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Let’s Take a Walk on the New Champlain Bridge in Mid-February.

Blanche, now that the Canadian election is over and the US primaries are months away, the news is dripping in like a faucet that needs a plumber. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Of course we can always count on Quebec to give us some of the more ridiculous news.

In case you didn’t know, the new Champlain bridge is not yet finished. And here you thought it was a done deal. Not a chance dearies. Stay away from the bridge the weekend of November 15 as they are basically almost shutting it down to…finish the pedestrian and bicycle bridge – which is to be open and accessible year-round.

Can we talk? Who exactly is walking across that bridge from December until April? Never mind that it’s completely open to the elements in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and if you’re not careful you’ll simply blow off the side, who’s going to clean the snow and ice?

You read it here first: They have commissioned someone from a foreign country to create a special snowplow for the bridge, no doubt costing in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands dollars.

Blanche, if you see three losers walking across the bridge in February when the wind chill is -35 open your window for a second and wave to them. Hehehehehe.

The big white elephant in the room these days are those trying very hard to get rid of Andrew Scheer.

Many are saying that the Conservatives should have won a majority government as all the stars and scandals were aligned in their favour. SNC-Lavalin, blackface, Norman scandal, Mr. Dressup goes to India. All fodder for Scheer.

So they didn’t win a majority but they did get more than 20 seats they had in the last election and won the popular vote.

Our take on this: Mr. Scheer has to sheer up his responses and make them much more on the mark. No more wishy-washy answers or no answers at all for too long. In this case, silence is the kiss of death.

It is also important to note that we now have a minority government and time is not in favour of starting to look for a new leader. There is a leadership review in April but that’s only a review. Even if they vote to oust Scheer, the convention is still further away and who’s going to run?

We say keep Andrew in place and find some sharks to sharpen his teeth. He needs to be more forthright just say it as it is. Talk to the people like you were talking to someone at your kitchen table.

Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante has something in common with Donald Trump. They were both booed at sports games.

Of course the Donald had a way harder time as not only were they booing, they were yelling lock him up. Nasty.

Plante seems to think that she’s a gift to all mankind. Nothing fazes this woman. That idiot grin stays on her face no matter what. Madame Plante – when fans at a hockey game, who are not baby boomers, rather young voters are booing you, best you find a mirror and take a good look at yourself.

While it’s very cold in the north during the winter, and we can have some vicious snowstorms, once it snows the storm is over and we shovel out. Pretty simple.

California on the other hand, has been dealing with forest fires for the last few years.

Here are the fires by the numbers: 17 fires now burning, 94,000 acres burned, 129 million dead, dry trees, which add to the threat of fires, 1,065,000 million people without power to try to stave off those fires, 200,000 people displaced near San Francisco due to a forest fire.

While California may have one of the best climates to live in, their idyllic situation comes with a huge issue, which seems to continuously rears its ugly head.

We are watching the candidates for the Democratic presidential campaign and how no one wants any of them and then just read on Drudge that the Republicans fear a 2020 wipeout. That of course would mean that no one is voting for anyone. Both sides would cancel the other out.

And we thought we had problems here?

We’ll talk…

T.I.N.G. We thought the construction festival was over as we’re hitting November, close to snow. Imagine our surprise when street after street has a brand new set of cones, detours, workermen and huge trucks all blocking traffic. When is this ever going to end?

One street is particularly irksome as it has been made into one small lane for cars, one large lane for bikes and now they are are creating yet other massive lane for some unidentified mode of transportation.

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