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Leon Klinghoffer, of blessed memory

By ‘accident’, American weapons that were supposed to go to the Kurds were dropped into areas controlled by isis. Oops. Seems that isis sent the US a  thank you note. Not much to say here.

Yet another ‘angry’ young man (now a dead angry young man) was radicalized online all by himself. The government knew enough about him to cancel his passport when he tried to go to Turkey last summer. He changed his name to achmed and became a muslim. We just found out that quietly, Canada’s terrorist level was raised on Friday, before this happened. It also seems that there are about another 90 or so losers like this one roaming around Canada. Entre nous, there’s not much one can do to stop a deranged person from doing something that he knows will get him killed.  The world is going to he.l in a handbasket. Keep reading.

If you have a Toyota corolla or matrix built between 2001 and 2004, especially if you live in Florida, don’t sit in the passenger seat. Seems under continuous high humidity conditions, the air bags on that side can inflate improperly and blast what amounts to shrapnel through the cover and into the vehicle’s occupants. Nice eh? Hey you don’t have to go to Afghanistan experience a war. Just sit in the front seat of your car.

Wait, it gets better. You get a free sign. If they don’t have parts in stock, dealers will hang a warning label on the glove box door saying that nobody should ride in the front passenger seat until the cars are fixed. Now don’t you feel better?

Back to some local politics. Here in Quebec PKP – Pierre Karl Peladeau – views himself as sort of a monarch-in-training. He has decided that he does not have to answer any questions posed to him by reporters, stating that whatever pearls he wants to communicate will only be done on facebook. Oh really now. Best he look back a few months. His predecessor, none other than princess pauline, tried the same tactic of refusing to speak to the press when she called an election. He should take a good look at where she is now.

Canada Post is slowly fazing out home delivery. Primitive dawling.  Now get this: They gave the contract to make the community mailboxes to a company Kansas. And Kansas is in the US, not Canada. Kind of like pouring salt into a wound.

We did a bit of investigative work and found out that the postal service has been profitable for 16 of the past 17 years. The only year the corporation posted a deficit was 2011, the year employees were locked out. So what’s the deal with cutting home mail delivery? True, most of people’s bills come online. But still. We don’t live in Florida with a temperate climate. We have winter, ice, snow, sleet, slush and freezing temperatures. Blanche – go git da sled. We gotta git da mail in da box at da end of da street. And make sure da blades on dat sled dere are sharp. We don’t wanna get stuck somewhere in da freezing cold near dat ugly mailbox. Ya never know who’s comin to git their goods. Hehehe.

We are weighing in on the opera at the Metropolitan Opera called the Death of Klinghoffer. We’ll jog your memory. In 1985 the terrorist organization  PLO hijacked the passenger liner the Achille Lauro. Leon Klinghoffer, an American Jew confined to a wheelchair was thrown off the ship by the terrorists and killed.

While we are all for free speech, free singing, free dancing and free opera, we cannot fathom what good will come from this opera. Watching a handicapped man get thrown off a cruise ship to his death, probably about 8 stories high, is nothing to sing about. It was a sheer act of terrorism which should not be glorified in any way, shape or form. Isn’t it about time that freedom of speech be given also to those who can no longer speak for themselves – like Leon Klinghoffer? Does anyone think that he would want his death sung about in an opera as a show? Someone needs to bring the world back to its senses.

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