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In case you thought that Justin’s leaving all his problems behind and going to the the G7 Summit would somehow mature him, think again you lucky taxpayers who pay his salary and all his perks.

As the leaders sat down for their first meeting of the three-day summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked if their jackets should come off — or if they should even disrobe further a la bare chested Putin riding a horse a few years ago. It was said to make fun of Putin.  To tick him off even more than he is already ticked off.

“We all have to show that we’re tougher than Putin,” Johnson said, to laughter from some of his colleagues. And then, our prime minister, who has the intelligence of a 12 year-old,  added, as though  he was cheering his team at a sports match – “Bare-chested horseback riding!”

All of this going on while Russia shot a missile into a packed mall in Ukraine, turning it into a raging inferno.

Note the picture above. Nary a worry about the little plebs back home who have to lose thousands of dollars and forfeit vacations because his government cannot get their act together to have a normal passport department.

Lest you wonder if this issue has  traveled the world – clearly without a passport, it has. People who are wondering about booking events in Canada and need any kind of visa are thinking ten times about coming here.

Peeps – Justin has checked out. Just remember that in the next election.

And speaking of next elections, where is that weasel Jagmeet Singh during Passportgate? Propping up Justin’s useless, incompetent government up while collecting his salary and no doubt vacationing somewhere. You better believe if he needs a passport, he won’t be camping out in a line for 3 days in the rain.

We are not going to wade into the Roe vs Wade debacle. It is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional fiasco. We will however, comment on the reaction of Amazon employees.

Let’s start with this one: Amazon employees of “all genders” are requesting time off to mourn the end of Roe v. Wade. Seriously? Is this not the mother-of-all woke reactions? Read on.

They are also demanding that the company cease operations in pro-life states.

In a letter sent by hundreds of Amazon employees to their bosses, head office is to allow employees of all genders the space and time to grieve, express their frustrations, and protest against this assault on their rights.

In addition, they want the company to “donate and match donations to bail funds” to help “women and pregnant ‘people’ ” seeking abortions in states with protections for pre-born babies.

Women and pregnant people? Are you kidding???? Nothing more to say here except that we want a questionaire in all Amazon fulfillment centers making sure everyone is able to give the definition of a woman.

The world better be very careful what it wishes for. Many people are saying that Biden is not really the president. That he’s there in body only and others are running the show. Well, if something really happens to him, guess who’s going to be sitting in the big chair? Kamala Harris. When we say she’s one chip short of a bag, that’s an understatement.

She was recently on CNN, interviewed by Dana Bash. Here’s the question:

“You’re saying now that the President said this fall Roe is on the ballot. But what do you say to Democratic voters who argue, ‘wait a minute, we worked really hard to elect a Democratic president and vice president, Democratic led House, a Democratic led Senate? Do it now.”

Kamala’s response: “But do what now? What now? I mean, we need, we listen, what we did, we extended the Child Tax Credit for the first year.”

Bash had to spell out the question like Kamala was a first-grader: “I’m sorry, when I say do it now, act legislatively to make abortion rights legal.”

When asked about the insane gas prices and that Biden wants a gas tax holiday, Bash said it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere in Congress.

Kamala’s response: “Well, first of all, let’s just say that this is this is a very real issue. And we have to do something about it.”

Like we said, be very careful what you wish for. After that, send Barack Obama a thank you note for pushing this ridiculous woman on Americans.

Does anyone care how many years Ghislane Maxwell, erstwhile girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein is sentenced to today? Well, maybe one. Prince Andrew.

We learned today that she’s going to prison for 20 years. Let’s bet she doesn’t live past one year unless they keep her on suicide watch for the duration of her incarceration. Lest you forget, Jeffrey Epstein was on such a watch until he wasn’t and miraculously the cameras stopped working. We know where he is.

One more word about Passportgate and this one will send you running you for the ice cream to drown your frustrations:

What do you think Justin is doing about it the passport fiasco? He is creating a 13 person task force to “improve government services, with a focus on reducing wait times for Canadians. The task force, a Committee of Cabinet ministers, will review service delivery, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and make recommendations to ensure Canadians from coast to coast to coast receive the highest quality of service.”

A point of history: Issuing passports or the like has been done seamlessly – until Justin became leader – since 1862. Aside from wasting another billion dollars on a task force that will accomplish nothing, what is the point of this? No point and you still won’t get a passport.

A special edition of the January 6 committee looking into the Capitol riots were held today. More bombshell testimony.

We will not elaborate on the testimony as you can read it all over the internet. What is interesting is Trump’s response, which frankly, has been the same response to anyone who crosses him: “I hardly know who this person, Cassidy Hutchinson, is, other than I heard very negative things about her (a total phony and ‘leaker’)…”

For sure he’s not going to say he knew her after she said she stopped him from going right into the heart of the January 6 riots in the Capitol Building. No love lost there. Seems there’s more to come sometime in July.

We’ll talk…

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