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Just when you thought the news was getting a bit boring, punkt - along comes a huge story, the FBI raiding Donald Trump's compound in Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

It was not lost on us that August 8 was the 48th anniversary of the Watergate resignation of President Richard Nixon (August 8, 1974). Could it be the FBI chose that date to prove a point?

So what was the FBI ostensibly looking for? It appears that Trump had highly classified documents in his house which he was asked to turn over to the FBI but didn't.

We will remind you about the Benghazi fiasco where the US ambassador to Libya - J. Christopher Stevens - was murdered and it was proven that Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, possessed classified info on servers in her home dealing with that raid. She refused to give over anything to anyone. Guess what? Nobody raided her house.

We will also point out that the judge who signed off on the raid was none other than current Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, who Trump blocked from being on the Supreme Court.

Not wanting Trump to run again is one thing. Having the justice department and the FBI involved in trying to make this happen is something else entirely. Our guess is that this is going to do the opposite of what was intended. Not only will Trump's followers double down in their support of him, but many who are on the fence will now make the move to support him.

We don't love Donald Trump. But unless something absolutely drop-dead unbelievable comes from this raid, a lot of people are going to look very foolish.

In case you didn't think that Justin is making rules for everyone else but himself, his cronies and family think again. As you can see from the picture, he got off his private plane in Costa Rica without a mask in sight. Wait a minute. What about Justin's endless carbon footprint? Do not forget that he is the one responsible for you paying 11 cents on every litre of gas to save the world. But we digress.

Masks? For you plebs. Wait. He will tell you he's keeping you 'safe'. That's his job right? No you dufus. That's not your job. You are the prime minister, not the national babysitter. Give us some medical reasons for those masks. Wait. There is none.

Here's the scoop: Justin doesn't ever fly commercial (darling, that is for the masses) and therefore will never have to wear a mask for a long flight, say about 13 hours or so. Can you say entitled?

The Montreal pride parade was abruptly cancelled on Sunday morning, a mere four hours before it was about to begin. Blanche, did you know that emperor legault gives this parade $1 million? That would be your money going to fund this event.

Organizers are blaming the person in charge of getting volunteers. That person, whoever he or she is, 'forgot' to get about 80 volunteers to stand on corners and help control the crowds watching the parade. Can we talk?

One person in charge of volunteers is going to take the fall for this? How about the head honchos organizing this event? Nobody has a meeting a week before and asks each person in charge of each part of the event - are you ready? Do you have all your people in place? Do you need help? Did no one bother to communicate with each other? Obviously not.

You can bet your bippy that almost nowhere else in the world would this happen. Those running this event have the brains of a gnat.

And one more thing about this: In speaking about 'pride' emperor legault said that quebec is one of the most open societies in the world. Exactly what world is he living in? Is it open for women who wear hijabs and can't teach in public schools? Or the Jew who wears a kippah and can't get a government job.

emperor legault is by far one of the most arrogant politicians around. He's actually tied with Justin.

The Economist Intelligence Unit released their Global Liveability Index ranking of the top 10 best and 10 worst places to live in the world in 2022.

Canada had 3 cities on the list: Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Thanks to emperor legault and all his predecessors, Montreal is not there.

What was really shocking was that not one US city was on that list. To be fair, they also didn't make the 10 worst cities. So the best city to live is now Vienna Austria (ergo the picture). The worst? Tehran Iran. No surprise there and no picture.

Imagine that for weeks we kept hearing about the 'Inflation Reduction Act’ where Biden and his band of democrats were trying to raise taxes to reduce inflation. Then yesterday, when it was finally passed the name suddenly morphed from the one above to this one: Climate, Tax, and Spending Bill.

Here's a one sentence economics lesson and why they ran like monkeys to change the name: Higher tax rates discourage workers from taking on extra hours, or employers from making productivity-enhancing investments. These effects shrink supply and tend to make inflation worse. In other words, raising taxes was the worst thing to do now.

Every single news media fell into line with the dems and Biden to change the name of the bill. Only the Daily Wire and Fox refused to change the name. Blanche, doesn't something smell here?

One of the biggest lies in that bill is the following: It purports to lower the cost of prescription drugs for senior citizens by allowing Medicare to negotiate the prices of drugs administered by a doctor’s office or pharmacy. What they don't tell you is that if you have private health care insurance, your prices are going to jump.

That bill also includes a $369 billion climate spending package claiming the spending will cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Somebody is going to make a lot of money on this and it's not going to be Billy-Bob driving his pickup truck paying astronomical prices for gas.

And speaking of electric cars and climate change, did you know that if you live in a place where the temperature falls below -9 celsius or 15 fahrenheit and you have no garage, ergo your car is parked outside all night, your electric car battery will not charge very well at all.

Montreal has many days well below that and many, many people with no garages. We're supposed to buy these cars?

In the big-whoop who cares department, Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra is set to testify before August 19 to explain airport delays and flight cancellations in Canada’s major airports in recent months.

Seriously? This guy took a tour of an empty airport claiming things had gotten better. What exactly is he going to say? That his government is competent? We already know that. That he's more useless than snow in July? We already know that. That his boss Justin views the public with arrogant disdain? We already know that.

Let Omar go to Costa Rica with Justin and leave us alone.

This story is just developing and when we have figures, we will post them. In the meantime, as we have said before, all the covid restrictions to keep us 'safe' including curfews and shutting down entire economies were unnecessary.

Here ya go from Australia's Channel 9 in Perth:

We have a Covid bombshell tonight with figures revealing the true number of covid deaths is much lower than feared. Just 10 per cent of lives claimed from covid have been from the virus alone.

We are guessing that slowly but surely, the truth will emerge. Especially in this banana republic province run by a bunch of farmers.

We'll talk...

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Re EV and charging.

I have a plug-in EV and it is in the garage every time it is not driven and is plugged in to recharge the battery.

At this time of the year, it produces 36-40 KM of energy. However, in the winter it only charges 20-23 KM. This with the car being in the garage and getting a boost of electricity all the time.

Imagine all the extension cords running all over the place. 😂

One last thing, now that I am saving on fuel and paying way less for the cost of transportation. How do you think the governments are going to make up the shortfall in the "gas tax"? Of course by increasing our taxe…

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