of racism or calling them the n word.  Nor does he have to bend over backwards to appease people like Kapernick-mr.-kneel-for-the-national-anthem. At last someone with kahoonas.

This next piece is not good news. In fact, it is what people feared all along during covid – companies rolling out things without fully checking the results – long or short term. The Australian medical technology company Ellume has recalled over 2 million of its at-home COVID-19 tests over potential false positives.

Ellume has investigated the issue, identified the root cause and has  implemented additional controls. According to them… “Importantly, not all of the positive results of the affected tests were false positives, and negative results were not affected by this issue.”

True but how many thousands of people had to be isolated, not go to school, shop or have any contact with anyone for two weeks – for nothing. Sorry, those tests were rolled out way, way too fast. Money talks dudes.

Which is of course exactly what those who don’t want to be vaccinated say about the vaccine. The long term effects are not known. This incident will definitely make them dig their heels in even deeper.

Does Joe Biden know what is going on around him? We are beginning to think that he is completely oblivious aka close to being senile, if not already so.

The first case is the southern border crisis that is simply never ending. While the US is busy vaccinating their peeps, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are flowing into the country – at Biden’s invitation – and not getting vaccinated. Does he understand what he is doing? Clearly not.

The second pathetic issue is the US’s exit from Afghanistan which was confusing and shameful. The US had ample time to get those who had helped them over the past 20 years out and they did nothing of the sort. Never mind leaving behind billions of dollars of vehicles and weapons.

The third issue, if Biden even knows about it – is the quickly rising inflation in the US. This is going to affect everyone in the place where they will feel it the most – their pocketbook.

When the price of gas triples, when a cucumber costs $3, when the price of meat quadruples, when Americans can’t eat what they want because they can no longer afford it, well, Biden can’t hide behind anyone.

It is at that time that we will know if he’s really what people think he is – the front guy for many other people running the government. Our guess he is. His reactions are just too slow.

The premier of Quebec, Papa Legault needs a history lesson. Ignoring Remembrance day because he lives in the ‘nation’ of Quebec? The reason he can live in the ‘nation’ of quebec is because English people fought in WWII so we could live freely. Is he trying to revise history? Or pretend WWII didn’t happen? He looks like a fool, which he is. Yes, he may be politically astute, but that’s like book smart people unable to function in the real world.

Here’s a tip for Papa Legault…you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. And you are not fooling English quebecers who have a) brains and b) money.

Now he’s going after the doctors in the province? Guess what? They are a lot smarter than he is and they will simply opt out of medicare and cause a much bigger problem than he already has – which is a lack of medical personnel. If he thinks there are not enough doctors for his base in rural quebec just wait. If he keeps going after the doctors those peeps will have to go to Saskatchewan to see a specialist.

Good Shabbos. We’ll talk…

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